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Colombo company ‘s IT Manger new idea

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First “I Techno” Colombo is computer and computer parts importers and distributers company in Gampha. The “I Techno” company told need to communicate, Different type of computer , System Software, maintenance and upgrade.

“I Techno” Colombo company ‘s IT Manger new idea.
• Shift all the computer system new building (Include Two floor)
• Company day to day work.

• New Technology
• Cloud Computing.
• Virtualization technology.
• OS Windows operating system (64 bit)
• Computerize Account package.

Company Requirement.



Computer system need to work for day to day company works. Company requirement told high performance for optimize regular works. Basically computer system include main 3 wares.

1. Hardware.

2. Software.

3. Live ware. Hardware. Hardware is a body of computer system. Company need using Windows Operating system 64 bit. We can talk main hardware type. C. P. U Case C. P. U Case Internal Input Output Internal Internal is system unit body parts. We can talk internal main parts and company requirement supporting device in the computers.

1. Motherboard 2. RAM (Random Access Memory)

3. Hard Disk.

4. VGA (Video Graphics adapter)

5. Processor. Motherboard.

The modern motherboard have different type. But we need to know what we reason motherboard recommend. Motherboard type. Modern have different type of Motherboard. BTX MicroBTX PicoBTX ATX Mini ATX Micro ATX etc. But I recommend choose the ATX motherboard type because of standard tower and desktop systems, most common form factor from mid – 1996 through the present, supports high end system and most important Max slot 7. Then, how we choose motherboard for company requirement. We need to know Processor Series. Processor series is microprocessor new fastest processor types.

We need to know what our need processor series type for company requirement.

1. Intel Core

2 Duo 2. Intel Core 2 Quad.

3. Intel Core i3

4. Intel Core i5

5. Intel Core i7

6. Intel Core i9

This processor series is Intel new latest Series. I thing and recommend Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i9. The latest series is Intel i9 but we can’t get now produce not to commercial launch Intel company. Processor Socket. Processor socket is processor plug port type. I before tell lot of processor series but we need to get processor series support processor socket type.

1. Intel Socket 2066

2. Intel Socket 2011 – 3

3. Intel Socket 2011 4. Intel Socket 1366

5. Intel Socket 1156

6. Intel Socket 1155

7. Intel Socket 1151

8. Intel Socket 2066

I recommend choose the intel 2066, Intel Socket 2011 -3 , Intel Socket 2011 and Intel Socket 1366. It s can upgrade and new technology, new processor support slots. Model Model is a motherboard new features and launch specific code with brand name. Company requirement and before recommend some processor series and slot support some motherboard have slots. RAM Slots. DRAM slots PCI Express slots. RAM Slots RAM IS Random access memory. It is loaded working files need to processor computer.

RAM have lot of slots. SDRAM DDR1 DDR2 DDR3 I am recommend DDR 3 Slots and we need to value number of slots and up to capacity for the upgrade to RAM some time. Modern DDR3 have VGA card and it speed and faster and quality than SDRAM,,DDR1. PCI Express Most of PCI Express plug in VGA Card or TV Card. We need to number of slots. But our requirement no need to valuable slots PCI Express. Chipset Chipset is the motherboard any two boards with the same chipset are functionally identical. The chipset contains the processor bus interface (FSB), memory controllers, bus controllers, 1/0 controllers, and more.

All the circuits of the motherboard are contained within the chipset. The chipset manufacturers Acer Erso Intel AMD NVIDIA Type of chipset Intel P55 Intel H55 Intel H57 I recommend this 3 chipset type for easy to requirement. RAM (Random Access Memory) Random access memory is computer load file and main working memory used by the computer. When you operating system load from the disk when you first switched on your computer, it is copied into RAM. Type of RAM. SDRAM DDR 1 DDR 2 DDR 3 I RECOMMENT DDR 3 but we most important capacity of RAM. Our company need high performance and 64 bit OS , Virtualization.

Capacity of RAM. 1 GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB I recommend 8 GB RAM. Because 64 bit operating system and virtualization need to minimum require RAM 4 GB load normal and RAM capacity depend on Processor speed. Hard Disk. Hard disk is an internal disk. It is metal platter coated with magnetic oxide that can be magnetized to represent data. Hard disks come variety of sized and can be assemble into a disk pack. Type of Hard disk. IDM SATA SSD I recommend get the SATA or SSD. SSD is the very expensive than the SATA. We need to know before get Storage capacity 160 GB 250GB 500GB 1TB 2TB

I recommend need to 1 TB (Terabyte) hard disk capacity for it easy for capacity company high performance , software capacity and easy to company software run without stuck. If We have a free space it is good for computer speed. Hard disk speed Hard disk have a speed . most hard disk spun at 3,600 rpm (round per second) approximately It 10 time faster than a floppy disk. 3600rpm 4200 rpm 5400rpm 7200rpm I recommend 4200rpm VGA A Video card (VGA CARD) is an expansion card which is generating output signals to the display unit. As Video card is an expansion card one of more important things is the motherboard interface.

Type of V. G. A AGP PCI EXPESS DDR1 DDR2 DDR3 I RECOMENT DDR Type of V. G. A card speed and quality is good. Capacity of VGA 512 MB 1 GB 2GB 4GB I recommend to use 2gb V. G. A cart it is better for high performance and company system requirements. Processor Processor is bran of the computer. It is place the on motherboard. Type of Processor Cooling Fan Computer cooling is required to remove the waste heat produced by computer components, to keep components within permissible operating temperature limits. Power Supply. Power supply is main Ac current convert to DC power for the Internal components of a computer.

Network card. Regardless of the wiring and topology used each computer on the network needs a hardware component to control the flow of data. The device that performs this function is the network interface card also known as a network adapter card or network card. Input Input devices send data and instruction to the central processing unit Keyboard Mouse Microphone Scanner Barcode Reader Keyboard A Keyboard contains keys that allow a user to enter data and instructions into the computer. All computer keyboards have a typing area that includes the letters of the alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks and other basic keys.

Type of keyboards Standard Gaming and multimedia Thumb sized Numeric Non standard Virtual Touch screen Laser I recommend standard USB key board, wireless keyboard, laser key board. Mouse A Mouse is the most widely used pointing device on personal computers. A mechanical mouse has a rubber ball on its underside to detect movement of mouse. An optical used devices that emit and sense light to detect the mouse movements Type of mouse Optical mouse Laser mouse Wireless mouse I recommend optical USB mouse, laser mouse or wireless mouse. Microphone

A microphone sometimes referred to as a mike is an acoustic to electric transducer or sensor that convert sound into an electrical signal. I recommend. Telephones Tab records Hearing aids Motion picture production Live and recorded Bare code Reader. Barcode Reader is scanner. It is an electronic device. It can read and output printed barcode to computer. We can barcode set the value after barcode reader read the barcode send for the computer identify or calculation. I recommend for company requirement for barcode reader easy for account and computer part calculation , bill print and stored checking.

Out put Output devices make processed data available to the user. Monitor. Printer Monitor Nearly all monitors are VGA which stands for super VGA. The simply means that they have the ability to display all colors and are usually very clear sharp. Type of monotone. CRT LCD LED I recommend use LCD OR LED Monitors. Printers Allow you to create a hardcopy of your work onto paper and share the printers. Printer type Dot Matrix Printer Laser Printers INK Jet Printers I recommend Laser printer or Ink jet printer. Storage Device A storage device is a hardware device designed to store information.

Optical Drive Optical drive is a disk drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic waves within or near the visible light spectrum as part of the process of reading or writing data to or optical dics. Use Discs CD DVD Blue Ray Type of Optical Drive DVD ROM DVD Writer BluRay Rom BluRay Writer Software Software is a collection of programs or application, which contain the instructions that makes the computer work.

System Software.

Hardware direct operate the software and platform in the computer. Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft Windows 8. 1 Microsoft Windows 8. 0 Microsoft 7 I recommend choose the Windows 8. 1 , Windows 7 and Windows 10. Application software. Under the system software ran. It is make for some special works. Microsoft Office. Data base Software. Database software can make database access in the software. SQL. Translator Translate software is machine language converting the language cording for instruction and information, command send the processer. Java C# C++ My recommend for creating the system for Company. Java or c# Java is platform independent. Virus Guard. Virus guard is protect the computer of virus Kaspersky ESET Bitdefender. Symantec

I recommend the Symantec virus guard it is very slow scan but not to store all the update and not to over capacity. It make virtual machine it need to RAM some capacity. Security is good. Live ware. Live ware is human expertise needed in the field of it. IT Manager. Software Engineer. Network Administrator. Data Entry. Capability of implement cloud technology and virtualization. Cloud Technology is online server system. We can purchase cloud and we can access the through the internet all the data can manage and maintain database management system. Amazing I recommend amazing Virtualization

Virtualization is share the hardware in the with network computer. It can using the with cloud technology. We can purchase cloud server and can share hardware access the security system. AMZ High security Security is the main important thing in the world. Most popular Ransomware, Cyber attack Firewall Proxy. Virus guard Face Recognized. Finger sensor system. Firewall Firewall is the wall like that between internet. Proxy. Proxy is the hide the IP address we can our system Face recognized Web came using the face recognized we can open the system Finger sensor system Finger print save and system need the save finger print

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