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Compare and Contrast: Dictators to Bullies

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Bullies and Dictators are very similar in many ways. Both are driven by power and tyrannical authority. The authority that is sought by these two different personalities is attained by aggression and fear. Both of these figures are out to rob others of their freedom and pride. Both employ violence as a method of getting what they want. School bullies and dictators also have, in many cases, a common talent for talking their way out of otherwise unexplainable situations. Even though these two share many similarities beyond these examples, they also have many differences. The most profound difference is that, generally, a dictator is sovereign over a vast amount of land and a large population. A school bully only has his stretch of authority over a school, and not usually all of it. Many times a bully will have friends that support him, while a dictator will have armed forces at his disposal.

The Dictator and the school bully both obtain their personal and emotional security by robbing others of theirs. These two tyrannical figures both feed off of attempting to control others which, in turn, gives them the false illusion that they are wanted and accepted by the populous. Both characters work in a cycle of intimidation to receive their security and repeat this to continue to feed their egotistical appetite.

The most common tool of intimidation for bullies to use is violence through physical force. Some of the most famous dictators throughout history have used their stance as “leaders” to abuse their power by employing the forces they have under them. The forces that dictators have commanded are operated with have been struck with fear by their overpowering ruler. Violence, for instance, was used by debatably the most notorious dictator known to man; Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s regime was founded on murdering and imprisoning those who opposed him. These acts of Hitler are a prime example of the employment of violence as a tool to get what is wanted by the tyrant.

Bullies and Dictators tend to have a shared talent for being smooth talkers when the time comes to wiggle their way out of a sticky situation. When a bully is mistreating one of his schoolmates and is caught by the administrators at his/her school, they can often times avoid falling to any further disciplinary actions. Likewise, a dictator has the international community to appeal to. A dictator would have to have a keen sense of tongue to be able to win over his popularity in the international community. His ability to speak is his escape route when accused of being guilty of his violent acts.

While a school bully and the dictator of a nation have numerous similarities, there is one key difference between these two. The main factor that sets these two apart is the reach of their authority. A dictator is in control of a nation and a whole population. A school bully reigns over a mere handful of children at school. A nation’s dictator can change the direction of the world, while a bully will ruin an individual’s life.

Even with their major difference, bullies and dictators are almost interchangeable characters. They practically have the same mentality, outlook, and motives. These two are both known for violence, aggression, and taking advantage of those under them.

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