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Client Server

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Application – software that performs useful function for a user Computer network – a combination of many components that work together so that many different devices communicate. Computer networking – the form of the term computer networking. Email – electronic mail.

Enterprise network – a network owned and operated by a company with but not exactly 1000 employees. Hypertext Transfer Protocol – used by web browsers and web servers to define the format of the URL and the messages used to exchange web objects. Internet/the internet- a network formed to connect with most of the planet. Link- a generic term for any network cable or wireless communications path between two devices over which bits can be transmitted. Node – term for any networking device that sits on the end of links for the purpose of both connecting links to create physical paths and to make decisions about how to forward data through the network. Protocol – a set of rules or devices that the computer must follow that the networks works correctly Voice call- a modern term for telephone call

Video frame- a grid of pixel location of a chosen width by height that contains the light/colors to be shown in a video at a single point in time. Web server – literally software that stores web pages and web objects. Web browser- displays a web page in a window.

Web address- text that identifies details about one object in a network.

A/D = Analog to Digital
DC = Digital Center
Fps= Frames Per Second
GBps = Gigabytes Per Second
Gbps = Gigabits Per Second
HTTP = Hypertext Transfer Protocol
KBps = Kilobytes Per Second
Kbps = Kilobits Per Second
LAN = Local Area Network
MBps = Megabytes Per Second
Mbps = Megabits Per Second
NIC = Network Interface Card
OS = Operating System
URL = Uniform Resource Locator
WAN = Wide Area Network

Mind Mapping

Define key terms
Analog electrical signal – Electricity whose current when graphed over time changes gradually making for a smooth curve which allows the graph to be similar to other waves that exist in nature like sound waves. App – A common shortened alternative to the word application Bandwidth – The bit rate or speed at which bits pass over some networking link. Cable – a rope like collectin of plastic coating around copper wires. Cellphone – a term for mobile phone

Character set – list of characters that can be used in a given language or languages. Client server – a model for how many networked applications work in which one device ask for some information and the server supplies the information. Codec – short for coder/decoder.

Commercial business – a synonym for small/ medium business Compression – taking some digital item and usong fewer bits to respresents the same item Cyber Monday – a business term in the United States that refers to the Monday after thanksgiving day. Data communication – a long standing tern that refers to the entire networking. Download – copies a file from a remote site to his or her local computer using a network. Email server – software the sits inside the network to provide some function that is important to how email works. Email system – users can send email to each other

Enterprise – a category of business that is large
Game console – a device that allows you to play video games HTTP get request – a message defined by the HTTP protocol that allows a web browser to request a web object from a web server Hyper link- in a web browser a hidden connection between text or an image to a hidden address Hyoertext transfer protocol – the protocol used by web browsers and web severs Incoming email server – an email that wait and receives and hold emails addressed to a particular person Internet service provider – a company that provides internet services. Local area network – a network owned by a company so it exist Mobile phone – a device where you can make, receives calls and pictures and text messages.

Network servers – a computer or software that provides some service in a network that helps make the network do its job. Network topology – a diagram or concept of a network that shows the network as nodes which represents various networking devices. Networking device – a special computer created for the purpose of doing some task to create a network. Outgoing email server – a server that waits for a user to send outgoing emails Router – another word for ip router

Search engine – search engine provider to list links to all web pages Skype- a voice service with an application provided on a computer in which the application acts like a phone. Small/ medium business – a business thatΒ refers to a small business Sound wave – the wave of movement of air as a sound passes through the air Speaker – an electronic component that takes in and creates sound Standard – an agreement as to how devices should work together Switch – used to connect nearby users that need to use a calbe to connect to a network Telco – a company who creates a telephone network and other telephone services Telecom – telecommuications word used for computer networking Telephone company – a company who offers service to customers The web – a word for the internet

Topology – a view of a network or in a network drawing
URL – web address
Web client – a synonym for web browser
Web link – a synonym for hyper link
Web object – a single file used by a web address that can be pulled by a web browser Wide – area – network – a network typically brought form a service provider World wide web – collection of websites

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