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Exploring Rhetorical Modes

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Complete the following worksheet on rhetorical modes for academic essays using the information shared in “Use Effective Methods of Development” in The Everyday Writer Plus.

Rhetorical Mode
Explain in your own words (using complete sentences) when a writer would use this mode. Narrative
Narrative is telling a story to someone with a lot of detail. Description
Description writing paints a picture with vivid details.
Definition is defining a word or concept.
Process is when you write something in a certain order, like a timeline. Problem and solution
Problem and solution gives a detailed plan on how the problem can be solved.

Rhetorical Mode
Explain in your own words which mode in the chart above would work for each topic provided. Write at least 15 words for each, using complete sentences. A document explaining a new computing term to an employee

Definition since they are defining a new computing term to a new employee. A section in the employee manual on the stepts to properly request vacation time Process would be best because its providing steps in a certain order on how to request time off. A report that analyzes a drop in sales and offers suggestions for increasing them Problem and solution would be the best mode for this. You are trying to solve a problem with solutions. A memo that provides an account of a recent incident with a customer This would be narrative because its telling a story with a lot of detail. An email to employees illustrating how a store display should appear Description would fit with this topic since they would be describing how it should look overall.

Choosing a Rhetorical Mode

For the final essay for this course, you will be writing an academic essay based on a specific topic and rhetorical mode. You may choose from one of three rhetorical modes below:

Comparison and Contrast in The Everyday Writer Plus
Cause and Effect in The Everyday Writer Plus
Argument in The Everyday Writer Plus

Consider each mode and choose one that works best for you.
Complete the following chart using your selected rhetorical mode in order to narrow down a topic and create a clear path to Week 2 assignments.

Your response, in at least 25 words using complete sentences: Which rhetorical mode (comparison and contrast, cause and effect, and persuasive) are you using for your essay? Why? I chose to do cause and effect for my essay. I think it will fit best with the topic I chose- The effect domestic violence has on children. In your own words, define the mode you chose.

Cause and effect is more descriptive in my opinion. Also shows readers just like it says the cause and effect of a topic. How is an essay for this rhetorical mode organized (i.e. what does it include, etc.)? You would have the cause first than show the effect with tons of detail and information. Using the examples from the chapters provided on your mode of choice, share a topic choice of your own that would work well for this mode (feel free to explore multiple topics, if desired). The effect domestic violence has on children

Domestic Violence

Why would you like to explore this topic further?
I was abused and saw my siblings get abused as well. Its apart of my past so I would like to explore this topic further. In order to narrow it down properly, discuss what aspect of this topic will you focus on (i.e. what specifically would you like your readers to learn from your essay)? I want them to learn the effects that children suffer from just by seeing abuse. Many people don’t think it’s a big deal, when it is. Many children suffer from it and I want to show that in my paper. What main points are you considering including in your essay to support your point of view on this topic? For example, share the ways in which you will compare and contrast two items, the causes and effects you will explore, or the evidence you will use for your persuasive piece. I will be including the cause and effects of how it effects children mentally and through their life. I also want to include how it effects childrens daily life and how some children become violent themselves.

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