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Discerning Spiritual Discernment

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In the article, “Discerning Spiritual Discernment: Assessing Current Approaches for Understanding God’s Will”, the survey displayed my factors that are believed to be of importance when it comes to making decision about one’s career. This decision is important because the career decision that someone makes can at times be the ultimate driving force as to what direction their life will go in. On a personal level it is important to pray for wisdom to make godly decisions, to pray for specific guidance or answers from God, the use of common sense, and the consideration of personal desires and interest.

It is so important when making a decision such as a career move, because of the impact that it will not only have on your life but the lives of your family members as well to first go to God and seek what his desire and will for your life is. Many times people are so quick to make a move without first asking God what his will and desire for your life is. In order to seek God’s will its important to remain humble. In being humble it means that even if God does not move in the timing that you wish, to remain faithful and continue to trust that he will guide you in the right direction. Too many times when it comes to making important decisions because we feel that God has not moved when we wanted him to, in haste we make decisions and end up regretting those decisions. Humbleness allows prepares one’s heart to be ready for the wisdom and guidance that comes directly from God.

In Psalms 32:8 it lets us know God’s desire to guide us in our lives and in our decision making. It is important that in order to be able to hear from it requires denying oneself and have a life of constant prayer and fasting. When praying one must seek wisdom and clarity from God to know that whatever decision they make is pleasing in the sight of God. Having a prayer life is very vital because it gives a very vital tool to decision making and seeking God’s wisdom. Through an effective prayer life when making a decision allows you to know and recognize when you hear the voice of God speaking to you to let you know whether of not to make the decision. It’s important to not always speak, but be able to listen to the voice of God. According to Allen, “God is not silent and if you allow him, he will guide you in the right direction” ( n.d.). John 10:27 says, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”.

When making a decision the use of common sense is very important. Voltaire the French philosopher wrote, “common sense is not so common, the definition of common sense is the use of sound judgment” (Liebert, 2008, p.108). There are many instances when making decisions some make their decisions based on instinct, failing to consider the possible consequences of making a bad decision. If one would rely on their common senses it would require that they think first because making a decision. Common sense is very important because it can prevent someone from making a drastic choice and ending up in career that they really didn’t want. In decision making it’s important to have priorities and the knowledge of how these priorities will affect your decision. Once you recognize just exactly what it is that’s important to you then you are compelled to make your decisions based on what your priorities are. As Christians we are taught that we can find the answer to our questions in the Word of God. The Scriptures give guidance, wisdom, and hope when you need it.

The Bible is a place where you can find every answer that you are looking for, but in doing that you still have to be aware as to what your priorities in life are. Dahill stated, “the will of God is not a system of rules which is established from the outset, it is something new and different in each different situation” (2002, p.44). Based upon the factors dived by Horton (2009), the approach to spiritual discernment that I related too and would most likely follow would be the Bull’s-Eye Approach also known as the Tradition View. This approach according to Horton, “theorizes that God has a perfect detailed plan for all individuals and seeks to reveal that plan t them” (2009, p.8). Without a doubt God has a plan for each person’s life. God has given each person the will to have freewill, meaning that we may not necessarily follow the plan that God has designed for us to take. God’s desire is that his children prosper.

He wants the best for his children and many times we take paths that deter us from the road that God has already put in place. Dahill (2002) states, “his specific will for us as individuals will never contradict the principles of the Scripture” (p.42). As Christians we recognize that God gives us gifts and talents to use to bring glory to him. Many times we find ourselves not using these gifts and talents, but if you ask yourself does it really make sense to allow those gifts and talents to sit on a shelf and do absolutely nothing with them? Those gifts are given to you to bring glory to God’s name. Horton states, “to determine the right choice between seemingly good options, these Christians pray for specific guidance or answers from God” (2009, p.8).

As Christians hit the bulls-eye it will allow God to reveal the plan that he has for their life as they continue to live a righteous and pleasing life before him. Making the decision to become a counselor is not something that should be taken lightly. When considering any career choice it’s important to see guidance through the Holy Spirit. The survey in this article reflects the many valuable factors to consider when making a decision. It’s important to always pray and seek the guidance of God. Past and Present Influences

The bulls-eye approach describes how each person has a plan designed by God for their life. The relationship that we have with God teaches us to make decisions that are a reflection of Christ. Proverbs 3:5 states, “trust the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding”. By developing a relationship with Christ and learning his will for our lives allows us to walk in the destiny that he has placed for us. Through continued faithfulness to God you will not have to guess where it is your suppose to be but through God’s word he will reveal to you his distinctive plan. We’re to diligently seek his will, but despite all our best efforts and intentions, we’ll seldom get it exactly right (Allen, n.d.). Placing our focus on reaching the bulls-eye we know that in everything we do for God will work for our good and they we have been called for his purpose.

As a youth I remember growing up in a home where going to church was not an option but rather it was a requirement if you wanted to live in my mother’s home. I can remember as my brother and I became teenager my mother told my brother, “if you’re gonna live in my house you’re going to church”. We attended an African Methodist Episcopal Church that was a church built by my great-great grandfather. In this church we were always taught to always trust guide and not to lean to our own understanding but to rely on God. I remember is my home, my parents divorced and we had to watch my mother struggle as a single parent. Even though she struggled the one thing that she would always remind us was because of her faith she knew that God would always provide. As I grew I could remember having a Pastor that would encourage the youth of the church to use their talents to help in building up the kingdom of God. I can recall at the age of fifteen years old being but in a leadership position over the youth department of the church.

I believe this was God’s way of teaching me that I would have to trust him as well as showing my peers how they could too learn to depend and trust God for what we needed. As far as I can remember ministry has always been a very vital part of life. I can remember even as I became an adult and did things that I knew I shouldn’t because of what had been instilled in me, God would only allow me to get so far before he snatched me back into the rightful place that he had called me too. Now today I recognize more than ever the importance of fully relying on God in every area of my life. I can reflect back to all the things that I’ve gone through and come to the realization that it has been in God’s divine plan for me to encounter the things that have happened. I think as an adult my faith has increased and I can recall the time that I went through a divorce and how I did not understand why but I know that even in the midst of the confusion that was going on it was a part of God’s will for my life and that even through that if I gave glory to God that no good thing would he withhold from me.

God has allowed me to know attend a COGIC church, which is a part of the Pentecostal body. The foundation that I received growing up in the Methodist church has helped me further understand the importance of not only having spiritual discernment, but being able to have discernment in my everyday life. So many times we encounter people who are going through things but just don’t know how to express themselves. Having the spiritual discernment is a tool that every Christian counselor will need when it comes to those who place their trust in you to help them. Having gone through the many trials and tribulations I did not believe that I would be a vessel that God would every use. God has literally blown my mind when it comes to the things of ministry I’ve learned to seek God in everything that I do. The experiences of this life have reminded me of the importance of having humility and patience.

I can recall times of going to the doctor and receiving a bad report, but because of the trust and faith that I have in God, as a testimony today I can say I don’t have cancer and I’m an example of what living a life that is pleasing in the sight of God can do. The Bible says, “seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). As I continue to further my education, I find myself seeking God more and more as to what his will is for me and this degree. I know that he’s calling me to ministry of help so I continue to rely on him to give guidance and direction as to where I should be. In my current employment I know that it is not the place that I need to be. I believe that God had me there for a season and in that season it has been to help those whom I’ve encountered, but I know that God has something greater for me.

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