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Nursing Essays

Nursing Teaching Plan Ativan

Teaching Care Plan Ativan Assessment *Assess patient’s knowledge of lorazepam. *Assess knowledge of intended response of medication. *Assess knowledge of when, and how to take medication. *Assess knowledge of side and adverse effects. *Assess patient’s degree of anxiety. *Assess patient for alcohol withdrawl symptoms. Knowledge, deficient r/t non exposure of …

Experiences of nurses grief after patient death

Abstract This is a concept analysis on the experiences of grief of registered nurses in the fields of oncology, pediatric ICU and adult ICU after a patient dies. The paper describes the reactions of nurses and how they are able to cope with grief. It also discussed the available resources …

Nursing homes and assisted living

Introduction Nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, care homes, convalescent or rest homes deliver residential care in a place of residence for persons who need constant nursing care because of difficulties to carry out normal daily activities. Such residents consist of the elderly and young adults with mental and physical disabilities, …

A Guide to Moral Decision Making

Mr. Z is a visiting professor of biophysics at a large university medical center. The Z family came to the United States two years ago and will be in this country for five years. Family members include the doctor; his wife, Mrs. Z; their two children, who are four and …

Subsequent childbirth after a previous traumatic birth. Nursing Research

Subsequent childbirth after a previous traumatic birth. Nursing Research This nursing article analyzes women’s reactions and experiences with a second childbirth following a traumatic first birthing experience. Beck and Watson (2010) state that a successive childbirth could either aide in the healing process or have the potential to re-open old …

Reflection on Commnication Stroke Patient

The assignment is based upon a critical incident that occurred in clinical practice. Dimond (2008) believes critical incidents allow nurses to explore and reflect on situations in clinical practice which are good or bad, which will help them to learn and recognise what, could have been done differently. Benner (1984) …

Dorothy Orem Theories of nursing

I often wondered what the difference was between a BSN and an ADN or even what a competency would be. We take the same NCLEX test. Based on our experience, we would probably work at the same pay. I happen to be an ADN with few options, working in large …

Implications for Licensure to Practice

CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION English is widely spoken that most people consider it as a global language. Although it is not a primary language in many countries and regions in the world, it currently holds the record of a language that is most frequently taught as a foreign language. (Graddol, 2007) …

Activity of daily living

I will refer to the patient as Miss Adams, which I will call her to protect her identity and maintain her confidentiality (NMC, 2009). Miss Adams is a lady in her mid twenties and was admitted to the critical care unit six months ago. Miss Adams has suffered a brain …

The role of supportive relationships to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect

In order for a vulnerable individual to feel confident and feel as his/her needs are met, a supportive relationship is essential. A supportive relationship is a relation based on empathy and encouragement and based on the individuals supporting each other in different ways, in order to maintain happy and healthy, …

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