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Barton DVD Notes

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Instructions: As you watch the Barton DVD, complete the Barton DVD Notes document. Provide at least 3 sentences for each section, except for the final section, which requires a complete, substantive paragraph. You will be required to submit the completed chart during Module/Week 4.

“The philosophy of the _____school room______________ in one generation will be the philosophy of ___government_________________ of the next.” – Abraham Lincoln

Early American Education
Harvard Directives to students were to study is to know God and Jesus which is eternal life (John 17:3) Harvard’s motto for “For Christ and the church “for the glory of Christ. Produced declaration signers: William Hooper, William Williams, and John Adams.

Yale was also started by congregational for training ministers of the gospel. Produced constitution signers: Baldwin, Livingston, and Ingegil. Admonished students above all have an eye to the great end of all your studies which is obtained the clearest conception of divine things and to lead you to a saving knowledge of God in His son, Jesus Christ.

Started by Presbyterians to train ministers of the Gospel.
Princeton founded some of the first schools for women and African Americans Students attended worship in college halls morning and evening.

Early Educational Laws
1642 Old Deluder Satan Act
Thin slices of wood books were made out of.
Required public schools in each community.
It begins one chief project of that old deluder.

1787 Northwest Ordinance
The first federal law to address education.
Passed by founding fathers who drafted the first amendment
Northwest ordinance Article III link education/religion together.

Early Educational Pioneers
Benjamin Rush

Served in three presidential administration: Adams, Jefferson, Madison University founder 5 colleges
“Father of Public schools under the constitution”
Supported that the Bible should always remain the textbook as a part of education.

Noah Webster
Was a solider in American Revolution
Was responsible for part of the language in the constitution Helped to found Amherst College.

The New England Primer
The first textbook printed in America
20th century and remains the common for students to learn to read. Textbook was small made it easy for children to carry in their saddle bags….. Students were taught rhyming alphabet, alphabet of lessons for youth. Shorter catechism.

Benjamin Franklin
Was considered to be the least religious of the founder fathers. Reprinted The Primer
Helped to found African schools.

Thomas Paine

Attacked schools in regards to science not studying about the creator. Moral/Religion should be a part of education.
Did not believe education should be without the Bible.

Famous American Textbooks and Educators
McGuffey Readers

University president and professor
Readers sold over 122 million copies for 75 years
“The School Master of the Nation”.

Emma Willard
Women education pioneer
Championed academic education
Started women’s schools were math and philosophy were taught.

Booker T. Washington
Headed Tuskegee Institute.
Started a Bible College
Students became leaders and educators.

Daniel Webster
Had a direct influence on education.
Three decades of Congress.
Argued several cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Measuring Results of Educational Philosophies
Martin Luther

Efforts in public education was fostered by Martin philosophies. He advocated public education to eliminate illiteracy of the Dark Ages Had the same philosophy stated that unless they were taught the Bible they would fail?

SAT Scores, Literacy Rates, Academic Achievement, etc.
Sat scores declined.
Elementary /Junior High students were above average and High School at the bottom. American high school students finished last or near last or in the bottom half in math and science.

Proven Elements of a Sound Education: 1)Religion
2)Morality 3) Knowledge Comparing Interpretations of History

Compare and contrast the perspectives of the Barton video and the Gutek textbook. How are they similar? How are they different? Which perspective do you think most accurately portrays this period of American education? Provide evidence for your statements. The foundation of education as we know was the BIBLE. Through centuries change as come in the education, but as with the Barton video as well as Gutek textbook, it looks at the changes. Both Barton video as well as the textbook looks at many changes that have come about in our educational system. The video looks at changes with education opening up to all Americans, including the women as well as the African Americans. Both the video and the text book points out many contributors to the foundation of education. Some such as Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Booker T, Washington.

In our text book, there has been some pointed out such as Maria Montessori, Friedrich Froebel, and Henry Barnard. The video looked on the education system as was it was founded on the principle of the BIBLE were the textbook looked at in more as the combinations of cultural to further the education. I believe that the video portrays the history of education more accurately, because it give us where its foundation was formed and why this formation was relied upon.

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