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Experience in school learning grammar

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How much preparation will you need to be ready to teach in the ESL/EFL classroom? Or, do you prefer to “learn as you go”? Since I was 3 years old, my mother took me to English classes once a week until I was 13 years old. I went to a Spanish school, and I vaguely remember learning grammar at that school. As I´m bilingual my Spanish teacher let me read English books or even do my homework from my private English classes. I remember my Spanish schoolmates asking me to help them with their homework, and asking me why I had done it that way, and I would say that I didn´t know why, but for me it just sounded right.I will need, and I will do a great deal of preparation for the classroom. It can either be hard now, at the beginning of my new career or even harder later, and probably more embarrassing when questioned by a student. I can´t bare being asked now by friends, family… about English grammar and not knowing the answer, I can´t imagine being asked by a student and not knowing what to say. I´m aware that I can´t know everything, but I’ll try my best to be as prepared as I can.

How could knowledge of the basic rules of grammar work to your advantage?Some of the great advantages of knowing the grammar rules will be confidence and credibility as a teacher. When finished the Tefl course someone will pay me as a teacher to solve any and all English language problems at a school or private classes. I want them to be pleased with my job and also I want to be pleased with myself and with my ability. Were there any surprises that you encountered in this module? Describe them and what they will mean to your future as a teacher.This module had a few surprises. I found it really hard to accept that the statement “I have gone” is really present perfect tense. Also, I didn’t know the existence of the differences between conjunctions, correlative and prepositions. For me it was all the same, because in Spanish, it´s all included in prepositions. As a future English teacher to Spanish students, I´ll need to explain that within the prepositions there´s a classification according to their function. In addition, I found it complicated to understand the three forms of conditional, especially between the 2nd conditional and the 3rd conditional. Sometimes I couldn´t find the difference between being unlikely (2nd condition) and untrue (3rd condition).

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