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Cell Phones are not dangerous

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Many people believe that cell phones are dangerous. The way you use your cell phone is what makes it dangerous. There are numerous things that make it dangerous to using cell phones and one of them if yourself. The way you as a person use your cell phone is what makes them dangerous for you or other people around you. Why Cell Phones Are Not Dangerous

A lot of people today believe that cell phones are dangerous. It’s all about how you use your cell phone that makes them dangerous. They do not cause health concerns, car accidents, and addiction. You yourself is what causes these problems by the way you use your cell phone in everyday life. Health Concerning Cell Phones

They believe that cell phone risk due to cancer is actually not harmful to the person using the cell phone. The radiation in the cell phone does not cause cancer to the person. There were numerous things said about cell phones causing cancer to people that used them because of the radiation that the phones put out. But studies now have proven that they do not put out enough radiation to cause for concern of cancer. Accidents caused by using Cell phones

Cell phones do not cause car accidents and misinterpretation. People that use cell phones when they shouldn’t is what causes car accidents and other accidents. When driving in a car you can put a certain app on your phone so that way when someone calls you they know that you are driving and you will call them back later. So therefore, when you answer your phone or text a response to someone or just even look at your phone is what causes the car accidents. So obviously it’s the person using the cell phone that is causing the accidents themselves. A phone can not cause an accident by itself. Someone is doing something with the cell phone in order for you to have that accident. So I believe that it’s the operator and not the phone.

Addiction to cell phone use is usually done upon yourself. A person can be addicted to just about anything. Cell phones are not bad. They are actually a good thing. Let me give you an example. For instance, when you have been prescribed medication your medication is good for you, it helps you in some way or another. So when someone misuses the medication they become addicted and then it becomes dangerous. There’s always two sides to everything. There’s good and bad. There’s dangerous and not dangerous. Therefore, you as a person can make it dangerous or not. It’s not the cell phone that is dangerous it’s the person misusing the cell phone that is causing conflict.

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