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Executive Summary

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In this Paper we will be discussing the beauty of one of Germany’s most profound regions for growing wine. We will take a trip deeper into what makes these wines so great and give many examples of some of the wines that come from this region

In section one we will cover a brief history of the the Rheingau and the wines that hail from this region. This will begin the paper to inform you of this regions rich history as well as why the land is composed of certain components.

In section two we will go further into these components such as, Climate, Soil compositions, water, and wind factors. These are some of the aspects of what we call in the wine world terroir. Within this section the Rheingaus’ terroir will also begin to describe why wines from this region are the way they are. This goes as far as acidic tastes to even minerality components in the wine.

In section three we will begin to cover a more statistical basis for the region such as number of growers and producers in the region, how many vineyards, and the different grape varietals that make the highest quality and most abundant wines of the Rheingau. This in turn will allow us to look further into the region and discover some of its more famous sub-regions and the wines they are famous for.

In section four we begin to take a look at actual wines from the region and specific characteristics denoted to those wines. These wines will also be listed with in house prices of our restaurant, as well as food pairings from the menu. With those factors in line this section will show you why and how we price wines with rationales explaining the reasons.

In section five you will see the list for how the staff is trained and informed about each wine to give the customer everything they will need to make their choices that night. His takes a look at the flavors and aromas of the wines as well as acidic characteristics and then compared with a food item with an explanation as to why they work well.

Finally in section 6 we look at how the Rheingau supplies the rest of the world with their wine. As well as how this helps the overall economy of Germany and what might need to be changed for this region to be more recognized against its larger competitors.

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