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Are clothes important for everyday life?

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What should I wear today? Didn’t I wear it yesterday? Does she like it? Am I cool? Everyday questions! Questions that we ask ourselves every morning, once we get up, when we go out to school or work, before we meet friends or just when we have to go to the store. Why such an unimportant thing should bother us all the time? Aren’t we the same with or without “cool” clothes? Most people think that having good clothes is very important, but I object to the attitude society has toward clothes. My motto is that as far as you feel comfortable in your clothes you do not have to pay too much attention to what you are dressed in.

Clothes can please the eye when one meets strangers, but person’s intelligence is a lot more challenging and important. We have a nice proverb in my country (Bulgaria), which proves that one ‘s intelligence is more important than any clothes. It says: “People say ‘hi’ according to the way one looks and ‘bye’ by the way he/she thinks!” In other words if you go to a conference dressed with your everyday jeans and shirt, nobody will come to talk business to you. But if you are a clever person and if you have some good ideas for the business no matter what your appearance is like everyone will listen to you with interest and finally say “bye” with respect, even if you are dressed in the wildest clothes in the world. You can see, clothes does not matter. The most important is what is underneath them: a good-hearted person or not; a smart and clever one or dumb and fool; open minded or selfish.

In addition everyone should have the freedom to choose his/her clothes. There is not certain kind of clothes for certain age or body shape. A lot of people are afraid to wear shorts during the summer because they don’t feel comfortable with their overweight. But others, who are even twice bigger, do not mind because they don’t want to sweat in trousers when it is a 100 degrees outside. Some schools and work places provide their own uniforms, which I think is not right, because everyone is unique and everyone should wear what he/she feels more comfortable in. It is insignificant whether you are with your uniform or dressed in everyday clothes, if you are not doing your job well. The most important is how do you feel, what do you like to wear, do you like to be more elegant or practical, conservative or wild. Therefore everyone should wear that kind of clothes that he/she feels best with.

Finally, the most stupid thing is spending too much money on clothes. Some people go in moles and big shopping centers and buy clothes like crazy, such as they have only one shirt and one pair of jeans at home. And after all the shopping is done, they just leave their new clothes in their wardrobes till the next “spring cleaning”! Others are crazy about mode and they spend a lot of money on top fashion clothes without having in mind that it will be already out of fashion in the next season. Almost every teenager wants to have “good” trademark clothes and they spend all their money on Gap, Abercombie & Fitch, Nike and many other “cool” trademark clothes and shoes. Just because they want to be “cool” they spend 4-5 times more money on the same dresses and shirts that they can find in every other store. “But this one comes with a good trademark stamp”, teenagers would say. It is hard especially for them to realize that wasting all their money on clothes is pointless. If they can see that, they can start saving money for school, so they can get a better education and become ready for the real life.

In brief, clothes are important, but there is nothing more important than a person’s mind and heart. It is not important how good you are dressed if you are a violent person who kills people and steals from stores. On the other side, some people just can not afford themselves to buy expensive clothes. Are they worse than the others are? Of course no. Most of those people are a lot richer than the others are, because they have their own values that are a lot bigger than the price of the clothes. In my opinion, if the person is nice and honest, open minded and good hearted, intelligent and humanity, his/her clothes have no importance at all. Who knows what is hidden behind the mask of the new and expensive clothes?

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