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Diary Entries; A Midsummers Night Dream

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I spoke to Hermia once again today. I remember when I first laid my eyes on her, everything I had ever known was forgotten. Her eyes sparkled as bright as the stars, and she sang like an angel. If not for her father, we would be honeymooning in the most beautiful parts of Athens. Her father said he believes Demetrius is the better man, but I am just as good as he. She expressed her refusal, and anyways a marriage without love cannot be forced upon a young woman as beautiful as Hermia, but the consequences for her disobedience if she chooses as so are as dreadful. This is why I plan to take Hermia to my widowed aunt, she has plenty of money and no children. She considers me her son, and there I will marry my sweet Hermia, where all the strict rules of here do not apply. I will know tonight if she loves me as much as she says, if she sneaks out and meets me in the forest where we first had the pleasure of meeting each others acquaintance I’ll know truly that love prevails all. Since this is as far as my mind can go with all the excitement of today, I am leaving for the forest. Hopefully I will see my love again


You are Helena. In your personal diary, describe your decision at the end of this scene. Comment on how it feels to be in love with Demetrius, keeping in mind that he is in love with your best friend, Hermia. Given this situation, what conflicting emotions are you experiencing?

July 8, 1796

Dear Diary,

Nothing matters to me, but Demetrius. He is my soul and my sun and seeing him today made me come to the realization that I would do anything to have him obsess over me the way he does over Hermia. She is so lucky, but he is making a foolish mistake by trailing around her, and begging for her holy hand. Before Demetrius ever saw Hermia, he swore he’d be mine forever and soon I will prove to him that I am much more deserving of his affection. Hermia has planned on running away tomorrow night, I’ll tell him and even if it is painful to see him pursue Hermia, at least I will allow myself the pleasure of seeing him once again. Maybe he’ll realize that I am much more suitable for him and abandon his efforts with Hermia, she will be able to elope with Lysander, and once again Demetrius lust over me. I am off to search for him, I have put on some of my finest attire and hopefully my endeavour does not go unnoticed.

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