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Evolution Science

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Will believers in Intelligent Design be able to embrace the incredibly promising and innovative solutions outlined in Luke Bawazer’s Tedtalk while rejecting Darwin’s theory? Yes. One will be able to believe in intelligent Design while embracing Mr. Bawazer’s ideals. It is easy to see that Darwin’s theory is not longer accurate as we learn more about life at a molecular level. Darwin talked about a cell as a blob of goo. Not holding very much. Now as microscopes can see at a cellular level and past. We can see that the cell is very complex and that there is mechanical parts within the cell at the bacterial level. It is not something simple but rather complex. In the video “What Darwin Didn’t Know” they mention that contrary to Darwin’s beliefs “the smaller the life-form, the more complex “ Bawazer wants to take all these cells inside the different lifeforms and use their power to solve our problems in today’s world.

Using living cells to power cellphones, bacteria in batteries, and whatnot. It would change the way we look and use all technology. But just like Darwin’s theory being proved not helpful in our changing society. I wounder how many problems will come up with Bawazer’s ideals. So much of Hollywood’s hit movies have touched on the topic of “playing God with science” Think Jurassic Park, Evolution, and The 6th day. Those movies have predicted how wrong science can go when we start playing God with living DNA. Obviously these tales are based in fiction, but there is truth in fiction. Was there not a time, when the world being round was nothing more then fiction thought up by a man? I will be interested to see how they handle living life in objects and the responsibility and care that need to go with this discovery.

How does the science discussed by Bawazer relate to Bronowski’s belief about science as imaginative and creative? Bawazer thoughts are out of the box, not accepted as tradition problem solving in the current science community. It is something not done before making it innovative. Following the understating in Robert Bernstein film “Art + Science = Innovation” Bawazer Ideals fit the process from imagination to Innovative. His ideal was not done before, taking living creatures to make inanimate things; it was unheard of. He then had to think how he could make it a reality and if the processes to do so already existed, which they did.

Then is it profitable to become innovative and it is. It is a change from our wasteful creation process. He is taking already living organism and harnessing the power he needs for specific creations. This fits with Bronowski view in “The Nature of Scientific Reasoning” Of Copernicus imagination of the earth orbiting the sun. “his first step was a leap of imagination-”. Not only was this Copernicus first step but also Bawazers. He imagined the world powered by little lifeforms guided by the hands of science to fit different manufacturing needs. Bronowski also states “The act of fusion is the creative act” here Bawazer is fusing these living lifeforms abilities such as transferring energy. Then taking that and putting it into products that have such a need, like solar panel or light-bulbs.

Is Bawazer’s discussion the dawning of a new scientific paradigm as discussed by Kuhn? Yes It could be. It could be a new form of microbiology or more likely a new kind of microbiologist-engineer. Bawazer ideal could fit with Kuhn theory of “normal science” that fits this definition in “The Route to Normal Science”, “research firmly based upon one or more past scientific achievements” Bawazers ideals are bases in old accepted technology and invention. Because it embodies two different types of characteristics DNA in living organisms and machinery in current technology it fits Kuhns definition of paradigms “Achievements that share these two characteristics I shall henceforth refer to as “Paradigms”. Bawazer is opening doors that have never been thought of before. Batteries run by bacteria, its something that is hard for the mind to really understand and wrap around. Products we have always thought of as being lifeless and inanimate, now having life inside them becoming part of the object to help it function, it is revolutionary!

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