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Outsiders Essays

Attitudes to outsiders in Ancient Greece: Who is allowed into the household and why

The Ancient Greek household has often been described as a place that contained many boundaries, whether physical or non-physical (Antonaccio 2000: 522). What could have appeared to be a normal room may well have been forbidden to certain types of people. In our attempts to explain the notion of public …

How is the Theme of Death Portrayed in Antigone and The Outsider?

Death is presented to the audience as a form of punishment, in both The Outsider and Antigone. But the protagonists in the two texts develop different attitudes towards death. Antigone anticipates her own death from the opening scene and faces it bravely, but her confidence wanes after she is sentenced …

Comparing the ending of Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate to Camus' The Outsider

In both Like Water for Chocolate and The Outsider, the main characters experience a blissful realization at the end of the book while facing imminent death. With the exception of the last few pages of each book, the two main characters, Tita and Meursault are largely static in their development; …

World Literature; Poetic Adaption of the Outsider

For my World Literature Assignment 2 I chose to write an assignment under the 2b section; an imaginative or creative assignment. The ensuing piece will be based on The Outsider by Albert Camus and will revolve around the last three pages of chapter 6 of part 1; pages 58-60. This …

How is Edward portrayed as 'the outsider' in the film Edward Scissorhands?

The film ‘Edward Scissorhands’, directed by Tim Burton, is about a young man called Edward with scissors for hands. He lives in a gothic manor situated on a hill on the outskirts of a suburban settlement. Peg Boggs, an Avon saleswoman, had no success selling her make-up in the neighbourhood …

Discuss the Theme of Outsiders in "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ was written in the 1960s, but set in the 1930s. It was set during the height of the Great Depression, and also where racism within communities in Southern USA was part of every day life. This is addressed within the theme of prejudice within …

The Outsider

As the removal van carrying all of the Johnson family’s possessions drove off, fifteen-year-old Sarah looked back in great perturb. She desperately longed to go on living there. They had only moved in two years ago, and for the first eighteen months she had cherished every minute of it. That …

The Outsiders

“You guys are three of the bravest kids I’ve seen in a long time. What are you guys? Professional heroes or somethin’?” This one of the many great quotes from the film The Outsiders. The Outsiders is one of the best films made! The acting in this movie was brilliant, …

Social Outsiders Are Often Treated in a Cruel and Unjust Way

Outsiders is a big theme in both novels Wuthering Heights and The Color Purple. Wuthering Heights is described as a gothic novel and outsider is a key figure in the Gothic novel. An outsider lives beyond the bounds of conventional society or on the borderlands of it, he or she …

Response: Connecting"the Outsider" and "The Red Sari"

In the short story „The Outsider“ by Graeme Lay as well as in „The Red Sari“ by Apirana Taylor the author demonstrates the existence of things in life the main character, but also the reader might not be aware of. Possibly don‘t want to be aware of. The awareness of …

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