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Difference Between Verbatim Plagiarism And Paraphrasing Plagiarism

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After completing the plagiarism test, I have discovered that sometimes plagiarism can be difficult to notice when the in text citations or references are not in the correct format. Comparing both texts, took extra time because I have never compared both original text, and the student version side by side. I am now able to tell the difference between word for word and paraphrasing plagiarism. After reading the material that was provided during the plagiarism test, I was able to gain more of an understanding that APA citations include more information. According to Frick et al, it’s important to be cautious to make sure that adding all authors, the year and page number, is essential in any in-text citation that the writer must include when giving credit from its original source. I have never been familiar with APA however, taking the plagiarism test not only helped me gain more knowledge on how to not plagiarize, but it also enabled me to get more exposure to APA writing style.

The process in which I began to search for my article was fairly simple. I first read the plagiarism assignment information and on the document I was able to figure out how to access a peer-reviewed journal article for my topic with an advanced search tool. I wanted to choose a topic that related to what I have experienced in the past. I wanted to learn more information on how domestic violence affects families and the individuals involved. Throughout my search I used the key words of domestic violence and effects of domestic violence. I narrowed my search down by reading along the abstracts of the articles that were provided until I found the article that had more information on the effects of domestic violence relationships and the psychological effects and cycles resulting from domestic violence.

The study conducted by Insetta, et al. (2015), relates to the responsibilities more specifically, mothers have to their children amongst intimate partner violence. Studies were conducted by interviews towards mothers who have experienced domestic violence relations and how their children can be affected. According to Insetta, et al, Children develop an exposure to behavioral, physiological, and mental problems as a result to mothers that are involved in domestic partner violence. Communication is one of the essential key components to understanding the severity of how someone can be affected by violence in all aspects. According to Insetta, et al. (2015), victims of domestic violence want to educate their children on how to navigate their relationships as well as effectively communicating their feelings while finding new approaches on how to interact with other people. The results of the interviews amongst the women of different backgrounds, all had a primary expectation for their children that have been involved with domestic violence in their homes.

“Women emphasized two primary messages they wanted to share with their children: explaining their past experiences with IPV while emphasizing that violence was not normal or healthy behavior and offering advice about their children’s relationships” . The importance of this quote demonstrates how communication can change the cycle of domestic violence. According to Insetta, et al. (2015), in order to prevent future violence in relationships, one must be open with communication and develop a consciousness about violence in the home and how it can psychologically affect their children. Overall the importance of communication can produce an open dialogue for all victims of domestic violence.


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