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Diversity and Equality of Services

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Assignment includes:

P5 Review the methods used by public services to ensure they have a diverse workforce P6 Explain the duty of public services to provide equality of service to all citizens M3 Analyse the effectiveness of the methods used by public services to promote equality and diversity in society and within the service D2 Evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used by the public services to promote equality and diversity in society and within the service

Britain is a multi-cultural society. The public services try to ensure that their recruitment reflects this. They also try to ensure that their services are accessible to all citizens. Task 1 (P5) deadline

(Evidence = Individual written document – spider diagram).

Create 2 spider diagrams – Policies and procedures within services and Diversity Issues

Include all headings – bullet point 3 key facts about each

Essential content
Policies and procedures within services: equal opportunities; grievance procedures; bullying and harassment at work; other anti-discrimination policies; recording and monitoring of equal opportunities data and complaints; complaints procedures for service users

Diversity issues: employment within public services; development of a diverse workforce through recruitment and staff selection strategies; catering for employees’ needs through support mechanisms (staff unions, associations and federations); aspects of public service work which may impact on individual beliefs

Task 2 (P5) deadline
(Evidence = Individual written document).

a) Use the case study on p.90 about positive action in the Humberside Fire and rescue Service.

What are the positive and negative effects of the positive action policies to the Fire and rescue Service? What is positive Action? This is used to recruit firefighters from under-represented groups within the community as a whole eg women, ethnic minorities, gay men and women and people with disabilities. They are allowed to do this by law eg Sex Discrimination Act, Race Discrimination Act, Disabilities Discrimination Act

Positive Effects
Currently 97% white men
However population is 52% women and 48% men
92% White British
4% Asian
2% Black

They want a diverse fire service that represents society as a whole.
So they do the following at Humberside
Equality and Diversity Officer
Evening and weekend awareness courses
Opportunity to ask questions of minority officers

The positives could be that more ethnic minorities may consider a career in the fire service. Also minority groups may feel able to get information and
advice about the fire service.

The negative could be that white men feel discriminated against (Telepraph article about Avon Fire Service). It could be that the wrong person is chosen for the job. They may be chosen because of their minority background

How might this ensure the Fire and rescue Service has a diverse workforce? Open days provide opportunities for minorities to find out more An equality and Diversity officer may actively every day promote recruitment of minorities b) Use the case study on p. 100 about the Army Equal Opportunities Policy 2000

What are the positive and negative effects of positive action to the Army? Individuals from different religious backgrounds can join the army and still keep and practice their faith. This includes provision of specialist food, daily prayer when safe, celebration of holy days, Sikh men are allowed to wear turbans, regular liaison with a variety of faiths.

Negatives may be that white british men may think they are getting special treatment, the enemy may be able to pick off those with turbans more easily, Generalisations by white british about different faiths may lead to more racism because the minorities are treated differently. More costs associated with preparing and ordering specialist food, holy festivals and prayer may not always be practical. How might this ensure the Army has a diverse workforce?

If this becomes more widely known it may make more people from different religions want to join the army

Task 3 (P5) deadline
(Evidence = Individual written document).

Choose the Army or the Fire and Rescue Service to research

a) What recruitment policies does this public service have to try to ensure
its workforce reflects society? Army – Use bullet points from case study
b) What policies does the public service have to combat under-representation? Respecting different religions, food, clothing, prayer
Open days, information services

Task 4 (P6) deadline
(Evidence = Individual written document).

Essential content – 3 bullet points for each side heading – in a spider diagram

Equality of service:
services to individuals;
Come to emergency calls eg 999, fire, road traffic crash, chemical spillage, rescue Home visit to check for fire safety
Provide advice
Same applies to businesses
statutory requirements;
There are laws to ensure the minimum standards of service are provided accessibility by users;
All users must able to fully access fire service premises eg disabled, mobility impaired Fire makes special plans to help all users
Leaflets, websites, information must be made available in a variety of formats eg braille, languages, video, talks, home visits recognising needs of citizens as individuals and groups
Fire Service has policies to ensure all needs of all groups can be met.

Task 5 (P6) deadline
(Evidence = Individual written document). P101

Give 5 examples of how specific public services provide equality of service to all citizens See bullet points in case study

Task 6 (M3) deadline
(Evidence = Individual written document).
Analyse the effectiveness of the methods used by public services to promote equality and diversity in society and within the service Review the case studies from task 2 – answer these questions in detail

a) What are the positive and negatives of these policies in terms of recruitment and retention? b) What might these positives and negatives lead to and why? (In terms of recruitment and retention) Possible short term and long term effects because

Length – 1 side minimum

Task 7 (D2) deadline
(Evidence = Individual written document).

Write a summary and conclusion for M3. Overall do these policies lead to more negative or positive effects in terms of recruitment and retention for the public service?

What is your opinion?

What do you recommend the public services should do in the future?

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