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Assessing Stakeholder Positions

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Please respond to the following: Apple is about to release its latest technology. The company needs to develop a plan to communicate with key stakeholders about the release. You have been tasked with identifying those main stakeholders and selecting the method for communicating with each group. Summarize your plan in a two to three paragraph post. There are many stakeholders in a company. The internal stakeholders, as well as the external stakeholders, will be effected by the release of new technology and any changes made by Apple. The main people involved in the company are those who should be informed of any changes being made within the company. Internal stakeholders such as employees, owners, board members, and investors should be the main individuals informed. However, I do feel that external stakeholders such as customers, the community, and suppliers are important stakeholders that should not be overlooked.

Business is built off the support of your customers and community, and this makes it extremely important to inform them of new products or changes in services. Your suppliers must know about these changes because obviously they are the ones who would be supplying your raw materials or finished goods to you your company. Communication with Stakeholders should be kept consistent still making it individualized to each unique stakeholder position. Discussion with owners, board members, and investors should be presented in an open forum panel discussion. The need to have individual conversations with each person involved I don’t feel is necessary here, but the explanation of the new changes should be made available to all members involved whether by video, conference, or letter.

The discussion with this group should give a full explanation of the need for the changes being made, examples of why there is a market for it, changes in prices and anything involving money being put into the project, and end with how the change in this technology will result in newer more inventive products for the company. The focus when communicating with employees should be on the use, distribution, and vision of the new product. There should be no real need to get into money talk with employees, unless of course this new technology is going to cost consumers less money to own. The main factor here would be for your employees to understand and take pride in the product in order to better sell and market the products true ability.

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