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Calling Vs Texting essay

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The two means of communication calling and texting demonstrate; the two main ways of communication used now in days. Nowadays, mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. Nearly everybody possesses a wireless telephone and use it every day. Although there are several options on a wireless telephone since their initial unleash like cameras, internet access, games etc, they’re used largely for texting and calling. To start with, texting on the cell phone cost less than calling. Specifically, a simple text would cost around $0.10 per text, depending on your carrier; whereas calling would probability cost around $ 0.20 per minute. Also keep in mind that now in days there are so many different plans available that would not add the extra cost to your bill. But this can be one of the reasons why texting is use more than calling preferably by teenagers. The primary and main difference between calling and messaging is that one can converse with another person by calling though messaging is one sort of moment mailing.

The guest and the beneficiary can converse with one another by a voice call yet this is unrealistic by messaging. The instant message recipient can just see the message, however can’t hear the voice. The second difference is cognate to the process by which one can communicate with another person. To call someone, the caller needs to input the receiver’s phone number and push the call button. On the other hand, the message sender needs to enter the desired text on the text message editor of the cell phone and then input the destination number and push the send button. It might seem that calling is much more facile than texting. The third difference is cognate to the distribution of the information. If the receiver’s cell phone is switched off, the caller can’t distribute the information to the receiver at that time.

The caller needs to wait until the receiver turns on the phone and then call back. The receiver might need to drop the call because of any reason withal. However, on texting, the distribution of the information is conspicuous. The receiver will eventually get the message when the phone gets switched on. And text messages have no quandary regarding receiving and for that reason the receiver will get the message instantly. In conclusion, texting and occupation have each benefits and downsides. Personally, I take advantage of the one or the opposite counting on the case.

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