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This is a suggested template that BIFM Training encourages candidates to use to ensure you answer all elements of this assessment, and remember how the marking system works. You do not have to use this template but you must cover all the elements and use the headings as below. The assessment criteria are in your course handbook, and contains more guidance than here.


Identify a workplace problem facing you or your team (or a team within another organisation if you are currently unemployed) and examine ways to resolve it.

For the purposes of this assignment, ‘problem’ may be interpreted as ‘a deviation from the norm’ OR ‘an improvement opportunity’ OR ‘a potential or anticipated problem’.

The suggested word count for this assignment is at least 1200 words, up to about 2000 words.

Check your assignment carefully prior to submission using the assessment criteria.

1. Introduction to your organisation

The context of the problem: Help the reader to understand the context of the problem by briefly describing your organisation, what it does, and your role within it. (min 2 marks required from 4 available)

I am working in a relatively new on market Romanian company that provides facilities services. At the present I am Site manager of a large business park, located in Bucharest, West Gate Park, with a surface of 125.000 sqm. Here, our company offer full facilities services: technical maintenance, cleaning, reception, security, green areas, waste management, snow removal, etc. with both internal staff and by specialized contractors. In West Gate our customers are the buildings owner and some of the tenants that we signed contracts for internal facilities services in the spaces rented. I am entire responsible that the services offered should be of high quality, the tenants to be satisfied with what they receive in exchange for money. More specifically, I coordinate the technical team, I manage the cleaning and reception teams, which are formed by our employees. I am also managing the contracts with specialized: guard, lifts, HVAC, landscaping, waste removal, etc.

2. Present situation (Analysis of the problem)

Describe the problem, its nature, scope and impact:
• What the problem is and what may have caused it
• Its scope (e.g. how widespread, how often, how much, etc.)
• Who, how and what it affects in the workplace/team
• What you are trying to achieve by solving the problem
• What the result would be if no action is taken.
(min 7 marks required from 14 available)

For this assignment I will analyse one of the problems we are facing every year: snow removal and eliminating the risk of snow and ice on pedestrians and cars within the business park. In Romania, this problem is during a few months of the year, from December to March and is a big trouble for the facilities companies. Unfortunately, it’s a natural phenomenon; it is all we can do is to get away from or to minimize effects on those who work in buildings that we are managing. I treat snow removal of as an important problem because it affects the tenants, their suppliers, their customers and visitors for the following reasons: – When is too much snow, they have had difficulty in entering into the park, both on foot, as well as by car; – They have had problems with the use of the parking places located in the open air; – There have been accidents caused by slipping on polished granite of the alleys within the Park. – The water caused by melting the snow.

To find the cause of these problems I used “Cause-effect diagram” or “Fishbone diagram”:

By solving this problem I’m trying to remove a major source of dissatisfaction of tenants, for which, each year, we have been assessed negatively because of poor performance of this service. Solving this problem rapidly and permanently is very important to keeping a good relationship between my company and the landlord, because the tenant’s discontent will always be directed to the landlord, and the latter, in his turn, would ask an account the facilities company. In fact, the stake is even the carry-over of the services contract.

3. Investigation and identification of possible solutions to the problem

Briefly describe possible solutions to the problem. To do this you must gather and interpret information to identify possible solutions. The
information you gather should be fact supported by evidence and not just your opinion. (min13 marks required from 26 available)

4. Evaluation of possible solutions
Evaluate the possible solutions using at least one simple decision making technique to arrive at the best solution. Your evaluation should include human, material and financial resources. State your chosen solution clearly and concisely.

(min 15 marks required from 30 available)

5. Recommended implementation plan to solve problem
Provide an action plan for the implementation and communication of the solution. Your action plan should include actions, time-scales and required resources including people. Briefly describe the monitoring and review techniques you could use to evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen solution. (min 13 marks required from 26 available)

Heating the access ramps may not be working properly

Snow can’t be removed with adequate equipment because of places location

Snow may nor be removed because of the cars left on the places

Insufficient number of special snow removal equipments

Lack of places where to put the snow

Insufficient number of personnel

Inappropriate footwear worn by the people

Slowly removal of ice on the pavement

Inappropriate marking of the hazardous places

The alleys are paved with polished granite

Drains which not be working properly

Declivities are not well made

Insufficient number of drains

Difficult traffic within the Park

People can’t use some of the parking places


The water caused by melting the snow

Poor quality service for snow removal

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