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Education and School Activities

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Every developing society must aim at free, compulsory universal education as the highest national priority. However, considerable analysis of the education process is required if the enormous effort that this objective implies is to prove worthwhile. Education is normally thought of as the process by which the formalized knowledge of a society is passed on its young through institutions of learning of one sort or another. It has however a wider connotation implying all the means by which the youth are prepared for the adult experience and, indeed, the young and not so young equipped to play their part in society. It is in this wider sense that extra- curricular activities be considered along with education in developing the country. Obviously, for a country like Philippines, education is crucial since every aspect of our society reflects the failure to achieve a harmony between aspiration and performance or even between the existence of resources and their use.

For students, therefore, it is not enough that education should transmit our accumulated knowledge and skill from one generation to the next, because most of our difficulties can be traced to the inadequacy of our skills and the misdirection of our knowledge. Accordingly, education cannot be neutral; the educational process cannot consist of mere techniques for transmitting knowledge. These activities other than those in the curriculum help students to overtake expectations so that, by engaging these resources, students can transform both the focus of one’s attitudes and the nature of their skills. Hence, education along with extra-curricular activities is the key to what must be an act of self-transformation. Right at the outset, it is necessary to clarify a philosophical question about extra-curricular activities in school, which cannot be left unanswered. There is a view of these activities, which seems to imply that the process must be restricted to the passing on of specific knowledge.

In this concept the question of attitudes is deemed to be outside of the scope of the system. It is felt that attitudes are deemed to be outside of the scope of the system. It is felt that attitudes are a private matter between parents and children to be dealt with in the home and nowhere else. In this view of education, the nearest that a school would come to the business of attitudes would be simple matters like discipline and getting along with others. These areas reflect a desire to fit a young person for survival in the adult economy so much as the self- interest of the school itself needs these activities if its lessons are to be heard. To recall the years in school one could have spent, everything has been taken up; the structure of language, the dates of Nelson’s victories, the laws of motion and the properties of metal were taught with varying degrees of energy and skill, but no one asked a student to consider why should be his brother’s keeper.

Social responsibility, government, political method or public morality are considered as among the essence of extra-curricular activities in school a more adventurous form of education, involving the conscious attempt to inculcate attitudes and conditions the young citizen to obedience coupled with a carefully nurtured acceptance of some central idea. Moreover, thought of extra-curricular activities, students are able to fashion its response to the environmental challenge through the educational process. Through these activities undertaken by the students, one looks at the question of skills first of all as it bears great relationship to the kind of economy, which we seek to build and can change the traditional pattern of education. The co-curricular activities relate knowledge to the capacity of a student to perform. This research determined the effects of extra-curricular activities on the development of the graduating BS Hotel and Restaurant Management Students of Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation, Legazpi City for the School Year 2008-2009.

They also believed that the program of the school played essential and important roles in providing successful and meaningful educational experiences for students. In addition to comprehensive list of courses, offered a wide variety of school activities to meet student’s interests and needs. The researchers believed that all students should be encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities, that student interests and talents come in different forms and should be equally valued and supported which activities reflected a broad spectrum of interests, talents and learning modalities and that equity in school learning opportunities was the fundamental aspect in this study.

Planning should include the physiological structure and the cultural style of graduates. In South Korea, the managers who occupy its economic planning boards and those who own and run Korea’s largest business corporations tend t o come from Korean National University. So with those MITI and the Japanese conglomerates coming from Tokyo University, the same with Taipei, where the top planners in the economic development council. There is a none-ness in thinking, in action and in patriotic motives that guide the government policy makers and those who manufacture and export business products around the globe.

A culture of working hat is clear and understood between the public and private sector.[i] The economists, legislators and senior government administrators in the bureaucracy tend to come from the University of the Philippines and the other state universities. Thus, he seen the scenario of UP graduates of the economic planning body lacking horns on policy procedures with Filipino tycoons most of whom come from De La Salle, Ateneo, UST, FEU or other institutions. There is similarity or clear understanding about social service, patriotism, nationalism or public welfare.

Statement of the Problem

This descriptive study determines the role of school activities on the development of the graduating Bachelor of Science Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) students for the school year 2008-2009 of Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation (MPCF), Legazpi City.

Specifically, it sought to answer the following sub-problems:

1. What is the profile of the graduating BSHRM students of MPCF, Legazpi City along:

a. age

b. gender

c. civil status

d. residence?

2. What is the perception of respondents towards school activities in terms of effectiveness, along :

a. academic

b. social

c. athletic

d. spiritual?

3. What are the possible recommendations that may be adopted to increase the BSHRM students involvement in school activities, along:

a. academic

b. social

c. athletic

d. spiritual?

Assumptions of the Study
This study is anchored on the following assumptions:

1. The profile of the graduating BSHRM students of MPCF, Legazpi City along age, gender, civil status and residence.

2. Respondent have different perceptions towards school activities varies in terms of effectiveness along academic, social, athletic and spiritual aspect.

3. There are possible recommendations that may be adopted to enhance the BSHRM student’s of MPCF, Legazpi City involvement in school activities.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The study evaluated the role of the school activities to the development of graduating BSHRM students for the school year 2008-2009 of Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation (MPCF), Legazpi City. It includes the profile of the graduating BSHRM students; the perception of respondents towards school activities; and the possible measures that may be recommended to increase the students’ involvement in school activities.

The population of the study is composed of one hundred (100) graduating students of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) of Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation (MPCF), Legazpi City.

Significance of the Study

The study dealt with the Role of school activities on the development which were deemed significant to the following: BSHRM Department. The result of this study will give the Department head valuable information on how students may be prepared in dealing with other people, communicating with them, and making good relationship with them through activities, programs, arts and travel to places bearing relevance to the course. SPS Department. The department will be able to produce graduates that are well exposed, and who are capable and competent to face the growing complexities of life as professionals in the real world.

Advisers of Organization. The result of this study will serve as an input for them to design and implement school activities. This study therefore can prove that these activities contribute in building the students’ personality in the campus, and in the long run – in the workplace. Students. The result of the study will provide some insights to the BSHRM graduating students on the importance of school activities to their development.

This may also help the social and interpersonal skills and personality development needed in their profession. Researcher. The researchers learned different inputs, ideas and information as regards their study. They were also able to experience the research process, and were able to develop their research skills. Future Researchers. This study will help researchers find credible basis and reference as they research on the importance of school activities. This can serve in many ways providing sound inputs that may be beneficial to their current research.

[i] Ernesto, Franco, “Strategies Directions for Institutional Educational Planning”, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis. University of Sto. Tomas 2001

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