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Audience-Focused Communication Matrix

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Audience Characteristics Channels of Communication Strategies to Ensure Effective Audience Diversity Considerations Messages Managers Managers would need to understand how Be able to speak clearly and Making sure the image of information is being presented to the formal when it comes to verbal the company is being The diversity of the group will prevent me employees and whether they understand communication. Being briefed portrayed correctly. Have a from sharing information about the company the information or technology. before meetings so that things positive outlook and ideas that may be well-known internally that would Information should be presented so thatare cleared and mistakes corrected. to expand the sales and give the company a poor image. Being the it benefits the company. It should be profit of the company.

Audience is diverse I would not want to inspiring Being able to build the disclose specific figures relating to cost company. Have the and mark-up of goods. I would want to stress information well organize the enthusiasm the company shares in and be well prepared providing the best products for the consumers. The diversity of the audience requires a professional tone and manner. I would take special interest in addressing consumers concerns or questions as well as the employees. When speaking to the audience, it must be understood there are multiple types of personalities with different levels of knowledge. Additionally, each member of the audience will have a different level of education specific to his or her position in the company. Some may have one or multiple educational degrees whereas other may not have any. The information should be written at a collegiate level; however, do not use information that cannot be understood by all  Salespeople Know all the products and The channels of communication include oral

The presentation will be limited as routine along with the presentation. In addition to the oral the meeting will not be longer than procedures. Making sure it presentation Powerpoint slides with graphs one hour. The sales information will is irresistible but at a will be used. Last, there will be handouts include accurate information that will reasonable price of the presentation with notes pages answer important questions for forpersons salespeople Customers For the most part, the Generally, when speaking with To ensure a positive customer is not clients, communication should experience with the knowledgeable of the be spoken and allow for customer, it is essential to company or product. The questions. Printed or provide information in a customer is present electronic information should manner that will grasp the because he or she wants to be available for the customer customer’s attention know more about the for later reading and bringing him or her back.  product but not an over- referencing Furthermore, allow for the abundance of information to customer to ask questions where the customer will even after the meeting lose interest.

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