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Malaria Essays

Malaria: One of Major Public Health Problem in Southeast Asia

Asia experiences a notably high diversity of infectious diseases and vector species that carry them. According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2018), malaria is a major public health problem in Southeast Asia (SEA), in which over 1.3 billion people are at risk in ten malaria endemic countries. This paper …

Related to Disease Prevention Analysis

Introduction The primary role of public health is to identify diseases that affect people and develop ways of treating and preventing the occurrence of such cases in the future. One of the major health care issues in the United States is malaria. It is a serious problem as it affects …

Socio-cultural Context can Play a Critical Role in the Prevention and Control of Malaria

“KAP” study measures the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of a community. It serves as an educational diagnosis of the community. Environmental factors and behavioural patterns of vectors and human populations combine to provide favourable conditions for malaria transmission. The community’s socio-cultural context can play a critical role in the prevention …

About Malaria One of the Oldest and Deadliest Diseases of the Past

Abstract Malaria one of the oldest and deadliest diseases of the past, has affected and infected millions of people throughout history and continues to do so even now. In one way or another, the devastating effects of malaria still persist through this day at an alarming rate, spreading from individual …

Malaria The Most Serious Worldwide Irresistible Sicknesses

Plasmodium falciparum, the causative of extreme malaria, has an intricate life cycle including various natural occasions, for example, movement, have cell attack, digestion, and cell cycle movement and egress. Malaria keeps on being a standout amongst the most serious worldwide irresistible sicknesses, in charge of 1-2 million reported deaths yearly. …

Strategies and Interventions Needed for Malaria Elimination

The World Health Organization illustrated strategies and interventions needed for malaria elimination. The strategies proposed that any malaria programmes should begin with the stratification of malaria distribution according to transmission intensity, which will help to plan for the suitable control methods in each location. Regarding vector control, two core strategies …

Malaria is One of the World’s Leading Public Health Problems

Statistically, malaria is one of the world’s leading public health problems. It is a troubling fact that in highly endemic areas, it is the young children who make up the majority of the death toll caused by malaria. Many patients who are going through the malaria illness have insufficient access …

About Malaria Mosquito-borne Blood Serious Life-threatening Illness

Mosquitoes are ancestors of the Order of Diptera which falls under the group of Nematocera – are a suborder of elongated flies with thin, segmented antennae and mostly aquatic larvae.  Malaria is a mosquito-borne blood serious life-threatening illness which is brought about by a Plasmodium parasite that is transmitted to …

Ethical Issue in Global Health: Vector – Borne Disease/Malaria

One common global health initiative is to eliminate disease worldwide. This has been a global health goal for many years. Diseases range from vector – borne diseases (malaria and parasitic) to non-communicable diseases (heart disease and cancer). This paper will focus on the vector – borne disease of malaria and …

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