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Effects of Mass Media Worksheet Argumentative

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What were the major developments in the The 20th century has seen major developments in mass media. With the increased popularity in evolution of mass media during the 20th Social media sites and the internet; came the decrease in the use of over the air radio, century? newspapers, and even television. Newspaper was the first source of mass media. Newspapers assisted with spreading news faster than the previous method of telegraphy. During the mid-1900’s radio was the main source for news and information. When television developed, radio was used less frequently. People were fascinated with the idea of seeing and hearing the news and also being able to watch westerns and other popular shows at the time. Movies also were introduced at this time. Movies without sound were first introduced, then later added sound and visual effects. With the introduction of the internet and smartphones, came the quick, on the go information. You can read magazines, check the weather, or talk to an old friend all from a cell phone or computer. Video games went from simple to life-like during the 20th century. Video games vary from educational to helping with a person’s daily workout.

Phones evolved from home phones which had to plug into the wall and was limited to use only at home. Cell phone made staying in touch with other’s convenient; you could talk or send a text wherever you are. Cell phone also offered a growing number of features and became smaller and easier to carry in your pocket or purse. Mass media had many milestones in the 20th century from simple to advance. How did each development influence Radio had a role in developing and advancing the way products were advertised. Before radio American culture? many people learned about products thru door to door salesmen or word of mouth. More people were reached than with previous methods. With the evolution of television, consumers were able to see commercials and demonstrations of how products are used from the comfort of there own home. Even with the internet and social media booming, television is still a considerable influence on the foods we choose, the cars we buy, and purchases we make as consumers.

Children were influenced by commercials during Saturday morning cartoons to eat at fast food restaurants or to purchase the latest toy. The increased number of children eating more high-fat fast food and becoming less active and more into video games and television contributed to the childhood obesity problem. Realty TV shows give us a supposedly “real” life real time look into the life of others. Magazines set the tone for relationships, fashion, the way people decorated their home, even the meals they cooked. Television and internet take ordinary people and make the overnight stars. A YouTube video can make a person famous in a matter of days. Music is promoted thru free downloads online. Outdoor billboards offer in your face advertising while driving. Outdoor billboards have recently become a way to look for a job or shop your resume in the wake of the economic downfall. Corporations rely on mass media to persuade the masses that we should buy their product.

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