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Bear Grylls – A Survival Guide For Life

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Bear Grylls is no stranger to overcoming adversity in the wild, but in his new book – “A Survival Guide For Life” – the TV adventurer shows us how his hard-won skills can be adapted for those of us who aren’t usually found parachuting into dangerous situations, eating bugs and sleeping on mountaintops. Life in the wilderness teaches us to be humble in the face of the things we cannot control. Some days the weather is too bad, or nightfall prevents progress. But it also teaches us to get in touch with our instincts, overcome obstacles, seize opportunity and face up to danger. Taking in different aspects of Bear’s life and career – Dreaming, Preparation, Team Work, Resilience, Doubts, Endurance, Reflection etc – these inspirational stories will encourage and motivate readers to make the most of whatever situation they find themselves in.

This is not a self-help book in the traditional sense, nor is it a manual on how to be slightly more effective or marginally more successful. It is simply a collection of stories and adventures that reveal something profound about the human spirit to show that we are all capable of more. What I particularly liked about this book is its simplicity. Bear Grylls asks people to be simple and less fussy about things, it was very evident from his famous Man Vs Wild series on Discovery Channel. In this book Grylls discusses 75 things that you must keep in your mind if you want to survive. The book is highly philosophical and makes you think about various things. Grylls has shared various personal experiences and quotes as examples. Each aspect has been devoted a new chapter, which balances out this book really well. This book teaches you a LOT actually provided you are ready to introspect and compare your life with the things mentioned in the book. There are a couple of things that I absolutely loved about the book and I am definitely going to implement them in my life. Thumbs up for Bear Grylls’s A Survival Guide For Life. Give it a shot sometime And I quote:

“It is there somewhere inside you: the heart of a survivor. Courage. Tenacity. Strength. So don’t shy away from hard times, they are your chance to shine.”

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