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Carter Cleaning Case

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1. What would be the advantages to Carter Cleaning of setting up a career planning program?

Jennifer wants to help her employees gain a better perspective on what they want to do with their careers. The advantage of Carter Cleaning setting up a career planning program is that each person will become aware of their
personal skills, interests, knowledge, motivations, and other characteristics. Some advantages include increasing employee job satisfaction, helping employees navigate throughout the company, and helping them think about and plan their personal career paths.

2. Who should participate in the program? All employees? Selected employees?

All employees and managers should participate in career programs because career paths may change for some people. Sometimes participating and retaking tests may change someone’s opinions and thoughts about certain jobs. Feelings mature as time goes by, thus taking career programs can only help someone realize what they need or want in their personal career goals.

Career programs may vary for different level employees such as top managers versus line employees. Depending on their levels of employment, each employee should attend some sort of program that may help them excel or rectify their personal goals.

3. Outline and describe the career development program you would propose for the cleaners, pressers, counter people, and managers at the Carter Cleaning Centers.

For all the workers I would make known and available nearby career centers. It’s easier to save money by using available resources already created. I would have all workers first take the six basic personality type tests found online using Holland’s Self-Directed test (www.self-directed-search.com). I would also make known other useful websites like Career Key or O*Net to further their research in Career interests. If employees need coaching, I’d designate all managers to assist their employees in coaching or guiding them. Having the manager’s work with their employees on both personal and professional basis could help strengthen the relationships between employee and managers. Having this growing bond between both level employees can harvest teamwork and trusting relationships.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t want to create anything that involves too many expenses because there are many free career centers or online sites that the employees can utilize. I would just make them all available and encourage each of them to use the free help. I would stress that change can be good for people when they feel stuck or need something new in their lives. Encouragement is sometimes all people need to make a move towards their personal goals. I find it selfish to create something new, when there are free resources to use…we just have to find them and make it easier for others to use.

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