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Education” Essay

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Is education a right or a privilege? This is something that people ask themselves every day. It can be a confusing and even debatable topic, but I think that it is a privilege to go to school and get an education. Education should be a privilege everywhere you go in the world. Just because someone doesn’t have any money, you shouldn’t stop them from earning the education they deserve, so they can make their lives better in the future. Education has always been a crucial part of society for the past centuries. Some believe that our education is a privilege. Some believe that our education is a right. Some believe that our education is an obligation. The only obligation we might have towards an obligation is to treat it as a privilege as well as a right, but certainly not an obligation to have an education. Education has been the basis for the success we see in our parents, our teachers, and more importantly ourselves. Over time, people have considered and concluded that education is a privilege.

Education is a privilege because not many people can afford an education, and we should be grateful that we have this opportunity that many do not have. I personally have seen that education is a privilege here in my school. There are several types of people that go to this school. Some want to be here and work very hard at their education, and others just flat out do not want to be here. It is their privilege to stay in school and receive the best education they can get or they can drop out and become a statistic. Education is a privilege for the people that are dedicated to it. Education is not a right, because people are not forced to go to school. In poor countries the education is the last thing on people’s minds. Eating, drinking clean water, and surviving the day are their main concerns. Education is a blessing to the ones that actually get to attend school.

Education is a privilege to those who want to improve their way of life. Education as a privilege instead of a right, schools eliminate the distractions, allowing a curriculum to become more advanced, which, in turn, leads to a more intelligent population to those who make an effort to stay involved in the school system. Education must never be restricted. This ruins lives and condemns many to poverty across the world. Nobody owns the education and, certainly, nobody has the right to decide who is entitled to better themselves. It is up to the person to have the privilege to improve themselves. And, if they decide not to better themselves, at least no one forced them to do so.

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