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Effective Communication is Important

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To hear and to be heard – it is what each human is eager to get from effective communication with anyone. All of us have emotions, and we cannot hide them inside ourselves. Every day we learn something new, we gain knowledge, we get a new experience. If people couldn’t share this information with others, we would be emotionless robots. Although we can communicate, not everyone uses this skill to its fullest, especially within the family circle.

Effective communication does not only refer to talking and sharing knowledge. It consists of two significant factors: to talk and to listen. Sometimes people forget about that second part of the effective communication. That is why different conflicts appear; families break down, children suffer. We need to understand that lack of proper communication between family members may trigger serious problems.

What is Effective Communication

Communication is not only about talking with each other. Sometimes silence can speak volumes. Communication means giving and receiving some information about others. It can be provided even with the help of gestures or feelings. Human’s ability to create that spiritual and emotional connection is what makes talks effective. Having a conversation is about talking as well listening. People need to do both to reach a mutual understanding.

There are various means of communication, and it doesn’t have to involve talking in the first place. It goes without saying that people share lots of information with the help of language, words. However, humans can transfer some emotions and even data with the help of mimics and gestures. For example, eye contact is very important for effective conversation. Sometimes a person can listen but not hear. A speaker can identify the emotions from the gestures and mimics on the man’s face. If he is indifferent, there is no use talking with that person because he is not interested. That is why people have to consider the emotional side of the conversation. Our mimics complement and reinforce the effectiveness of talking with somebody.

Who Benefit from Effective Communication

If we learn how to use the effective communication in everyday life, children, young people, and adults will become happier and even more successful. People seek something special in the conversation depending on the age group. Kids learn everything about the basics of human relationships from their parents. Teenagers seek for trust and emotional support. Adults are eager to create a good, respectful environment. People should learn how to talk and listen in the family circle to create strong relationships ties.


Kids learn about the world from their parents. Children put lots of questions, ask for explanations. If no person can answer or at least talk to the kid, a child will be brought up in an unfriendly environment. Boys and girls seek secure and relaxed surrounding where they can find out everything about the world. They can get this only with the help of effective conversation with parents.

Mothers and fathers should learn how to talk with and listen to their infants. If a child feels secure, he won’t have problems with making friends. That is why parents need to show understanding. A good conversation is the best variant to build positive relationships with your nearest and dearest.

An ideal example of effective communication is built at very early age. Even before learning how to talk, kids perceive everything that happens around them: how parents interact with each other, their intonations, gestures. Usually, this example becomes a norm for a child in his or her future family. Parents need to show that effective communication is not only related to kids but to the way they talk to each other as a couple. This factor plays a crucial role in the child’s future.

Young People

The age of teenagers is considered as one of the most difficult ones. And there is a number of reasons for this. Young people appear to be in the middle of transferring from one world to another. They are not kids anymore, but they are not adults yet. This middle period of growth is filled with inner thoughts, anxiety, insecurity. Teenagers experience significant steps in their life which happen for the first time: close friends, first love, choosing the educational direction, even seeking the job. The youngsters need support and trust from the nearest and dearest. And effective communication may help parents and their children find mutual understanding.

The main difference between teenagers and kids in communication with parents is that they hide emotions. If infants are eager to talk about everything, teenagers tend to remain concealed. It is when parents have to show the initiative and try to have a conversation. If young people feel accepted and valued, they will have confidence in everyday life. Parents have to understand that their children will always make mistakes, take every failure close to heart, feel frustrated. It is normal for such a difficult period of life. If mothers and fathers devote enough time to their adolescents, their interpersonal relationship will thrive on. All the teenagers want is to be heard. Adults just need to give them this opportunity.


When people get older, they may start thinking that they know everything, and communication is not an exception. It may seem that there is nothing difficult in talking with other. Sometimes adults don’t raise that question seriously. However, lots of them may suffer from the lack of sufficient communication. This deficiency is noticeable in human’s behavior. They can be aggressive and anxious all the time. And it is no wonder because they do not share their emotions and feelings with anyone. If there is a constant lack of good conversation, a person can even become depressed.

Adulthood is that period when people need to share emotions and knowledge: to give and to receive. They look for this support in their friends, colleagues. Adults are eager to develop personal qualities, seek new ideas, broaden the mind. They can get it only if they have someone to teach and learn from. This mutual connection makes adults happy and confident in personal value. It gives them the feeling of own significance. At the same time, they need to transfer that emotion to others by listening. Effective communication creates a respectful environment for adults to develop and succeed in life.

Effective Communication Makes us Happy

Each age group has certain specialties that make their type of communication different. People need to take into consideration these aspects when talking with others. As to kids, they need reliable security from their parents who should be eager to explain even the simplest things to children. Teenagers are in the most difficult age group because they should find someone who wants to lend an ear at any time. Adults find personal development in the effective communication because sharing knowledge is what they need at that time.

Good communication with your dearest and nearest can prevent serious conflicts and offends. If people know how to listen, they will create an ideal environment for others because all we need is to be heard.

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