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Conservative and Liberal

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Your views or beliefs on specific issues can be determined by your own thoughts. If you look at the beliefs of Conservatism and Liberalism, you can understand the different viewpoints on different issues. They debate on certain issues such as abortion, death penalty, education, gun control, taxes, etc. The ideas are very different for both, the conservative and liberal. A person can be either for or against conservative and liberal views. You can also be both if you agree with one and disagree with the other.

Abortion is one of the issues which are taken into concern. Liberals believe that a woman has the right to decide with what happens with her body. The fetus is not considered to be human life and therefore it does not have individual rights. They also believe that the government should provide taxpayer abortions for the woman who cannot afford it. On the other hand, Conservatives believe that abortion is a form of murder. An unborn baby is living and has separate rights from his/her mother. The baby has the right to live. They also oppose taxpayer abortions. I support the conservatives on this matter because the rightful life of an innocent baby should not be taken away because of his/her mother’s decision.

The death penalty is also another issue which has been widely discussed. The liberals believe that the death penalty should be abolished because it is cruel and unusual. It is also inhumane. Imprisonment is the proper punishment for a murderer. The death penalty could lead to the death of an innocent person. While, the conservatives believe that the death penalty is the perfect punishment for committing murder. Executing the murderer is the proper punishment for taking the life on an innocent person. It is neither, cruel or unusual. I support the liberal’s for this topic because the death penalty could lead to the death of an innocent person. Executing a person is also very inhumane for me.

When it comes down to education, the liberals strongly support the fact of having only public schools. They believe that the government should focus on additional funds on existing public schools and raising the teachers’ salaries. They also believe in limiting the classroom sizes to about 15-20 students so that the students can be more interactive during the classes. The conservatives believe that private schools should be available because it creates competition for students to improve. Vouchers should be given out so that not only the students who can financially afford it can go. I believe in the conservatives’ point of view because private schools should be available for students to go to. As we all know, private schools are most likely better than public schools and they offer more opportunities to the students.

Gun control is a major issue in today’s time period. Before people didn’t have guns as much as people do now. The question is that should people be able to keep them? If we look at in the conservative’s perspective, they say that no guns should be allowed for the local people because individuals do not need guns for protection. The federal and local government protects the people through law enforcing agencies and the military. More guns equal more violence. The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms. Individuals have the right to protect themselves. More guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens means less crime. I agree with liberals because I believe that guns are unnecessary and they just cause more problems.

Taxes are something that everyone hates. The liberals state that the rich should pay a higher percentage of tax than the lower class people. This is so that the richer can help out the poorer people. The taxes allow the government to create jobs and provide welfare programs for those in need. Government organizations are a way to help the society. The conservatives believe that all the people should pay a low amount of the same tax. The people then save the money and spend it more reasonably. Money is best spent by the people who earned it, not by the government. The government programs support people to become dependent on them, rather than encouraging the people to work for it. I also agree with the conservatives because all people need to be treated equally whether they are rich or poor. The people who worked hard and earned the money should not be paying more taxes for the people who just sit all day and become dependent on the government.

Same-sex marriage is becoming a bigger and bigger issue every day. The liberals believe that marriage is a union of people who love each other and that it should be legal for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, to marry each other. All individuals regardless of their gender have the right to marry. Eliminating same sex citizens from marrying each other opposes their civil rights. The conservatives say that marriage is a bond between a man and a woman. It violates the beliefs of millions of people who believe in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. I believe that same-sex marriage should be allowed because not all people are the same and everyone has different views. It affects several religions, but not everyone believes in those religions and they have their own rights to whatever they want.

People from all over the world migrate to the United States of America every year for the freedom and opportunities they get here. Some of them enter legally, but most people enter in by illegal means. The liberals support legal immigration but for the people who enter illegally, they should be treated the same way as American citizens are treated. They should get the same educational and health benefits as all Americans get. It is not right to arrest millions of illegal immigrants. The conservatives also support legal immigration but they oppose amnesty for people that enter the U.S. illegally. Those who break the law and enter do not have the same rights as people who obey the law and enter legally. I believe with the liberals that people who enter through illegally shall be treated fairly because it is the government’s job to take care of that not anyone else’s.

The arguments between the conservatives and liberal are necessary to maintain a “fair” government system. The liberals emphasize the need for the government to help solve problems. The conservatives say that the government should provide the freedom for people to pursue their own goals. I am a conservative and a liberal, but I am more towards the conservative’s point of views.

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