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Bob and Thelma Mellankamp had often dreamed of starting their own business. As college students in the 1970s while on their way to an economics class, Bob and Thelma drove by Myrtle’s Family Restaurant and noticed a “for sale” sign in the window. Bob and Thelma realized that their dream could come true if they purchased the restaurant. After making arrangements to purchase the business, Hoosier Burger Restaurant was born. This is a medium sized restaurant that still does business the same way it did when it originally opened; all paperwork is done by hand. Thelma and Bob need the benefits of purchasing a computer system. Bob needs to learn about alternative practices and looks into hiring a consultant.

Apply the SDLC approach to Hoosier Burger.

Systems planning and selection: The first phase of the SDLC in which an organization’s total information system needs are analyzed and arranged, and in which a potential information systems project is identified and an argument for continuing or not continuing with the project is presented. Due to frequent errors in the Hoosier Burger current system of hand written records, Bob Mellankamp has decided to automate his inventory control, customer ordering, and management reporting systems. Bob wants to have electronic access to forecasting information, inventory usage, and basic sales information to improve accuracy of inventory and make better business decisions.

Systems analysis: Phase of the SDLC in which the current system is studied and alternative replacement systems are proposed. Currently Hoosier’s is using a pen and paper based system. This system is inherently problematic because of the human factor which generates errors with little or no data trail. Hoosier’s is in need of a system that will be tied into the inventory to better track customer orders and inventory stock levels. This will allow Hoosiers to provide better service and keep an accurate inventory which will prevent over buying or under buying, allowing for a better profit margin.

Systems design:Phase of the SDLC in which the system chosen for development in systems analysis is first described independently of any computer platform (logical design) and is then transformed into technology-specific details (physical design) from which all programming and system construction can be accomplished. (Valacich 18) Hoosiers would benefit from researching Point of Sales Systems (POS). They would benefit from the POS because it will be directly connected to the inventory of the restaurant and allow for accurate sales tallying and inventory usage. Improper inventory ordering can be a thing of the past.

Systems implementation and operation: Final phase of the SDLC in which the information system is coded, tested, and installed in the organization, and in which the information system is systematically repaired and improved. (Valacich 18) The Point Of Sale is a system that is used throughout the restaurant. This computerized system allows business owners to track sales, cash flow, food inventory and can help simplify Hoosiers bookkeeping enormously. In the end all aspects of Hoosier Burger are repaired and improved.

Hoosier Burger’s current information systems, inventory control, customer ordering, and management reporting systems are currently tracked with pen and paper. Bob currently receives deliveries at the restaurant’s back door and then updates a stock log form. All order are written on an order ticket, totaled on the cash register, and then passed to the kitchen where the orders are prepared. Bob tallies the order tickets nightly and makes adjustments to inventory.

Hoosier Burger has an established objective of starting a business. They quickly acted upon the desire to open the business and established their current method of information systems. They eventually realized the weakness of the current information systems process. Hoosier Burger did not perform any methodology when developing their business. They seem to be flying by the seat of their pants. It isn’t until they discovered the errors in their system of tracking and reporting. Hoosier Burger should use the Joint Application Design to develop their future information systems.

The Hoosier Burger project was initially identified by the management team of Bob and Thelma, but they have since deferred to a development group. The development group determined the potential benefits that the Hoosier Burger project is viewed as improving profits, customer service, etc., and the duration of these benefits. (Valacich 96) The focus of the project will has been stressed by Bob as the importance of improving Hoosier Burger’s inventory control, customer ordering, and management reporting systems. The documents that are most likely to be available are the business forms. This is mainly because, even the simplest of business’s use some simple business form, whether it be an invoice, receipt or an order form.

Joint Application Design is the most appropriate method for Hoosier Burger. The primary purpose of using JAD in the analysis phase is to collect systems requirements simultaneously from the key people involved with the system. The result is an intense and structured, but highly effective, process. Having all the key people together in one place at one time allows analysts to see the areas of agreement and the areas of conflict. Meeting with all these important people for over a week of intense sessions allows you the opportunity to resolve conflicts or at least to understand why a conflict may not be simple to resolve. (Valacich 148-149)

Based upon the information provided in the case scenario, Hoosier Burger will need to track and store repeat customers as well as their customers who have been authorized a monthly billing for their orders. This is commonly known as a Net 30 account. The attributes that need to be identified for each entity are the customer name, account type (i.e. Net 30 account, etc…), order history and billing history.

The specific identifier for each customer would be the Customer ID, Customer Name, Customer Address, and the Customer Phone number. I applied Rule number two when selecting my identifier. Rule number two states, choose a candidate key such that, for each instance of the entity, the attribute is guaranteed to have valid values and not be null. To ensure valid values, you may have to include special controls in data entry and maintenance routines to eliminate the possibility of errors. If the candidate key is a combination of two or more attributes, make sure that all parts of the key have valid values.

If Hoosier Burger continues to modernize and follow the efforts of the consulting firm they will have continued success well into the future. Bob and Thelma’s dream of owning a restaurant will have come to complete fruition and garner them economic success for years to come. System analysis and design has allowed their business to grow and be successful in more ways than they could have possibly dreamed.

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