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Exploratory Essay Topics

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What is an Exploratory Essay?

A task of writing an essay may seem to be rather confusing. Especially, if it is an exploratory essay. This type of essay significantly differs from the other types. However, there is no need to worry. Here you will find the information that is going to help you in writing an exploratory essay and getting the best mark.

Obviously, the first thing you need to know is what an exploratory essay is. Its name speaks for itself! The exploratory essay is the one where you are trying to explore a specific topic in a chosen field. The main objective here is not about just proving your opinion, as you would usually do writing other types of papers. The most important thing in an exploratory essay is to find an answer to a specific question. Moreover, you are required to observe the issue as broadly as possible. It means that you have to look at it from various perspectives and some different sides.

If you are going to write an exploratory essay, then you, probably, need to choose its topic.

How to Pick a Great Topic for College Students

Do not underestimate the importance of choosing a right topic for your essay! It is the very first thing you should start thinking about if you were assigned to create an exploratory essay.

Sometimes, when asked to choose the topic on their own, college students might feel a bit frustrated. And there is no wonder because choosing a suitable topic for your paper has a key role in creating a worth essay and completing your assignment successfully. Therefore, here are some tips that are going to help you choose the best topic for your work:

  1. The topic of your essay has to be interesting for you.

Writing about something you are interested in would be much more productive. It is substantial to write about something that is appealing and fascinating; something thought-provoking. You will feel more engaged. It is a proved fact that when you feel satisfaction from the working process, the final result always appears to be much better and prolific.

  1. Your topic has to meet the requirements of the assignment.

You surely want to avoid any disappointment after working hard on your essay. To avoid getting into trouble, you should better ask your professor if a chosen topic is suitable for your work. Do not be afraid to ask for feedback if you are unsure. It is ok to ask your professor for advice.

  1. Look for the sources of information

You need to be able to get enough information on your essays’ topic. If you didn’t get the materials, it would be extremely hard or even impossible for you to write your paper. If there is not enough information and you cannot access all the needed materials, you should think about changing your topic and finding another one.

Exploratory Questions

Your exploratory essay should be written to answer an important question. At the beginning of your essay, you usually write about an unknown factor stating a certain question. Very often the exploratory essays are based on more than just one question.

The exploratory questions usually carry the same functions as the formal hypotheses. Here you should note that the exploratory questions are less precise and concrete than the formal hypotheses. When thinking about your exploratory questions, make sure that they correspond the following characteristics:

  • They are relevant and have the practical use
  • They are clear
  • They have the empirical focus
  • They are significant
  • They are ethical
  • They have the accessible evidence
  • They are manageable
  • They make you start thinking about something unknown.

Exploratory Questions Examples

Here are some examples of the exploratory questions of different types:

  • Definition questions (What does it mean? How can it be categorized? etc.)

What is conspicuous consumption?

What does “atheism” mean?

What is “Bloom’s taxonomy”?

  • Value questions (How important is it? Is this issue undervalued? etc.)

Is it better to decriminalize cannabis?

Organic fertilizers are better than chemicals.

Is it important to fight for the animals rights?

  • Fact questions (What is it? How can I know? etc. )

Using new technologies helps to improve the education system.

What are the new ways to explore the ocean?

What is true about the base exchange?

  • Cause questions (Who is responsible for this situation? What caused this? etc.)

What causes air pollution?

Who is responsible dealing with the problem of floating?

What causes down syndrome?

  • Path questions (How can it be done? What should be done? etc.)

Should the government control the media?

We have to search for new clean energy resources.

Smoking in public places should be banned.

A List of Exploratory Essay Topics

  1. What is the role of the family in modern society?
  2. Should cloning people be allowed?
  3. What is the effect of new technologies on our lives and relations?
  4. Can animals help the prisoners to rehabilitate?
  5. How can we provide water to Mozambique?
  6. How important is it to have close relationships with your relatives?
  7. Can people of a huge age gap be happy in a marriage?
  8. Is it better to stay single nowadays?
  9. How can we make schoolchildren feel equal?
  10. Can living together with your parents ruin your relations?
  11. How to protect the whales from extinction?
  12. What are the advantages of cannabis legalization?
  13. What are the main challenges of being a woman in the patriarchal society?
  14. Are there notable positive effects of recycling?
  15. What are the main challenges of adopting a child?
  16. Is the world ready for reducing the oil usage?
  17. What are the main reasons for obesity among teenagers?
  18. What is the main reason for downshifting?
  19. How can the nootropics influence your learning success?
  20. How can we help the drug-addicted teens socialize?

A List of Genetic Research Paper Topics

  1. Is homosexuality connected with the genetics?
  2. Are our genes connected with our intelligence?
  3. What are the main advantages of gene therapy?
  4. What are the main dangers of consuming genetically modified foods?
  5. Is it possible to use the virus of Ebola as a biological weapon?
  6. Can the gen screening be called an ethical practice?
  7. Do genes influence the behavior of children?
  8. How safe is it to consume the genetically modified vegetables?
  9. What are the perspectives of genetic engineering?
  10. Can the access to the human’s genome be a real challenge to equality?
  11. What are the issues and dilemmas of genomics?
  12. The ethical challenge of the human genome is studying.
  13. Can genetic test predict the risk of cancer?
  14. The influence of genetically modified products on the reproduction system.
  15. Can the genetic diseases be cured?

Genetic Research Articles

Research articles on genetics are very popular as the topic of genetic engineering is now of great importance. You can find a lot of examples through the internet, and use the topics suggested by us to create your unique paper.

A List of Medical Technologies Exploratory Essay Topics

  1. In what ways can medical technologies improve the delivery of high quality and efficient services?
  2. What is the role of new medical technologies in making an early diagnosis?
  3. How new technologies helped to lessen the invasive strategies of treatment?
  4. What is the fate of sectarian medical education?
  5. What is the future of medical technologies?
  6. Why is the radiology called a marriage of medicine and technology?
  7. What are the major advances in medical technologies?
  8. The features of electronic medical records.
  9. The benefits of technological innovations in medicine.
  10. What is medical technology really about?
  11. The current state of medical technology.
  12. Is medical technology a hard major?
  13. Can homeopathy cure cancer?
  14. What are the pros and cons of implementing robotics in healthcare?
  15. The role of radiological technology in medicine.

h4: Medical Technologies Research Articles

Here is a short example of the outline of a medical technologies research paper:

Title (f.e. Can homeopathy cure cancer?)

Introduction: Homeopathy is used most frequently as a complementary therapy by the people who are fighting cancer…

Homeopathic drugs have proven their biological action in cancer…

Main body: The arguments to support your statement

Conclusion: During its existence, the homeopathy developed hundreds of remedies to fight cancer…

More homeopathic drugs need to be studied…

Homeopathic treatment in clinical settings…

The remedy should be available for those who want to…

A List of Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Nowadays more women than men go to college. Is it a real problem?
  2. Should universities and colleges switch to the digital textbooks?
  3. What are the best ways to get ready for a test?
  4. How can the colleges become more affordable?
  5. What are the best strategies students should use for managing their time?
  6. What are the main problems of the modern educational system?
  7. What are the advantages of cognitive approaches to motivation in education?
  8. What is the zero-tolerance policy?
  9. Are the alternative teacher education programs effective?
  10. How can the courses and learning on the internet be used in schools?

Education Research Articles

You can choose any of the given topics to write your work. Moreover, you may search for the inspiration via the Internet: there are hundreds of articles about different educational topics to help you!

A List of Social Media and Relationships Exploratory Essay Topics

  1. How does the ability to post about your relationship on social media change modern dating relationships?
  2. Does the distance effect negatively on relations? Can social networks help?
  3. How many online relationships end in marriage?
  4. Which online dating service is best?
  5. How can the social media help introverts to socialize?
  6. What are the man effects of the social media on friendship?
  7. Can social media ruin the marriage?
  8. Do social networks negatively affect the interpersonal relations?
  9. Are our relationships growing stronger with the help of social media?
  10. Are there any positive effects that social media has on finding love?

Social Media and Relationships Research Articles

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our life without social media. It influences all the spheres of our existence, including our relationships. Here you can find a list of topics that may lead you to the process of creative thinking. Writing such kind of work you can use your own experience!

A List of Business Research Paper Topics

  1. Can the team-building processes be strongly affected by the differences in ethical cultures?
  2. Who is mostly responsible for building good relationships with colleagues?
  3. What is the governmental implementation and facilitation of entrepreneurship?
  4. How do the Cultural Differences influence the Perceptions of Fairness in Organizational Contexts?
  5. Should franchisees promote the brands on their own?
  6. What are the competitive advantages of interconnected firms?
  7. How can the business process outsource the management issues?
  8. How do the global projects as a new organizational form work?
  9. What are the most common problems of business coordination in global terms?
  10. The most effective ways of motivating groups and individuals at work.
  11. What are the issues of leadership in the inter-organizational network?
  12. Typical challenges of the small business strategy.
  13. Buying a franchise and launching a startup as two ways to start your own business.
  14. What are the peculiarities of business ethics laws in America vs. Japan?
  15. What types of products do consumers often purchase from small companies instead of big companies?
  16. Is organizing business with a friend a good or bad idea?
  17. The best ways to improve the corporative ethics policies.
  18. Governmental regulations on the economies and businesses in China and Japan.
  19. The beneficial and adverse effects of the governmental policies on small businesses.
  20. How do the business clusters move globalization process?

Business Research Articles

We hope that this large list of topics will help you in writing your business article. Don’t forget about the structure of the outline – it has to be very precise if you want to write a well-made paper that would be easy to read. It will make your thoughts look more logical and is also going to help the readers understand you better.

A List of Reproductive Technologies Exploratory Essay Topics

  1. Is it necessary to have reproductive technologies or are they acting as a shopping list for parents who want to customize the genetic make-up of their offspring?
  2. Are the reproductive technologies a new hope for the endangered species?
  3. What are the ethical issues of reproductive technologies?
  4. Is artificial insemination more effective than the intracytoplasmic sperm injection?
  5. Can the usage of reproductive technologies cause the psychological harm?
  6. Can reproductive technologies serve as a way to reinforce traditional gender roles and expectations?
  7. Reproductive technologies for women as a source of power and control over their bodies.
  8. In vitro fertilization increases the probability of multiple births. The financial problems of raising multiple babies after the IVF.
  9. The future of human reproductive cloning.
  10. What are the purposes of using genetic engineering in reproductive technologies?

Reproductive Technologies Research Articles

The list of topics given above will help you write your research article about the reproductive technologies. There are dozens of articles about the reproductive technologies in the web. You may want to use them as a short guide. We don’t want you to use the plagiarisms, so try to create your very own work.

A List of Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Antigone as a feminist play.
  2. What are the basic interrelations of literature and culture?
  3. The topic of homosexuality in antique literature.
  4. How was the problem of racism depicted in the short stories of Stephane Crane?
  5. The picture of Victorian England by Charles Dickens.
  6. Was William Shakespeare a real existing person?
  7. Why are some books considered to be the literary classics?
  8. What are the main characteristics of the Lake Poets’ works?
  9. What are the ways of depicting the loss of innocence in The Lord of the Flies by William Golding?
  10. How is modern literature influenced by the literature of Classicism?

Literature Research Articles

It is extremely interesting to write the literature research articles! It allows you to put in all your creativity and requires a lot of thinking and brainstorming as well. Let’s have a look at the very brief example of a literature paper.

Topic: A Dark Brown Dog by Stephane Crane as the allegory to racial discrimination.

Introduction: A Dark Brown Dog is the most famous of Stephane Crane’s short stories…

It refers to the topic of racial discrimination…

Body: …It raises the problems of violence and indifference…discrimination…

All the characters’ actions and are very symbolic…

Some facts from the plot…

Conclusion: This short story … represents the evil and ill society…

A List of History Exploratory Essay Topics

  1. Why did the Soviet Union break up?
  2. How did modern music and styles help to end Communism?
  3. The active encouragement to the sale of opium the British Empire: causes and effects.
  4. Where are the roots of the Cold War laying?
  5. What were the main inventions and academic achievements in the Middle Ages?
  6. What were the deep reasons for the Second World War?
  7. What was the role of Voltaire in the French Revolution of the 18th century?
  8. What are the main advantages of creating the European Union?
  9. How large was the role of the Catholic Church in governance in the course of the Middle Ages?
  10. What was the role of the peasants in Europe?

History Research Articles

To write an article laconically and in a logical sequence, the work must be structured. You can briefly write an outline – it will help you.

Here is a tip: after writing your paper, read it for several times. It will let you avoid grammatical and stylistic mistakes.

Exploratory Essay Examples

When writing an exploratory essay, try to create an approximate outline to ease your work. Adhere to the traditional structure.

Here is an example of the process of writing such kind of an essay:

  • Introduce your issue or arguable question; define it.
  • Write about three or more major positions on your issue.
  • Conclude all the facts given above, indicate your interest and position.
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