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Dealing With Troublesome Behavior In The Classroom

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This paper discusses the topic of dealing with faulty or improper behavior of students in the classroom. A teacher is not only responsible for the formal education of his students but also for their spiritual and mental conditioning. To guide students mentally and correct their troublesome behavior in the classroom, the teacher must possess the virtue of patience and tolerance. The different techniques that are used to deal and correct troublesome behavior of students in the classroom are discussed in this paper. This paper is written in the APA writing style.

Thesis Statement and Plan of development

This is essay is written on the set of recommendations put forward by M.D. Sorcinelli with respect to handling disruptive behavior in the classroom. The essay explains the different points that have been proposed by M.D. Sorcinelli to be used while handling troublesome behavior in the classroom.

The different kinds of troublesome behaviors teachers face

A teacher not only acts as an educator but also performs the duties of a guide and controller of a student’s behavior. Hence, a teacher should be patient and tolerant to deal with the troublesome behavior of students in the classroom. There are several kinds of troublesome behaviors of students in the classroom such as:

-Coming late to the class

-Talking during the lecture

-Playing pranks on other children in the classroom so as to divert the attention of the teacher

-Bullying other fellow students

-Behaving rudely with teachers and openly challenging their authority

All these kinds of behavior make it difficult for other students in the classroom to concentrate on the lesson and similarly it is difficult for the teacher to teach in such an environment. Therefore, teachers should have complete knowledge of the methods to control such behavior in the classroom.

The different techniques proposed by M.D. Sorcinelli to deal with troublesome behavior

Teachers should formulate strategies to deal with wrong behaviors during the classroom before hand. The different techniques that have been proposed by M.D. Sorcinelli are discussed and explained in the following paragraphs.

The First Interaction

At the very first interaction with a class, the teacher should clearly define limits of behavior to the students and should state what he expects from them. In order to motivate the students to behave well, the teachers should ask for their feedback and active participation in the class. A routine sluggish class can often bore students and hence divert their behavior away from the lesson, in order to keep them engaged; the teacher should use the method of active learning in the class so the students are prompted to participate in the discussion.

Being Late For Class

Students often have the habit of coming late to the class, and if a teacher does not act against this, they make it their constant habit; hence a teacher should strictly state that latecomers would not be allowed to attend the class and would be punished.

Being Inattentive in the class

Another troublesome behavior usually found in the younger category of students is talking during the class. In order to deal with this behavior, the teacher should constantly watch talking students; ask a question to the student who was busy in talking. Another effective method to avoid this kind of troublesome behavior in the classroom is to divide the students into small discussion groups so that all students are aware that they have to participate in the discussion and will also be questioned.

Turning in late work and being late

Students who usually work at the last moment are mostly late in turning in assignments by the deadlines. To correct such behavior the teachers should first set an example of punctuality and regularity himself, for example the teacher should promptly return the checked papers and assignments to students on the dates mentioned. In order to ensure that a student is working at his assignment, the teacher should divide it into small parts and check it in parts so the students knows that there would be a check every now and then and hence completes the assignment on time. Many students indulge in the trait of coming late to the class repeatedly, to avoid this, the teacher should discuss with the students that they should come on time and hence the class would also end on time. There are certain policies regarding number of leaves or absentees from a class, the teacher should strictly follow them and if the absenteeism of a student surpasses the allowed limit, he should immediately contact the student’s academic advisor.

Rude or unethical behavior in the Class

The most major kind of troublesome behavior is being rude to the instructor or openly challenging his authority. This is the situation where the teacher should be patient and deal the student wisely. The teacher should avoid talking defensively to the student in the classroom and discuss it with the student in private. If still the student is offensive then the teacher must contact the dean (Sorcinelli, 1994).


A teacher is a role model for his students. He directly and indirectly has a great influence on his students’ behavior, attitude and habits. Hence the teacher should first develop the right kind of behavior and attitude within himself and then apply it to his students for instance as it has been discussed above that in order to stop students from coming late the teacher should himself be punctual so the students also adhere to his trait. For guiding a person, the guardian should himself practically depict the guidelines by his own behavior. Lastly, a teacher must possess the virtues of being tolerant and forgiving so as to ignore unfavorable behaviors and correct them.


Sorcinelli, M.D (1994). Ideas on Teaching, Handling Disruptive Students   Retrieved on October 4th 2006 from:


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