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Communication Gap in the story The Fence by Jose Garcia Villa

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Communication is the key to any relationship. However, it is quite common that most of the couple suffer from communication issues. The problems arising out of communication can be very different ranging from inefficient communication leading to misunderstandings to a gap in the communication. If there is a gap, this means that there is no sufficient amount of communication between the couple, which in turn means that there is insufficient transfer of emotions and other stuff. A gap in the communication might not sound good and healthy for a relationship, since we cannot express emotions, concerns etc. in a relationship. There are many reasons as to why there is a communication gap.

It has been observed that men and women tend to live a problematic life due to communication gap in their marriage. Men are goal- oriented and competitive and this is expressed in the way they speak to others. Women cooperate more and relationship oriented during conversation. Women are much more able to empathize with others while men look to understand the problems of others intellectually, Because of this; men tend to be problem solvers while women tend to be listeners.

When a man and a woman were first created by God, it was a given that they were meant to be different and they were meant to serve a different purpose while complimenting each other. As a result, men and women are different in many areas, be it the way they look; their preferences and most importantly, they are different in the way they communicate to each other. And some of the factors contributing to this might be as a result of one’s culture or tradition; background or upbringing; a different personality and many other factors. These factors are what men and women can change in order to improve the communication gap. For a married life, it is important to mend the communication gap between husband and wife, since the bad communication can trigger many difficult problems in the family. Not only to the couples but to their children as well. There would be many elements making a couple to remain in a good relationship. But if the both husband and wife have thoughts that they have equal right the communication would go much easier.

What is the Scope or limitation of the story?

The story indicates lack of communication between the two women, so I chose and decided that communication gap would be the better title of it. There are many causes of communication gap depending on where it exists. In the story, hatred is the cause of it. It is really a big hurdle to them to maintain a good relationship when in fact anger is always present. The two of them are both prideful and it’s really impossible that they can attain solution in their problem unless one will humble herself.

What is the Significance/importance of the analysis?

The story has no resolution; communication gap is still present in the lives of two women. So when we will just base on the story we can’t find importance or lesson there. But then, if the story ends with the resolution maybe the significance is every one of us must overcome some communication gap in our lives. It’s not good that we just remain stagnant in that problem. We must place it into our minds that not all the time we can handle our problems by ourselves. We also need the help of others. The saying goes “no man is an Island”. Put it in mind that even God forgives the sinners, so we are just His people we should follow what He did. Each of us should learn how to forgive and forget. Split that barriers in your heart and let peace and love be dwell.

What are the aims/objectives?

The aims of this analysis are to enlighten everyone how to overcome communication gap in a relationship? How to lower the pride when misunderstanding comes? And how important is peace and love in every individual?

Author of the chosen genre:

Jose Garcia Villa:
Born in Manila in 1906, Villa has achieved international fame as a short story writer and poet. He graduated at the University of the Philippines and was expelled in 1929 because of his controversial poem “Man Song”. He finished his B.A in 1932 at the University of Mexico and completed his M.A at Columbia University. He received the following awards: a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Shelley Memorial award for poetry. Far eastern University awarded him the degree of Doctor in literature – honoris causa in 1959. In 1961 he received the Pro Patria Award. He won the Republic Cultural Heritage Award for his poems 55 and selected stories in 1973, the University of the Philippines gave him its highest academic award, the Doctor of Humane letters, honoris causa. The citation mentions that Mr villa is honoured for hs pioneering role in the development of Filipino literature in English, which he brought into the mainstream of world literature. He received the National Artists award in 1973 for his many literary accomplishments.

Background of the chosen genre:

The author wrote the story as bases for those couples and relationship that are broken because of communication gap. He want them to realized how hideous life would be if there is misunderstanding.


The story is about the two women, one who is married and one who is widowed. Aling Biang caught her husband sleeping with Aling Sebia and to her anger she build a fence. Aling Sebia was offended as a result she build a fence too together with hatred in her heart. The husband left and Aling Biang decided to take care of her child alone. One night, Aling Sebia was crying out of pain, she was delivering a child and was helped by Aling Biang. After that, the hatred towaeds others remains.

Iking son of Aling Biang grew up thin and sickly, while Aling Sebia’s daughter grew up strong and healthy. One night, the 15 yr old Iking heard a beautiful music from the strings of the guitar. It was played bya girl from other side of the fence, but Aling Biang caught Iking peeping at the fence and so he was scolded. The music was never heard by Iking for almost 3 years. One Christmas eve, the sickly Iking peeped into the fence and whisper “Play for me tonight”. Iking was waiting but he never heard the music until he died. After an hour the notes of the guitar started to play.


Bridging the communication gap between couples can take a lot of time. One has to be patient and positive till the time the communication gap is resolved. When there is a difference of opinion and if you and your partner find that it always is an issue between you two then it is normal that there will be a communication gap. The only way to overcome such a gap is to accept the difference and let go of the issues arising out of it. When you and your partner find that you both are becoming mature about accepting differences the gap will vanish automatically. It is really possible not to be angry at the same time? When your partner is upset with something and he/she is angry, your moods are affected. It needs patience and understanding to deal with this situation. If you really love your mate, you will be able to keep calm when he/she is angry. Just by keeping quiet and listen is the best way to relieve such emotion. Learn to accept mistakes and apologize. Lower your pride and it will make a difference. Strengthen your relationship with and let God be the center of it. Of course love and peace should always be present in a relationship. It is love that helps the hungry problem around the world and it also ties people together in a way to help each other.

Communication gap leads to breakdown of the family or relationship. If you are not talking with other persons in your family it means you are becoming the reason of splitting of your family. Don’t create a communication gap, to avoid this if you are facing such situation then don’t wait for right time to talk. Just go to the person and talk because talking is the only solution of communication gap. Learn to humble yourself. Learn to forget and forgive if you wish to take the relationship a long way further. Your forgiveness may initiate a new life and new relationship between you two. If the mistake is found to have committed by you, then be ready to change entirely to not to repeat the action. It is rightly said that you can never change the past; but possibly the future. Realize the past mistakes and commit to not repeat them in the future.a

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