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Determining databases and data communication

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Being placed in scenarios gets you out of the student mindset and puts you in a unique decision making state of mind. I enjoy these exercises to ensure there is an understanding of what it takes to get into that state of mind. Scenario 1

Tracking data about booth components, equipment, shippers, and shipments are extremely important part of my job. Understanding how to maintain all of this information will make sure that when a problem is realized that you can address it properly. The booth components need to be individually numbered so each part can be identified. Equipment needs to also have individual identifiers, as well as the serial number of all items recorded. This information will be important if a problem comes up in any step of the process. Including the price purchased will help track if the price has increased since last time the item was purchased. Dates purchased and dates received will also help follow the tracking of purchasing. Making sure a database is kept on who had the product and where it was shipped will keep track of the location of each product. Some of the equipment like projects or lights can be extremely valuable, and both of those should be watched closely. The relationship between screens and projectors need to be tracked closely.

These two items are extremely important, because if one is missing the other will be useless. These should be tracked closely to ensure both can be utilized. The relationship between lights and power sources are to be tracked closed as well. A light will need a power source so that it can be used. A database system should be most certainly used to keep organization easier. Excel can be used to handle the data and output, but many of the database products allow for scanning of barcodes to promptly input data. Instead of taking down information and manually input it with the risk of human error, these products will immediately input information like time and date. Enterprise database will make it available to more people than just me.

This will come in handy in times of extended illness or vacations. Having a back plan is important to ensure that if something happens, someone can step up and carry on without delay. Having a plan B or even plan C employee trained to make sure of this transition. I feel as though a decision support system will be extremely helpful. These systems are designed towards the less organized companies to ensure they are helped in this fashion. This will make it easier maintain all the information that can tend to be confusing.

Our company is in need of a WAN because of the people that need the connection at home. WAN is a wide area network that can be utilized in other locations as if you are in the office. This is important for those employees who work from home and other locations. This will allow that employee to have access to the company network and databases. It is important to have the option available for this especially in a small business. If expansion is needed, many times there aren’t offices or space available. This option will a more experience employee to work from the comfort of their own home, while the new employee trains.

The business will not require wireless, but would most certainly make for easier moves and changes. Wireless connections make anyone with a mobile device or laptop to roam freely with connection to the network. Depending how classified the information will be, a wired network would be more secure. If a wireless connection is required, a good VPN will be extremely important. VPN is a virtual private network to make sure no unauthorized users gain access to the network. If the information is extremely sensitive, the wrong eyes gaining access could be catastrophic.

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