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Bryn Mawr National Bank

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1. The bank provides a full range of services which can caters various customers. 2. The bank utilized a variety of media to promote its product and services. 3. Since its founding, the bank had been moderately successful in terms of asset expansion and deposit growth. 4. Overall target of $50, 000,000 total deposits had been reached. 5. Competitive workforce with proven banking experienced.

1. In recent months, the growth in deposits has been less than in previous periods.
2. Limited branches to serve customers/clients.
3. High turnovers of women clerks/teller personnel.
4. Level of banking services is not that sophisticated as compared to other banks.
5. Static reaction on the merging of local and country banks and the existence of bank holding companies.
6. Limited target market.

1. Bryn Mawr could expand services beyond Bryn Mawr town and its adjoining area.
2. Educational institution as additional target market.
3. Possible venture on other financial services.

1. Competitive conditions in the banking industry in the local region were changing.
2. In the last three years, employees turn over has averaged 35% per year.
3. Possible closure of local banks due to merging/acquisition and emergence of a bank holding company.



ACA # 1. Develop a strategic alliance with other banks.
ACA# 2.Massive advertisement
ACA# 3.Aggressive expansion.


ACA#1-Develop Strategic Alliance with other banks. (Merging/holding) Throughout the local area, the small suburban
a. Can generate large earnings.
b. Increase revenue and market share.
c. Can increase number of customers.
d. Can generate tax gain.
a. Can decrease employee’s morale and motivation.
b. Conflict of philosophy and goals.

2. Massive advertisement

1. More visible and can attract more clients/investors.
2. Can create a huge impact to the clients.
3. Advertising company can be reciprocal clients.
4. Better opportunity for the bank to fully define its products and services.
5. They can highlight their competitive advantage to their target market.

1. More costly
2. Entails a lot of Planning
3. Different views/perception of readers and viewers.
4. No assurance on additional clients/customers.

3. Aggressive expansion

a. Services can now be easily access even by non-Bryn Mawr town folks
b. Can generate large earnings
c. Can increase numbers of customers.

a. Additional capital requirement
b. Additional manpower resources.

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