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CONNECTIONS is back with its much awaited December Issue and lots of happiness and experiences to share. In the time period between September and December Alumni Relations Cell has been busy organizing the Alumni meet – NOSTALGIA 2012. And we are proud to report that it was a sparkling success. If a picture is worth a thousand words, our cover page should say it all. IBS Hyderabad, by itself has been a madhouse of activities with each club coming up with its own signature concoctions of events. The success and fun are all spoken of in the coming pages. Our esteemed Alumni and Faculty members as well as students have shared their experiences and wisdom to make the December Issue of CONNECTIONS, not only an interesting read but also a potpourri of interesting information. Until the next time we meet, you can be assured to witness many more informative and interactive events from our side. We take the opportunity to uncover the Alumni Conclave & the Mentorship Program aimed to be hosted this year. We will also be continuing with our Guest Lecture Series, which was received with much success and encouragement.

We are all unique in different ways given the combination of age, gender, culture, region, upbringing, education, attitude, and most important of all, our experiences in life. When each of us is so unique, then why is it so that people often look for one-fit-solution for all problems or ambitions. Both in Life & career, look for something that‟s unique to you, design and develop that because the inert needs, the ambitions, the s atisfaction & the very definition of success are never the same for two people. The problem in the world is not scarcity of talent. Each one of us is gifted with some unique talent but very few of us have actually realized it and even fewer of them have explored it to make it big. The worst of all is that many know it and yet do not follow it due to worldly pressures of acceptance. Think of how Sania Mirza thought of entering a men dominated arena of tennis in India, Mother Teresa decided to dedicate her life for passing the message of love & care, Gandhiji moved from South Africa & then India to fight for its Inde- You have got to explore within, for an answer to who you are, what is it that differentiates you from the people around you.

And until you find an answer, you would never be able to accomplish anything significant in life. Moreover, you will be just drifting away with the wind and not carving a path for yourself. When you join the masses, first thing, there‟s too much of competition; Second, over long term there is a sense of emptiness that fills in due to lack of personal drive; Third, even your work does not reflect anything astonishing due to the simple reason that there‟s no passion in it. pendence, Shoaib Aktar decided to leave his job in airlines to bowl for Pakistan cricket team, Kalpana Chawla even dreamt of travelling to space, Amitabh Bachan thought of acting after he was rejected for bad voice quality. And also those few people around you who have CHOSEN to be where they are today. An Excerpt from Alice in Wonderland: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?“ – [asked Alice] “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

“I don’t much care where–” said Alice. “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat. “–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,” Alice added When you closely assess the success story of any individual or any company or any event, one thing that you would invariably find is that each one stands for something. Sachin stands for excellence in cricket, Amitabh for acting, NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 Gopi chand for badminton. Tata stands for trust, Reliance for ambition, Domino‟s for pizza delivery, HLL for reach, Dell for business model. All this did not happen overnight. It took years for them to create & stand for something they believed in. One has to consciously harness the quality within & act accordingly to create that unique identity. Twenty years later, when your name erupts anywhere in the world, there would be one word that would shout loud in the mind of the people unanimously. And now you have a choice to decide, what that would be. Ask yourself, „What‟s my DNA?‟, „What do I stand for?‟, „What‟s my identity?‟.

Once you are clear with what you wish to become, assess your current situation and take steps towards creating your future. You may not have an answer today but the drive to find one should always remain. Rahul Jain Class of 2008 IBS-Hyderabad MY LIFE @ IBS… WORDS OF AN ALUMNUS Prasad Madinani IBS Ahmedabad I am one of the persons who strongly believe that the MBA program at IBS has changed my career. I wouldn‟t say that I am an extremely bright or brilliant student but the confidence and insight I got in different divisions of management like Accounting, Finance, H.R. etc. were exceptional. Though the real corporate world is a little different than what we study, the insight provided in different topics, which are highly essential in day to day life helps a lot in managing a company. I still remember my initial days at IBS, where I was not even able to speak for 2 minutes in front of a crowd of 40 odd people but now I confidently manage over 200 people.”

All thanks to the two most fruitful years I spent at IBS. NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 SOCIAL NETWORKING AND ORGANIZATIONS T he growth of social networking today can be regarded as the biggest revolution in the way people communicate. I am sure most of you reading this article might have checked your facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn accounts at least once in the last 24 hours. Reliance on social networking services is increasing everyday for individuals, so in this scenario it is impossible to think about the existence of modern organizations without these ubiquitous online tools. The question now arises, as to what promises and perils modern technology brings along with it, but before that let‟s first have a detailed insight into what social networking means. “Social networking is a service where the content is produced and modified by the user”. Unlike traditional web based tools, it is a platform where the user has full control on whatever content he wishes to share, without seeking permissions from moderators or administrators.

Possibly the benefits which enterprises are seeing today with respect to adoption of social networking services could be summed in the following paragraphs. An emerging trend these days with respect to knowledge sharing is identifying, creating, representing, distributing, and enabling adoption of insights and experiences. Such insights and experiences comprise knowledge, either embodied in individuals or embedded in organizations as processes or practices. Social networking helps in facilitating the adoption of such practices. Let‟s look at an example: a software engineer, while writing a particular code in a programming language, might need some assistance on a technical issue. As a member of a technical forum say on Facebook, the guy would just need to post his question to the community members and within seconds his query could get resolved. Or alternatively he could look for solutions to the particular problem from the past experiences of users on that technology. Tagging and social bookmarking are other ways that allow colleagues to search for and locate experts and “look over their shoulders” at the industry articles, blogs, manuals, wiki‟s etc.

Hence this practice leads to proper sharing of knowledge, as and when required. Organizations‟ these days do not function within the four walled gardens of its own. The buzzword these days is “virtual offices”, where an employee could be globally located and working from any remote location around the world .Social networking allows employees to stay connected with colleagues, vendors and customers twenty four hours of the day. As a result it enables in proper contact management and building professional ties beyond NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 Individuals can be motivated to share innovation in the hope that the community will improve it and therefore the innovation would be more useful to them. Last but not the least, social networking as a marketing tool cannot be overlooked. Considering the potential an online market has, the relevance of social networking sites cannot be ignored. All brands these days have dedicated pages on Facebook where upcoming promotions, details on new products etc are posted.

And the best part is that it all comes for free. Some possible challenges of using social networking could be that open directory service utilized by Social Networking allows people to gain access to a large volume of information, which could possibly be used in a social engineering attacks. The risk from Spammers and virus-writers can set up false profiles through social networking sites and gain access to computers and laptops having confidential data. It is not possible to keep a check on employees regarding the purpose of their social media use at work, which could be personal or official. Therefore it could lead to decreased productivity. Damage to organizational reputation can also be caused by articles appearing in the press about employees being dismissed by an organization for inappropriate use of office resources. Finally another serious concern is the forum social tools create in which former and dissatisfied customers can criticize and complain about the organization, creating a public image of the organization which is beyond the organization‟s control.

As a concluding note the need and the benefits of connecting well within an organization which employs a vast number of people cannot be overlooked, as effective communication within the organization has vast scale positive benefits leading to effective communication and building organizational relationships. These can be regarded as the intangible benefits which reap long term results and make the organization future ready. However, the doubts still remain on the legal risks associated and the cost of reputation risks which can irreparable losses for any enterprise. NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 Ishita Khar Class of 2008 IBS-Gurgaon ATTITUDE: THE SILENT DISASTER “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude” says Zig Ziglar, American Marketing Guru and Corporate Trainer. I n the post globalization era, W orkplace Attitude is gaining prominence in the corporate world. One cannot ignore the importance and impact of this „Silent Disaster‟ called Workplace Attitude.

Individuals, Academicians, Administrators and Corporate Leaders focus more on achieving their targets ignoring this silent killer called „Attitude‟, which can make or break careers and organizations. Hence, t his particular case covering „Workplace Attitude‟ is specially introduced into the Soft Skills curriculum for MBAs of IBS, Hyderabad. Attitude in the Workplace When it comes to Human Resource Management and recruiting in recent years, hire-for-attitude has become a well known mantra. Nowhere is your positive attitude more required and appreciated by others than your workplace. There are sound reasons for this: about 30% of employees‟ waking hours are spent at the workplace. Without some positive people around, this time could become troublesome. To have an in depth knowledge and understanding of Workplace Attitude, let us go through the following incidents. measures‟ which is the trigger to develop his attitude. He never encourages any employee who bring accolades to the organization with individual or collective achievements in Sports, Music or any other extra curricular activities.

If the unique talent of the employee is not encouraged within the organization, where employee works for more than eight hours, the hidden talents will suffer a natural death due to the bias and apathy of superiors. One day, Madan got a Rolling Shield in football representing the Company and eager to show the same to the Boss Raman Rao. He was not permitted to enter the Boss‟s cabin and shoed away by the Personal Assistant. Madan was very much depressed and cursed himself for the initiative he took on behalf of the organization and disgusted as his efforts were not recognized and rewarded as expected by him. Eventually, Madan resigned from the organization due to the behavior of his superiors and Boss and joined the competitor who encourages the talents of individuals to strengthen inter personal relations through leveraging talent and positive attitude. Due to the attitude of Raman Rao towards employees, he could not retain an excellent performer who can bring laurels to the organisation. Losing Performers Raman Rao is very popular Boss with the employees with excellent emotional intelligence who can understand the dynamics of people management to the amazement of all his managers.

He is always extremely cautious of „cost cutting NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 Team Leader with Selfish Attitude Meenakshi has been working for the past five years in a company called „Jobs „n‟ Skills Inc‟, an MNC in the field of Skills training. She has gained the confidence of the superiors with her excellent communication skills and presentation skills. Having more than two decades of experience in the field of education and training, she could not develop managerial skills to look after her team effectively. She knows how to get the work done with a smiling face added with some pep talk which attracts one and all in the workplace. Meenakshi is a team leader with fifteen subordinates who produce innumerable presentations and content to train the employees of the Corporate World. She has to assess the performance of her team and submit the report to her Boss. She always took the credit for the hard work done by her team and reported that the team is not up to the mark and she has created lot of content on her own to deliver in the training programs.

This kind of behavior of their team leader demotivated the team members and it has resulted in a chain of resignations. The Senior Managers in the organisation are not aware of the behavior of Meenakshi. They blindly believed her words. There was a lot of unrest in the department and finally the entire department had to close down due to her behavior. The Management is also responsible for this chaos because of their ignorance and delayed action on such people. write the authors Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. Job Seeker and Employee Every employee is a job seeker after the completion of education. After having the appointment letter in hand the job seeker becomes an employee and joins the company with lot of enthusiasm and expectations from the management. If the company is not up to his expectations he starts damaging the image of the company.

Anoop joined Softsys Inc., as Software Engineer with good pay package and allowances. Softsys is his first and last choice to start his career as Software Engineer, as they are the best employers for the past five years. After joining Softsys, Anoop was very much disappointed with the culture of the organization and started talking ill of the organization with whoever he met during his employment in the company. He was trained to suit the needs of the company, but his mindset was not changed and he was always ready to damage the image of the company while talking to his colleagues and clients. Many people suggested him to leave the company, if he does not like it. But he could not do that immediately as the industry was badly hit by recession. As Anoop was working in Telecom vertical, he did not lose his job, but was compelled to continue in the same job with a lesser pay package based on the policy of the company. Anoop is very depressed and distressed and forced to continue in the same job for some more time.

Now he realized the importance of the company which was paying him salary even in the time of recession. Though his attitude was not completely changed towards his company, he could console himself for his choice of joining Softsys. Finally, Anoop could tune himself to the culture of the company and got himself trained to enhance his professional skills which resulted in his elevation in the company to Senior Software Engineer. Though many are available to do the kind of work to create content for training programs, the organisation lost trained employees and valuable human resources who are capable of taking the company to new heights. This has happened due to the attitude problem of Meenakshi, who was supposed to act in an ideal manner. This kind of attitude of seniors will always mar the image of organizations and resist people from joining the companies of repute.

It is appropriate to mention here: “People Dr. Kalyana Chakravarti leave managers not companies,” E-mail: [email protected] NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 MATHEMATICS OF FB LIKES A fter attending the guest lecture on ” Social media and digital marketing” by Micheal Leander, an expert in direct & digital marketing automation, and our alumni Pramod Maloo , one thing is for sure that in this present world, we have to use social media and digital medium for marketing our products. But, I have been thinking though that there have been a lot of talk on investing the marketing revenue in social media, but how do you calculate the ROI and on what factors would we relate it, especially on facebook. With these thoughts in mind, I suddenly came across and article in HBR Blog dated 26, Nov 2012 “How to calculate the value of a like” by Dan Zarrelia. In this article Mr. Zarrelia states a formula known as VOAL Formula “Value of a like” However, till now all the e commerce has been done through the company‟s website which distracts the customer from what they were looking for. Facebook will help customers to ease in online shopping but most of the company‟s page on FB leads to their website and moreover there is no medium of online transaction on facebook.

To fill up this gap, Express store starts up Fstore for online shopping on Facebook. With this, we have to test the reliability of this formula and Fstore.For now, we have to wait and watch. VOAL FORMULA:Value of a = L/Upm. (LpD.30). (C/L).CR.ACV Where L is the total likes in the total number of like on the facebook page. Upm is Unlikes-per-month i.e. Number of „Unlikes‟ on facebook per month. LpD is Links-per-day where it is the number of post we make per day on facebook, which lead to a page on our website. C is average clicks on the links to our site that posted on facebook. CR is average conversation rate of our website from visits to sale .This have to be measured from traffic coming from the social network you‟re calculating. ACV (Average Conversion value) i.e. the conversion action used to measure CR for, like average sale price. Marketer can track traffic from social networks and assign customer acquisition values by using software like Google Analytics or Hubspot‟s Marketer Analytics.

But the problem is to understand how much time or money we should spend. The use and details of this formula can be found in the link “Value of a like.com”. Surya Aravind, Class of 2014 IBS-Hyderabad NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 THE WINNER STANDS ALONE The other day I was going through an article in the newspaper, citing a reunion of a bunch of happy-golucky guys. The moment I see a reunion picture, in any form, I get nostalgic. I remember the times that I had spsent in school, college….which were perhaps the best moments of my life. Apart from studies, I have always been proactive in all the unwanted & unheard activities. Since my schooling days, I always wanted to be numero uno, in everything; which eventually gave way to my nature of being an extrovert. I had a reputation of my own. I was the Zeus of my domain and none had the authority to enter my shell. Times passed by, people came and left, I remained unscathed. Life was going on as I wanted it to be…..I was happy….!!!! It is said that before a storm strikes, there is always a calmness around, which makes it more violent. My storm was yet to come……..!!!

Having completed my graduation, I felt myself being dragged into a black hole. Everyone in my society was hell bound to prove his/her child was the best among others. These creatures might have taken the concept of Life too seriously. According to them,” Life is a race where everyone participates, majority of them get left behind while only a few of them make it to the finish line. I, on the other hand, had my own crazy ideas. In the process of being unconventional, many of my friends were left behind by me and even I was given a similar treatment. I had to face a harsh reality of life, that in spite of applauses and accolades,” The Winner Always Stands Alone”…..!!! This did not deter me from achieving what I‟ve always craved for……People start making opinions even before you have actually geared up. Many of wise men have said that to be on the threshold of success, you need to choose a different path altogether. My parents cherished a dream that I become the most successful person in whatever domain I choose. I had the ultimate authority of switching roles, which only a fortunate ones are entitled to…!!! They never dragged me into that paradoxical society, which had terms only with burdening a human being with its varied implications…..!!! The time interval between June 3rdJune 4th would always be transfixed in my cerebral matter.

That reminds me of my last day at my home town and also the last day of my not-so-exciting past life. A new dawn awaited my presence, far away from the city of Destiny and extended to the far stretches of the City of Opportunity. “Here I am in the land of the morning star, here I am, where you send me an Angel”. No, this is definitely not in my context. This is a song which I cherish the most. They say that if you wish for anything with a true heart, the whole world would conspire against everyone in achieving your desired wish. I had no such wish to be fulfilled because I believed in practicality. I got an admission into one of the top B-schools of the country. As a matter of fact, I had no idea where my life was heading, as I believed that my life has already been screwed. Each individual‟s life story has a turning point. My turning point was called IBS. According to my calculation, people here spend around 10,000 bucks a month on shopping, which happens to be my annual pocket money through savings…!!! Young people are in a condition like permanent intoxication, because youth is sweet and they are growing….!!! NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 Do I have to be a pervert to impress others…???

For a moment I thought,” Why not”..?? And then the very next moment, I thought…..Hell No…!!! Understanding human needs is like comprehending the existence of God in this universe…….Previously I was never exposed to a cosmopolitan crowd. So I had no hands on experience of dealing with perverts, weirdoes and what not……!!! People here are so clever, they can buy you for $1 and sell you back again for $10….!!!! In my society, a boy and girl holding hands & walking in the streets would be sensational news, whereas here not holding hands would be considered awe striking news…..!!! This place has the right blend of ethical and unethical culture. Be it Disco or Drugs, you are in the right place…….!!!! Watching people here does instigate my mind to have a girl, whom I can call my own; who will hold my hand during the rough storm; who can be with me forever…….But that can never happen here…!!! Here you can see the optimum utilization of resources….. (Resources- human beings). If you want to survive here, you have to be immoral. If you wish to rule, you need to be ruled by someone first.

Here, I have learnt the art of being indifferent to situations, which otherwise would have been termed as catastrophic….!!! But in the middle of Hell, I found Heaven in the form of friends. They make your life beautiful provided you make their life complete. Being genuine takes into account a lot of sacrifice but in this world it‟s a sin to be ethical. Being immoral is not a crime nowadays as it was before…….for I do not believe in morality, I believe in power!!!! But in the process of being immoral, I would lose everything, which I believe is the most difficult part!!!! Had I been a bird, my peers would have linked me with this very true and meaningful phrase” Oh Innocent Bird, come back to your rightful place, for you seek destiny at the wrong place. Come back to your true senses, for you seek the vices there.” Vikas Ranjan Class of 2014 IBS-Hyderabad NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 “ONE IS ALWAYS AT HOME IN ONE’S PAST…” – Vladimir Nabokov To take a walk down the corridors of IBS – Hyderabad, NOSTALGIA 2012 – Alumni Meet of IBS Business School, was organized on 1st December, 2012. The event was graced by more than 300 alumni from all across the country and their family members.

An Alumni Meet for any B-School is one of the biggest events to look forward to. It is a platform where the Alumni share their success stories with the current students and take back words of wisdom from their former faculty members. Moreover, this is one of the best occasions for networking for the Alumni. The meet began on a traditional note by the lighting of the lamp. This was followed by a classical dance performance on Ganesh Vandana. Speaking on the occassion, the Chief Guest of the event, Mr.MV Krishna Rao, IPS, the former Director-General of Sashastra Seema Bal and former Hyderabad City Commissioner, congratulated the Alumni on their success and encouraged the young minds to follow the footsteps of their seniors. The event was also attended by Varun Agarwal, CEO Alma Mater, Film Director, Author and Mrs. Shobharani, Yasaswy, President, ICFAI Society.

The evening witnessed a successful amalgamation of talent, creativity and entertainment. The Alumni were treated to a host of brilliant performances that included soulful renditions of songs, stellar group and solo dance performances, a stand-up comedy show to tickle the funny bone, and a number of rock songs by Diatribe, the rock-band of IBS. All this was interspersed with clicking of pictures at the photobooth set up by Nazaria, the official photography club of IBS. The members of Alumni Relations Cell left no stone unturned in showcasing their talent to make the event as entertaining as possible. After the formal dinner, the courtyard was converted into a pulsating dance floor for everyone to shake a leg and enjoy the atmosphere of their alma mater to the fullest. Alumni expressed their pride in the management undertaken by the members of Alumni Relations Cell and congratulated them for a successful event. As goodbyes were said, the Nostalgic Alumni were sure that they would return again to the campus with many more of their friends.

NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 XPRESSIONZ XpressionZ , the theater society of IBS Hyderabad showcased three plays in the month of November. They welcomed the semester with a street play, named Kyunki Main Indian Hoon? which questioned the so-called secular Indian in all of us .The play was riveting and deliberative. This was followed by Zindagi. The play was brilliantly executed by the main protagonist whose character suffered from MPD. It portrayed the other sides of a Multiple Personality Disorder person and his battle with his alter-egos. Mr .Jivesh, Mr. Karan, Mr. Umang , Mr. Deepak and Mr. Gunjan did a fantastic work in taking the play to its peak. The month ended with a play which was a political-satire on the state of sports facilities in the country with a theatrical Munnabhai approach, the play tickled the bones while being serious in approach. Named ” Khel Khelo par khel mat khelo”, it was aptly performed in the opening ceremony of Aaveg 3.0. NAZARIA-The Photography Club There are clubs driven by a branch of management, there are clubs driven by the sole motive of existence and then there is Nazaria, driven by the sole passion of photography.

A club where the willingness to learn is the only pre -requisite. Nazaria not only enriches each individual with the knowledge of photography but gives training to those who would like to take their passion forward. Photo walks, event coverage, IBS Branding campaigns etc. Our photo booths never fail to make the students smile and give them a memory for a lifetime and last but not the least our annual photography exhibition which displays talent like no other and promises to take you to a whole new world of creativity . We are a bunch of photography geeks who would not rest till we get the right click, the right angle and the right lighting. With the thirst to do and learn more, Nazaria is a montage of people who have diverse perspectives as our name suggests. „Visual Story Tellers‟- we call ourselves for this very reason. Taking it one step higher every season, Nazaria is a club that will never leave you sitting idle, there is always something to explore and click around you and this club will facilitate just that. So for all budding photographers and future Raghu Rai‟s we are always there for guidance.

NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 MONEY MATTERS CLUB The official finance club of IBS, Hyderabad popularly known as MMC founded in June 2005 by a group of students to enhance the understanding of finance concepts and theories by implementing them in events and other activities. Our main motto is to enrich learning in any subject related to finance whether it is Asset Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Equity Research etc. In this process we conducted many guest lectures, seminars, events, quizzes this year 2012. Some of our distinguished guest lecturers include Mr. T Srinagesh, CEO, Pragnya Advisors, who gave an excellent lecture on private equity. Mr. A Sitaramayya, Chief Manager, SBI who gave keen insights on Money laundering. Mr. Neeraj Khandelwal , Vice President of Genpact who has delivered lecture on business analytics. Our vision is to build competencies among finance enthusiasts in finance arena by fun learning methodologies. To achieve this goal we conducted the following events: REDUX 7.O: Redux is our flagship event which comes up every year with new themes, designed in such a way that it enable students to play, learn, think and implement concepts based on trading.

This year it was based on commodity trading designed to give students the exposure of actual trading process where in process students have to learn and use various elements in trading like options, over the counter markets etc. Chanakya online quiz: We have conducted an online quiz on the name of Chanakya, renowned professor in Economics and Political science. This quiz is to help IBS students to brush up economics, finance concepts and to test their knowledge of recent happenings. There was immense response from students for this quiz. Workshops were also conducted to enhance learning among IBS students. A workshop on Valuation of Bonds and Securities was conducted by our President Mr. Samarth Srivastava and Vice President Ms. Shailaja which was very insightful. Last but not the least we have to mention about our news letter “Financial bulletin” which is a monthly magazine, this year we received articles from nationwide students of different B-Schools including IIMs and IITs, also from corporate individuals and faculties. We are proud to say that our news letter has been more Briefings organized by MMC for Stock knowledge enriched covering all MIND,a national level search for the best recent happenings.

We have re- stock trader, organized by ICICI Direct cently included two more sections to our news letter ie vocabulary and crossword. NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 MAÇON Overview about Entrepreneurship India 2012: Maçon the E cell of IBS Hyderabad organized the E -Week titled „Entrepreneurship India‟ between December 1st-7th & 12th, 2012. Entrepreneurship India 2012 was inaugurated on 1st December by Varun Agarwal- Filmmaker, Best Selling Author & CEO-Alma Mater. He gave an insight into his filmmaking, book and Alma mater journey and his views on entrepreneurship. On 2nd December we had a Guest Lecture by Mr Kundan Prakash, Director- Microsoft India. Mr Prakash provided us inputs on entrepreneurship activities undertaken in companies like Apple and Microsoft from his experience in both the firms. From 3rd-7th Dec. we had E-workshops conducted by Profs Jojo Mathew George, Dr Shrividya Raghavan and Dr Shailendra Singh Bisht. The workshop provided tremendous inputs to the students on developing and building on a business idea.

In the evening Dr. Baba Prasad , President & founder Vivekin Group graced the occasion & he gave insights on five leadership intelligences framework. On 4th Dec we had discussion on Health care opportunities and building up a start up with Mr. Gaurav Porwal – Co-Founder, Sparsh Nephrocare. On 5th Dec we had Mr Vijay Anand , Venture Capitalist and Founder of The Start up Center delivering a talk on Entrepreneurship : A VC point of view. We also had an Entrepreneurship showcase of „Students of IBS‟ who had a chance to showcase their product in front of other students and Mr Vijay Anand. On 6th Dec we had a panel Discussion with Mr. Aditya Gupta Co Founder Director at iGenero Web Solutions Pvt Ltd & Mr Rajesh B- CoFounder and Principal-Business Strategy at Oghma Design.

The topic was Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Online Media. Valedictory ceremony of the week long “Entrepreneurship India 2012” was held on December 12th , 2012. Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Honorable Union Minister for New and Renewable energy and Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir was the Chief Guest of the occasion and Mr. Murali Bukkapatnam, President TiE Hyderabad acted as the Guest of Honor. Through this event we hoped to create an atmosphere of entrepreneurial spirit in the college and encourage new ventures to take off through this event. This event is the first of its kind for any IBS Business Schools in the country and we hope to build on this event to create larger and bigger event at a national stage in coming years . NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 MAVERICK “A square peg in a round hole!” That‟s how we define ourselves. We thrive on thinking out of the box. In the words of a very famous man, Tom Peters once said- we must, „innovate or die‟. That sums up our mantra. We are the Official marketing club „Maverick‟ of IBS, Hyderabad. We are a team of 50 members, with the aim to enable the fellow students to have a holistic approach towards marketing.

We facilitate in providing a learning experience to our fellow batch-mates, and whenever we do so, we make sure that we enjoy it as much as they do. This we achieve by conducting events of all sorts, from guest lectures by eminent industry personalities, to marketing and strategy based games on product life cycle, branding and the like. We bridge the gap between classroom learning and its application in simulated situations. Apart from conducting events, we engage with industry experts as well as the world class faculty at IBS to deliver lectures and feed the marketing appetite of the budding marketers in college. We’ve flaunt the visit of our guest lecturers Michael Leander – Internationally renowned Marketing Speaker , Nick Mitchell- CEO, President at Shove International, Sachin Waikar- Head Branch Network at Karvy Financial Services Ltd and Sanjay Thappar- CEO at Bates India. Also, the long awaited NICHE, a premium magazine of marketing and strategy was launched by Mr. Nick Mitchell was Circulated to the top management institutions over the nation, NICHE aims to spread and share the latest insights of the marketing world.

Well, it is equally important to delve on just how do we stand to gain in doing all the stuff that we do? We learn how to organize events in the way that audience could be attracted; we learn about various marketing concepts ourselves, we master the art of multi-tasking by managing academics and club related work, and finally, we learn how to work in a team. The association with this club comes without an expiry date! This can be gauged from the active involvement of our alumni. We are assisted by them in areas where we find ourselves stuck. We seek their advice before foraying into a new territory and finally, together we pop open the champagne to mark a successful event! Maverick to us is not just a club; it is a conduit for our creative appetite. This is the place where we unleash our ideas. Ideas that prima facie sound bizarre and undoable, but when we work together we breathe those ideas to life! When we conceived the idea of starting a marketing & strategy magazine, we knew it would be an uphill task.

We know that not each one of us is good at everything, but we are greatly aware that each one of us is pretty damn good at something! „NICHE‟ is an upshot of that meticulous effort of every member, of every Maverick! Kissing success after toiling hard is heavenly! And that is our experience after the completion of every goal we set for ourselves NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 SAMAVESH The cultural face of the smaller India that resides in IBS, Hyderabad. It was founded in the year 2003, to promote awareness regarding the rich traditional and cultural heritage of the world. Samavesh has been endowed with extreme pleasure of organizing celebrations of diverse festivities which include Onam, Pongal, Lohri, Sankranthi, Diwali etc. In addition it also organizes events for Independence Day and Republic Day. The club has been organizing events in association with Spic Macay such as Quawwali, Rajasthani folk dances, Surbahar concert etc.

This club is unique in the way that it brings out the talent of IBS Hyderabad into the limelight by presenting a platform for all the talented budding artists to showcase their singing and dancing talent from within the campus and bring professional artists from outside t he campus in association with “SPICMACAY” to keep alive the culture and tradition among the youth of IBS. Samavesh also organises stand alone Rangoli made by Samavesh e vents . In one of our flagship events “EAST MEETS WEST”, we presented dance and singing performances from various parts of the world, signifying that we may have different religions, different languages, different coloured skin, but we all belong to one human race. This theme shows the spirit of Samaveshians who believe that cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit the whole humanity. SPEAK UP Speak Up is the official soft skills club of IBS, Hyderabad. It is the one stop destination for all the orators, knowledge seekers, language lovers and the ones who want to express themselves.

We provide students with a platform to enhance their overall personality and soft skills with the help of enriching and gratifying events. Our vision is to make speak -Up a “highly productive, interactive and informative” soft skills club of IBS. Currently Speak Up Club is dealing with its workshop on soft skills .This workshop is an initiative by Speak-Up club to improve the overall communication skills of the students. Crusade is an intensive program to empower the participants with communication and presentation skills. Its efforts are to help students to give a definite edge to its future endeavors & enhancement of innovative events of management knowledge through scaling heights of excellence in communication & leadership skills. There would be a total of 10 sessions, 2hrs allotment for each session. The students would be provided with certificates on successful completion of the workshop. We hope this workshop to be a great success for the evolvement of charisma of the students of IBS Hyderabad. NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 INFINITY We stand by our motive-“Entertaining the victims of education” Infinity Studios is a club which keeps the fun element alive in a student‟s life. We make sure that after a hectic week the weekend has an entertaining element.

Keeping this into consideration we play movies of different genre of Bollywood and Hollywood every Friday for the members of IBS. Apart from the movies Infinity Studios also organises events which brings in fun, social message, and some casual gathering in the campus. During the last semester we had come up with some major events like- Umeed which was an initiative by Infinity Studios along with Aashayein Foundation to bring a smile on the faces of the under privileged children. Children were brought to the campus and an animated movie was played for them along with some interactive activities with the kids. The other major event of the semester was India vs. Pakistan (Live Screening) which was held for the first time in IBS and was indeed a great experience for all. The latest event by Infinity Studios was the Open Air Theatre 3.0 where the movie was played in the courtyard. Our club focuses on celebrating each and every occasion with zeal and fun and we will continue to do so.

GRAY MATTERS THE OFFICIAL QUIZ CLUB OF IBS HYDERABAD believes in this and intends to empower the students with knowledge and create interests and curiosity to collect information related to the different fields and aspects of life. It brings together like-minded seniors, juniors and faculty members who believe that by using your talents to make a positive impact and leveraging all the objective of encouraging young talent towards quest for knowledge. It aims to bring to light something new and interesting every time. This year we have come up with 3 events between October and December. The first being Quester – Quest to redefine the realms of your knowledge in which a participant was judged on general knowledge and current affairs in national and international arenas. It aims to expand general awareness and hone the skills of drawing rational inferences. The other was our quiz event in Alumni Meet organized by ARC comprising audio and video round which received overwhelming response from all present there. We also had an NTPC All India National Level Quiz whereby 2 of the members of our club were among the top 6 finalists a great achievement in itself.

Currently, our main focus is on the minor event – Empressa for Trishna where we are giving our best efforts to put up a great show. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” is our motto and it always will be. NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 “PRAYAAS” The word is derived from Sanskrit , meaning “endeavour”. The name of the club itself represents the spirit behind its formation, purpose and activities. It is the Inter B-School club of IBS, Hyderabad , channeling student potential of IBS Hyderabad for B-School competitions in national and global arena. In the final quarter of the year 2012, 7 students from our college represented IBS Hyderabad in the Management & Cultural fest organized by Institute of Management, Nirma University,Ahmedabad. It was a three day fest from 7th – 9th December, 2012 . Following is the list of students who won with flying colours : 1. Parantap Shukla 2. Ashish Agarwal 3. Megha Jain 4. I.Swati 5. Medha Gupta 6. Pulakit Surayakar 7. Shiv Yadav Secondly, we served as the official hospitality and communication partner for “AAVEG 3.0″- the inter B-school sports fest of IBS, Hyd. ” Buddies”, members of our club, showcased the cause, purpose and the essence of its existence by providing friendly and welcoming service to guests and visitors at the event.

Prayaas continues to foster the spirit of excellence by its event “TACTICA 2.0” at Trishna’2013. All we can say is, we’ll be back, this time literally with a Bang! DOT CLUB Nov 30th, 2012 DoT Club The Official technology club of IBS, Hyderabad hosted a guest lecture on Business Analytics by Dr. P.H. Anantha Desik. The Guest Speaker was Head of Actuarial Center of Excellence and Analytics Delivery at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Hyderabad. He enlightened the participants by explaining Workflow Automation Process for a Reinsurance Company using BPM Tool: Stakeholder Engagement Perspective and how Business Analytics is useful from the career perspective. October 2nd, 2012, DoT Club conducted a workshop on MS Access and Ms Excel on Oct 2nd, 2012 from the viewpoint of an organization and how an organization uses these two Ms Office tools for the efficient functioning. December 12th, 2012 An event call Biz-Soft was organized on Business Softwares (Zoho CRM and Inventoria Manager).

This event highlighted the importance of CRM and Inventory Management as CRM is a part of Business Analytics and most of the businesses fail due to improper understanding and knowledge of CRM as a part of Business Analytic’s. Inventory Management is most crucial in today’s business as the company are trying to “cost cutting” through its inventory systems. It also covered how technology has benefited these two most important areas of a business organization. NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 ADMIRE We are the energized students leading the creative & marketing wing of IBS which boasts of some of the most talented and original members. We‟ve been credited with organizing many one-of-a-kind events on campus with spectacular student and industry professionals turn out like Juari, Playboy, Squeeze n‟ Sell, Brandfather with others to follow. Along with working on real world live projects we also publish our own magazine „Adrenaline‟. We are less of a club and more of a family where all that we interact and share is creative knowledge and development.

We are Admire. CLUB ECOBIZZ As a part of Club EcoBizz‟s CSR initiative, the HUG Campaign ( http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjvvUngZ0iw ) was kick – started on 8th November, 2012. It was the club‟s way of thanking our college for their unconditional support. It was a very humble attempt at spreading happiness in the college on the eve of Diwali. The initiative was carried out for two days. The Club also had a contest which entitled the winner Rs.100 worth of gift voucher. The contest was thrown open to the public, and they had to HUG every member of the EcoBizz team within the two days, and the person who got to every member the fastest would win the contest. A count of 635, students and staffs participated. To view the pictures of the ”HUG CAMPAIGN” please visit:

https://picasaweb.google.com/116563904868952477562/ EcobizzFREEHUGSCampaignSpreadingHappiness “Xtasy” – an event based on betting was a hit among students. There was a huge turn-up for the event, like other events conducted by us which motivated us to cater new demands of the students. The first ever book release, at IBS Hyderabad, was initiated by club EcoBizz. Mr.Shankar Jaganathan, author of “Wisdom of Ants”, with his publisher, declared the book open to be sold. The relation of economics to the ants and grasshoppers and traversing to evolution of economics, is starred in the book. NOSTALGIA ISSUE | DECEMBER 2012 VAPS (AAVEGAG 3.0) Aaveg 3.0, the annual sports fest of IBS business School organized by VAPS,the sports club was inaugurated at 11:00 am on 7th of December 2012. The chief Guest of the day Miss Suniti Damani, a Cue sportswoman, has represented India In World Championships‟, three time.

She has also been Indian National 9-ball champion in 2011 and State Ladies Snooker and Billiards Champion in 2007. 2008, 2010 & 2011. She spoke to the students about how the control over the mind plays a huge part in the growth of sportsmen. The Vice Chancellor of the institution ,Prof J.Mahender Reddy also graced the occasion. A number of cultural performances like Dance by Varun from the BBA batch and a play on the sports culture in India by Xpressionz, the theatre society of IBS Business School, Hyderabad was held. The event was signed off by taking the Oath of Sportsmen to uphold the rules and regulations of the sport and honor of the Institution. Being the opening day, Round 1 matches of Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball & Football where also played. This sports extravaganza continued for 2 more days. In total 12 teams are competing to prove there supremacy & some noted college which are competing are IMT, Hyderabad , NICMAR Pune e.t.c

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