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Crucible Essays

Why I Wrote The Crucible

When Arthur Miller’s The Crucible was being made into a movie, he decided to write an article called “Why I Wrote the Crucible” in the New Yorker. In his article, Miller explains his reasons behind writing his play. In this article, he compares the mass hysteria and fear of the …

The Crucible - Film

The Crucible; an intensely emotional and dramatic film based on the horrific story of the Salem witch trials. The opening and concluding sequences are of great importance in conjuring the melancholy atmosphere present throughout the story. The director uses various different devices to achieve this. A variety of camera techniques …

Sample Essay on The Crucible

The 4-act drama, The Crucible is the creation of one of the leading playwrights in the world Arthur Miller. It is set in the year 1962 when the trial of Salem witch had prevailed. The act outlines the nature of Puritan Village’s citizen who is to interfere in every other …

There is no character in Acts 1-2 of The Crucible who is Beyond Criticism

Throughout Acts 1 and 2 Miller presents the reader with an array of characters that each appear to have their own individual flaws and vices. However, it is important to first consider what it means to be “beyond criticism” before it can be argued whether this exists at all in …

Language for The Crucible

Arthur Miller use of language explored numerous ways of explaining things that were considered to be necessary. One thing that I noticed Arthur miller did with his language was to set the place and time that they were in meaning the period the story was set in which was in …

Reverend Hale Monologue - The Crucible

I have always been a man of God, and I used to believe with all my heart that what I did was for him. I took it upon myself to find impurities in the world and banish them, whether they be cursed spirits, demons or, most common, witches. I was …

”The Crucible” by Arthur Miller

Excessive pride is an inflated sense of one’s personal ego or how they feel about their own accomplishments. The play, The Crucible, recounts the time period of American history in which the country was being plagued with accusations of innocent citizes working for Satan; these citizens were labeled ‘witches’ or …

Mary Warren: An Examination of the Powerful and the Powerless in The Crucible

            The Salem Witch Trials represent an embarrassing time in the history of American when suspicion and fear was allowed to override sense and rationality.  However, an imbalance of power, both real and perceived, contributed to this fear.  For example, Salem subjugated women and the young in favor of the …

The Crucible and Equus

Compare and contrast the ways in which ‘The Crucible’ and Equus’ follow when religious faith turns into religious mania. How far does the two text attempt to present a more positive attitude to a life lived in faith? The plays ‘Equus’ and ‘The Crucible’ both explore the positive aspects of …

The Crucible and Fear

“I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who were frightened of life, who were desperate to reach out to another person…These seemingly fragile people are the strong people really (Williams: Twenty Years after Glass Menagerie).” Tennessee here captured the very essence of Arthur …

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