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Desire: Love and Woman

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“ Lust over Love ” – those three words comes out in my mind after reading this short story. Do woman always be the one to blame for man’s temptation for their body? People says that Man, could not be tempted when no one’s tempting them, so it is a woman’s fault when every single men shows some desire? Does love can be measured by the physical appearance of a woman’s face or her beautiful body? Love? What really is it? In this short story entitled “DESIRE” by Paz Latorena was a touching one, specially to women who feels the same way of being disgusted by man who do not have a beautiful face that every man would ever wanted. This story was all about a woman’s hope, believe and patience. Honestly speaking, I myself could relate to this kind of story well, everyone atleast dream of a man that could love them for who they are for what they have and not for having such beauty, a pretty face, a perfect body. The woman in the story was longing for love, to be loved by everyone for what she is.

Being homely, is quite a bother to every woman, it feels like they are some trash that everyone should avoid and laugh at, all she ever wanted was a man that could accept her imperfection, she believes that there this someone who could accept it, assuming that not every man that she meet was like him, his hero, her true love. And then, she needs to hide herself, her body that every man she meet look at it with their eyes full of desires. Now, she succeeds, no one even wanted to take a glimpse at her. As a woman I was on her side for planning to hide her body, why, it is because she’s hoping that someone could love her for not having such body. And then, she felt lonelier that no one could really accept her and then on she turned into writting. Well, ofcourse no one ever wanted to be with her and I must say that no one tried to approach her even befriends with her that’s why she just exppress her feelings in writting love letters, poems novels, etc. And then, there this foriegn man who shows some light to her dark life, now, she really was hoping that this man could change her pain into happiness.

It is not bad to hope, just like what she did, she believes that not every man sees a woman as a sexual thing (whatever you call that), isn’t ? Nowadays as I observe man in our generations, they sees woman as their toys, as their passed time for their boredome. As time passes by she felt happiness I guess, she now assumed that that man accompaning her is indeed different to those she knows, and then she shows the true beauty she has. When I was reading the part or scene that they was having a serious conversation, I was a liitle bit happy for her and then that smile suddenly turn into a bitterly smile just like her when the man confess his true feelings that he just love her body, that was a heartbreaker to every woman hoping that this man standing right next to her was trapped to her body’s spell.

To her, the man just be hiself, telling the truth but behind those smile was a tear, waiting to fall. Every one of us can feel that loneliness, the pain she felt right? It’s like, she never given a chance to become happy and all she ever do was to wait. They says that “ Patience is a virtue ”, so all she do was just wait because no matter how much pain one feels, never stop loving maybe that time was not the right time for her. This story is really full of lessons to us readers. We all have to do is to wait for the right person who will be our partner in our life, that can accept every part of who we are the bad or good, our imperfections, that was love really mean.

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