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Behavior influence change in criminal justice agencies

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What social, political, and organizational behavior influence change in criminal justice agencies? The management of organizational change in a criminal justice agency is the same as the organization of the change in the organizational setting, though the change will be affected by other aspects like the due process citizens’ rights, a strict procedural or substantive law, and the culture of the organization (BlaBla Writing, 2014). For instance, the hierarchical culture of the police department focuses on investigating criminal activities within the confines of the due process law.

A transformation in the culture of the police department requires a bureaucratic process which is time-consuming and complicated. The organizational change process is complex, and the criminal justice agency is obliged to answer to other organizational stakeholders, the government, and the taxpayers. Different factors influence the criminal justice agency. For instance, in law enforcement agencies, before any changes are made to the policing organization, it must travel up the command change and get approval from the society’s political figures responsible for financing the department of police.

The police department, therefore, is required to answer to a lot of people in the society, unlike other organizations. To function appropriately within their jurisdiction, the criminal justice agencies receive funding from the state government failure to which, it cannot function the way it is supposed to. The community members, who are the taxpayers, influence the behavior type displayed by the police and the changes made. The relationship between organizational behavior and organizational systems

Organizational behavior studies the individual and group activity as well as performance in an organization CITATION Stu171 l 1033 (Study. com, 2017). It examines the behavior of human beings in a professional environment, and it is also a determinant of its impact on employment structure, communication, performance, leadership, and motivation. In the field of criminal justice, for instance, it is the manner in which the executives and workers relate among themselves both negatively and positively. This has helped in identifying the connection between organizational structures and behaviors.

For instance, if there is no organization in training and employees’ ethical behavior, it will have a great effect on the organizational system which in turn leads to low morale, high turnover rate, poor performance and customer relations between the public and the employees. How perceptions of organizational stakeholders can be managed and the techniques used In the criminal justice system, organizational stakeholders do not comprise the employees only, but the community as well CITATION Cou171 l 1033 (Course Hero, 2017).

The big issue of organizational stakeholders’ perception is the problem of the community towards change. There are various means of managing change, including communication which sometimes helps in reducing resistance by the community and employees. Communication can also help to persuade the stakeholders on the need for change. One more technique is by making the stakeholders engage in the process of change. It is not easy to resist if one is taking part in the changes which also contributes to the possible change of minds.

Observable aspects of the organizational culture of criminal justice agencies In the United States, the criminal justice system is not a single unit rather there are several similar, individual systems CITATION Nat121 l 1033 (National Center of Victims of Crime, 2012). The way CJS operates in each area depends on the jurisdiction in charge: county, city, federal, state, or tribal government. Different jurisdictions have their own unique laws and different ways they manage processes of criminal justice.

One Important aspect is law enforcement where officers take crime reports, they then investigate it, after which they gather and protect the evidence. They also arrest the culprits, testify in court, and perform follow-up investigations if necessary. How can change management strategies benefit criminal justice agencies and the criminal justice system? The modern world is constantly changing and transforming. Currently, success depends on the way organizations adapt to change CITATION And13 l 1033 (Harvey, 2013).

According to Tom Peters, the organizations that are the most successful are the ones which “thrive in chaos. ” The ones that fail to identify and act upon emerging issues will be subjected to ineffectiveness and inefficiencies and worst, disaster and even destruction. To be successful in the next century, criminal justice agencies should be able to recognize and embrace the emerging trends. It means changing their operational strategies, from their structures of organizations to human resources. References


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