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Effects of Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

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Drug is a substance used as a medication or in the preparation of medication. An alcoholic beverage, on the other hand, is a drink that contains 3 to 40 percent alcohol (ethanol). Reading these definitions sound trivial right? However, abusive usage of both the former and the latter may result to severe effects on both physical and psychological aspects of the human body. But what exactly are the things that drive a person to obsess with the two? The causes are; environmental factors, peer pressure, curiosity, genetic tendency and stress. Drug addiction can greatly affect the human body negatively. Persons that are continually under the influence of drugs may experience psychological deteriorations like wild mood swings, hallucinations, depression, anxiety and paranoia.

Additionally, some physical impairments caused by abuse of drugs are heart rate irregularities, respiratory problems such as lung cancer and emphysema, abdominal pain, kidney and liver damage, seizures, changes in appetite, body temperature and sleeping patterns. Like drugs, excessive alcoholic intake can cause discrepancies in the functions of the body systems. One example is brain disruptions, which can change mood and behavior, and make it harder to think clearly and move with coordination. It can also cause heart problems like irregular heartbeats and high blood pressure. Moreover, drinking too much may lead to liver inflammations, weak immune system, or worst… cancer. Indeed, drugs and alcohol are created to ease the pain and discomfort of people in distress, but not to add more to it. Addiction to drugs and alcohol causes nothing but harm, affliction and even death. Therefore, in order to avoid these life-threatening consequences, one must never abuse their use. Consuming the right and proper amount of both can prevent such consequences. Just a matter of control and self-discipline is required.

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