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As Long as Grass Grows or Water Runs

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1. The major theme (recurring idea) in this chapter was about the Native Americans and their survival due to the Americans taking their land, spreading diseases, and invades their towns.

2. The evidence that Zinn cites to illustrate the overall impact of Indian removal is by talking about the book “Fathers and Children”. This book talks about how Native Americans were dismissed from their land and eventually there were hardly any left.

3. When Thomas Jefferson was Secretary of State his view was that he thought that the Indians should be left alone. When he became President, his view changed and dismissed the Indians from their land. He had this change of view because he wanted the people of America to lean more towards him as a President.

4. Explain Zinn’s use of irony when describing the Battle of Horseshoe Bend? Zinn’s use of irony when describing the Battle of horseshoe Bend was based on him talking about a man named Jackson who was called a hero for slaughtering hundreds of Indians. The meaning of a hero is not someone who slaughters hundreds of people, including woman and children.

5. How does Andrew Jackson’s early political/military career foreshadow his Indian policies as President?

6. How does Zinn’s view of the War of 1812 contrast with traditional histories?

7. Create a table of Jackson’s Indian-related activities and their significance prior to his presidency (treaties, land speculation, etc.)

8. Explain Zinn’s view of Arthur Schlesinger’s The Age of Jackson and Marvin Meyers’ The Jacksonian Persuasion.

9. Describe evidence Zinn utilizes to assess the views of Lewis Cass vis-Ă -vis Indian Native American policy.

10. Create a table illustrating the fate of major Southeastern Indian tribes.

11. To what extent did the Cherokee nation change its culture in order to survive within the U.S?

12. For what purpose does Zinn juxtapose the Nullification Controversy of 1832 and the enforcement of Worcester v. Georgia?

13. Explain the significance of the phrase: “As long as grass grows or water runs.”

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