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Biometrics Research

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Nowadays, industries are experiencing technological advancement. With the rise of globalization, it is becoming an essential to have an easier and more effective system.
In spite of this, there are still business establishments or companies that are still using the old-fashioned way. To have an easy way of checking the attendance, some schools, companies, and business establishments are using computerized monitoring attendance system in which it serves as a timed log-in/log-out system that is set up with a computerized database. One method of using a security system is the Biometric System. It is a system that uses information about a person that identify a person. It relies on the biological traits like fingerprint, face, retina, and iris. This system also provides protection not only for the company but also for the employees.

Having this system will not only help companies on security purposes but also limits the computational overload and saves time.

Background of the Study

Master Siomai is a food cart franchising business developed by Masterrific Foods, an 11-year-old company specializing in the production and distribution of processed meat such as ham, bacon, burger patties and siomai to its diverse clientele ranging from hotels, restaurants and market places. Still going strong seven years after it was established, the success and experience of Masterrific led it to another highly-promising venture in 2007 – a Food Cart Franchising. This gave birth to Master Siomai which grew to 550 outlets and counting to date. The company also has branches in major malls like SM, Robinson’s, Gaisano, Ayala, Gotesco, NCCC, Puregold, Waltermart and Savemore. Its rapid growth can be attributed to its very efficient system, high product quality, and exceptional personnel.

One of the keys to Master Siomai’s sensational success is credited to its very own distinctive Japanese siomai – pork siomai wrapped in genuine Japanese seaweed specially topped with crab. To complement this feature product, our signature Japanese-inspired food cart is designed in a way that will contribute to the light and pleasant atmosphere that our patrons deserve. Aside from these, we also take pride in our delicious and flavorful beef, pork and shrimp siomai plus a thirst-quenching gulaman pandan drink to serve as refreshment. Other new and exciting products will be rolled in the future not only for the market to embrace, but for our customers to enjoy.

The primary motivation of Master Siomai is to be approachable. We are driven to satisfy both the taste buds and pockets of the modern Pinoy with only the best products made from the best ingredients using innovated technology and a skilled workforce. Statement of the Problem

The purpose of the proposed study is to develop an attendance monitoring system that will help the company to easily monitor each employee’s attendance accurately. Demographic Profile of the employees

•Age -18 y.o. to 50 y.o.
•Computer literacy background -Intermediate to Advance
•Number of years in the company -1 year to 15 years
•Gender -mostly females
The proposed study seeks answer for the following questions: 1.Can the proposed study really improve the performance of the company with regards to its attendance monitoring system? 2.If the proposed study is to be implemented, can it really be more efficient than the previous system that the company used?

Ho: There will be no significant difference on the present attendance system of Masterrific Foods Corp. The proposed biometrics attendance monitoring system of the proponents is still to be tested.

Significance of the Study
The proposed study aims to create an efficient attendance monitoring system that will benefit the employees and the company itself. Employees – will no longer have to write on the security’s log book for attendance, with just a fingerprint scan they can save a lot of time. Company – will no longer rely on tedious paperwork and will have an efficient attendance monitoring system for their employees. Future Researchers – can use this study for future references.

Scope and Limitations of the Study
The proposed study will use a biometrics finger print scanner. Biometric authentication measures a biological feature of a person like fingerprint. Hence it is a very effective attendance-monitoring and security system. Unlike other identification procedures, biometric is easily accessible and time saving. Within a couple of seconds, a person’s biometrics is either identified or rejected. As every office follows time management, time saving systems like biometrics have become beneficial for the office revenue. Biometrics cannot be shared, you cannot find anything like more than one person using the same password. This reduces fraud and provides complete security. A biometric log in or entry indirectly connects the individual as responsible to any event. If there is a security breach, then the security system will provide the accurate record of who is accountable for the issue. This provides complete and true accountability and cannot be forged by others.

Nowadays, the fingerprint of a person is easily copied and used for forgeries. The biometric system scanning can also be copied and duplicated and can be controlled by another person from any corner of the world. An occasional problem than occurs among biometrics is the false reading. A “false acceptance” or “false rejection” kind of technical vulnerability becomes a greatest disadvantage of biometrics. An effective biometric system is costly and is affordable only for large companies and institutions. Though biometric software is designed for complete security it is not an economically advantageous technology.

Chapter 2:

Review of Related Literarture

In order to conduct a research project properly and accurately you must survey the existing literatures that has relevance to the topic of your choice. This is necessary for the following reasons (Calmorin and Calmorin, 1995): (1) to establish the relevance of the research to the current situation and needs; (2) to determine the similarities or differences of past findings or ideas with the research project; (3) to provide a background regarding what has been taken and what is left to be tackled, and (4) to find aspects of the research problem that might not have been thought of before.

Foreign Literature
Contemporary security policies are characterised by a dramatic focus on high technology like biometrics as a security enabler. The process of technoligization of security i.e. the making of technology the centrepiece of security systems and its perception as an absolute security provider started in the US in the Eighties and has since been expanded to the European Union (EU) and to almost all developed countries. (Ceyham, 2007: 102)

Basically all technology is made for ordering the world and reproducing it. Modernity has applied these ordering techniques to humans, under the general category of discipline. (Lianos and Douglas, 2000: 263)

Modern society is characterised by increasing levels of global social mobility and uncertainty relating to levels of risk posed by internal and external security threats. Within this climate security driven by technology is increasingly being used by governments, corporate bodies and individuals to monitor and reduce risk (Lyon, 2004).

Biometrics is a technique for identification of people that uses body characteristics or behavioural traits and is increasingly being used instead of or in conjunction with other forms of identification based on something you have (e.g. ID card) or something you know (e.g. password or PIN) (Liu and Silverman, 2001). The basic processes in a biometric system involve biometric data being collected from the data subject via a sensor module, a feature module extracts the biometric data and compared it to templates in a database to identify the data subject (Jain, 2004). The templates are encrypted using algorithmic transformation of biometric samples meaning that the original biometric data cannot be obtained from the biometric databases. The systems that operate in a biometric identification process are beyond the understanding of most individuals processed and they occur in places removed from the individual being processed. This lack of understanding means it is not possible to question the identification practices.

Connolly, Begg and Strachan (1996) summarized the advantages of using a Database Management System as follows: (1) data sharing, or availability of data to authorized users; (2) data integrity, or ensuring the validity and consistency of stored data; (3) security, by having restrictions or data access, disallowing unauthorized users from access; (4) backup and recovery services, providing facilities that minimizes the damage that a system failure brings; (5) improved maintenance through data independence, by separating data from applications, making applications unaffected by changes in the data. Further to say, using a Database Management System also has disadvantages of its own, (1) it is complex, functionality is directly proportional to complexity; (2) large storage and system memory requirements, especially if the system is large; (3) the recurring maintenance cost is larger, aside from the initial investment cost; (4) improvements in the system may require additional hardware costs.

Local Literature

The advent of the Internet revolution brought a new of possibilities for the Filipino. It also paved the way for the awareness on the need of modernization.
Toral (2000) has opined that the emergence of the internet and e-commerce have forced the world, the Philippines included, to “change the ways”, so
that it will not be left behind.
According to La Putt (1986), with the changing times and changing needs, the demand for information has become a “need” that must be satisfied. To make paper works to explain things, to document every matter corrected to every transaction, to report even miniscule accomplishments, these are overwhelming activities if done the traditional way.

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