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Compensation and Benefits Strategies

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In today’s world of business, most organization must have a compensation and benefits strategies. All organizations must follow these strategies in order to be successful in a small, medium, or large business. All size businesses need packages to be able to pat their employees and offer some type of benefits to its employees to be competitive in the business world.

Recommendations for Compensation and Benefits Strategies
In today’s business world there are different types of goals and resources used to compete in the marketplace. Human Resources are one of the most diverse and difficult to control. Humans are greedy and needy in today’s world. They need benefits and compensation. This makes it hard to maintain a stable workforce. This is one reason companies offer benefits packages and some type of compensation to its employees. Landslide Limousine is no different when it comes to competition in the transportation market. Landslide Limousine Service must maintain their employees and hold their skill personnel. Several recommendations should be made for Landslide Limousine Service in its benefits and compensation packages it offers. Landslide Limousine Service must be competitive with its benefits packages and wages it offers its employees.

The Limousine Market
When being in the limousine business one must look at the main competitors. Having knowledge of one’s completion will give them a view of who might temp or sway employees to leave the organization. Mr. Stonefields biggest competition is Austin Black Car Service and Big As Texas Limousine Service. These two are the most popular limousine services in Austin Texas. These limousine services are still in service today in Austin Texas and are the largest competitors. Landslide needs to offer a good benefits package if it wants to take away some of the skilled employees from the other two competitors and keep the ones it has spent its time training. Starting out Landslide will be at the bottom of the bottom of the limousine marketplace. Landslide will not be able to afford a competitive benefits package like the ones that its competitors have.

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