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Analysis of Operations at Worldlink Communication Pvt. Ltd.

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1.1 Background
As a BBA student of 8th semester of Kantipur College of Business Management and Humanities Studies, affiliated to Tribhuvan University, it was obligatory to do an internship of eight weeks as a partial fulfillment of the course. This internship program is aimed at providing learning and exposure opportunities to students that is difficult to acquire theoretically. In the time period of eight weeks, I tried to maximize our contribution to the organization and to learn and improve our work related skills. So this first chapter of the report deals with the basic background of the internship and the operational activities performed during eight weeks internship period. It analyzes the theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge.

So as per partial requirement of TU for BBA, I was assign to an internship program at WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd, New Baneshwor Branch for eight weeks. All staffs of the organization were cooperative during the internship period. WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd. is the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nepal and one of the most prominent IT company. Founded in September, 1995 with the aim of providing Internet and IT services, WorldLink started off by providing store-and-forward e-mail services over a dial-up link. It has been providing different IT services and with the use of latest technology, it has been upgrading itself for proving effective services.

1.2 Objectives
The objective of this internship is to understand the real life problems in an organization and how the study of Business Administration helps in solving those problems. This internship has been done in order to conduct an Analysis of Operation at WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd. and offer suggestion for improvement. However, the prime objectives of the study, as per the requirement of the internship can be categorized as: * To gain practical exposure and experience in a real organization. * To develop professionalism by working in an actual organization. * For application of theoretical knowledge in the organizational procedures. * A step towards our future to develop a career in the field of management and administration. 1.3 Methodology

Research methodology is the systematic way of collecting, tabling and analyzing the data. The final outcome of any study depends on the research methodology followed. Various procedures could be followed for collecting information on the basis of which a report could be prepared. Thus research methodology is the method used to gather necessary information to meet the objective of the study. 1.4.1 Organization Selection

Tribhuvan University BBA program will enable students to successfully meet the needs to work as middle level managers in a company by implementing strategic marketing techniques, allowing students to acquire competitive advantages. This will be obtained via knowledge of marketing activities and ways in which to coordinate and integrate themselves across numerous marketplace. Thus, Service providing organization will be more beneficial to student seeking careers in Marketing. I got a golden opportunity to work as an interne at WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd at New Baneshwor branch. WorldLink was established in 1995 and it is the largest ISP of the country. It provides the internet facility throughout the country. 1.4.2 Placement

During my eight weeks at WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd., I was placed in various department of the company like Front Desk Department, Retail Department and Support Department. This helped me to understand the different activities performed in the organization. In the process I have built up my confidence through the experience in the various departments. 1.4.3 Duration of Internship

As stipulated by Tribhuvan University (TU), a BBA student should undergo internship for minimum eight weeks. The duration of my internship was from 27th May, 2012 to 26th July, 2012. 1.4.4 Activities Performed

During the period of internship, different activities are performed when I was placed in different departments. Customer Support Department
* Providing information about services
* Assist to fill up forms
* Answering customer queries
* Accepting payments and to prepare receipts
* Answering customers’ phone call and forwarding to concern department

Marketing and Sales Department
* Handling the customers
* Assists customer to select service appropriate to them
* Field visits and searching the potential customer
* Follow up customers
* Collecting view of customer about service performance
* Forwarding complaint to support department
* Reminding customer about payments
Support Department
* Handling the client’s complaint and solve problems
* Managing new connection and old ones
* Proving phone support to the customers

2.1 ISP Industry in brief
Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the service provider which provides internet based services to the people. It provides those services through different medium and to different platforms. It used to provide those services from wired technology but now it also provide those services through wireless technology. This industry copes with changes in technology and adopts new technology which brings more benefits to them. So, this industry is directly depend upon global technology advancement. It is service industry which provides internet service. Being a service industry, its major determinant of performance is the quality of service it delivered to the customers. 2.2 History of Internet Service Provider Industry

The history of ISP started from 1990, in Brookline, USA, a Massachusetts-based “The World” became the first commercial ISP. When the internet became popular and its access is limited to the research lab and universities, the commercial ISP sprang up to offer access to internet to those who are willing to pay for services. And commercial ISP started. 2.3 The Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nepal

The history of ISP’s in Nepal is not older than two decades. In 1994, Mercantile Office System established which provided commercial e-mails services to public for the first time. A year later, Mercantile Communication, branch of Mercantile Office System started internet service to public. ISPs are regulated by Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) which formulated all the policies regarding the operation of ISP. Out of 43 ISPs in Nepal, 20 are associated with Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal (ISPAN), the umbrella organization for ISPs in Nepal, which is a nonprofit organization committed to advocated and support a healthy Internet industry in the country. Due to the advancement of Information Technology and eagerness among the people about internet, this sector is in growing stage. ISPs are actively involved to provide internet based services around the country. There are 43 ISPs in Nepal, and its role in the economy and communication is on the rise. ISPs are regulated by Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA). With proper regulation and increased investment, this sector is set to become an essential part of communication sector in Nepal The market of ISP in Nepal is highly competitive and it faces much competition from Telecommunication companies of the country.

And also poor regulations and policies have created the complex environment for the growth of this industry. There are approximately 4.8 million internet subscribers in the country. Out of that, only 1 percent is the subscriber of private ISPs’. According to the policy of government, ISP has to pay 4 percent of their revenue as royalty and deposit 2 percent to Rural Telecom Development Fund (RTDF) as its Universal Service Obligation. NTA provide the license to the interested parties after evaluating the proposal, if the proposal meet all the criteria required. One of important condition that ISP should abide is not to operate Basic Voice Telephony Service and should not interconnect with the domestic or international PSTN. There are currently 43 licensed ISP in the country which provides different internet services to the people.

3.1 Introduction of WorldLink
WorldLink is the largest ISP in Nepal and one of the most prominent IT companies. It was founded in September, 1995 with the aim of providing internet and IT services. It is managed by its Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Dileep Agrawal and Board of Directors. It has been associated with different organization such as Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal (ISPAN), Computer Association of Nepal (CAN), Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC). Over the past 16 years, it has grown from small business to a strong and stable corporation with professional staff and a strong customer base. The company has positioned itself as a complete IT service provider rather than just an ISP by providing services such as data connectivity, network integration and consulting, web hosting and development. At present, WorldLink is the largest private internet service provider of the country. It provides internet service to more than 19,000 customers around the country. And also, it provides services to individual as well as to the corporate houses. The company has been providing its services to different banks, insurance company, business houses etc. Similarly, it provides different other services related to IT according to needs of the customer.

3.2 Vision of WorldLink
To connect everywhere, anywhere, all the time

3.3 Mission of WorldLink
To deliver high-quality Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services at a reasonable price 3.4 Objective of WorldLink
The main objective of WorldLink is to provide internet and IT based service in the country and as well as, to retain itself as the largest ISP of the country. 3.5 Core Values

The core values lets the institute, customers and communities know what they serves, who they really are and the principles by which they pledge to conduct business. In essence, the bank believes that the success can only be achieved by living their core values and principles:

1. Excellence: The company has a passion for excellence and committed to winning with integrity. They aspire to flawless execution without shortcuts on quality.
2. Teamwork: WorldLink believe that teamwork is key to the success. So they treat one another with respect and communicate openly and also appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise.

3. Innovation and Efficiency: WorldLink thrives on creativity, ingenuity and consistency. They strive to maximize efficiency in everything they do and not afraid to take informed and responsible risk.

4. Ethics: WorldLink is an ethical organization that believes in integrity and honesty at all levels. They believe that ethical practices are essential for long-term sustainability of organization.

5. Customer Satisfaction: WorldLink respect their customer above all else and share a personal responsibility to maintain our customers loyalty and trust.
6. Technology: WorldLink are always willing to use new technology and available cutting edge technology in the Global IT industry. They are not driven by technology, they are driven by need.
7. Focus: WorldLink is more dedicated and focused in provisioning services and provide solutions, not just in technology and network. 3.6 Major Product of Company
3.6.1 Internet Access
It provides internet access th rough different methods such as Dial-up, Cable, Broadband and Wireless. It is the largest private ISP of the country which provides internet to individuals as well as corporate houses. Internet Service Package Offered By WorldLink

1. Cable Internet Service
2. Wireless Internet Service
3. Dial-up Internet Service
4. Leased Line Internet Service

3.6.2 Internet Telephony
It provides solutions for voice communications within offices in Nepal and abroad using Internet Telephony technology. It allows customer to make low-cost international calls to anywhere outside Nepal. It offer internet telephony in the following types: * WorldCall Card

WorldCall card is a prepaid Internet phone card which can be used by any Internet user to make low-cost international calls to anywhere outside Nepal.

* D2D Hotline
This is a special Internet Telephony service with which subscriber can get an unlimited talk time for a fixed monthly charge per account. With WorldLink’s D2D Internet Telephony service, subscriber can stay connected locally and regionally using the Internet and a phone set.

3.6.3 dataSAFE Online Backup
It is online data backup service which allow customer to store its data to the server located at WorldLink’s data center. It protect from data loss because of different reasons. And it allows to browse data from anywhere. Data are completely secured through different encryption technology. So, unauthorized person cannot access those data. 3.6.4 Data Networking

WorldLink provides a cost effective solution for data connection and integration of multiple office to centralize record, share applications and eliminate congestion. It offers business class reliability, backed with guaranteed service levels and distinguished services. IT provides data networking in the following type: * IP-VPN

* Wide Area Networking
* VSAT Networking
* Leased Line
3.6.5 Web Services
WorldLink also provides the services to build websites according to the need of clients in such manner which is creative and user-friendly. It provides different web services which are as follow: * Domain Registration

* Website Hosting
* Website Development and Maintenance
* Email Hosting

3.6.6 Software Development
The company also develops the software for the companies which have unique requirements. Company develops and integrates a wide range of customized business solutions for clients. 3.6.7 ICT Consultancy

With professional consultants, it guide and help its client to fulfill their business needs with best plan which suits clients’ budget and time frame. It provides the best solution regarding the requirement and budget of clients.

3.7 Internet Service Package Offered
1. Cable Internet Service
2. Wireless Internet Service
3. Dial-up Internet Service
4. Leased Line Internet Service

3.8 Organizational Structure of WorldLink
Table 3. 1 Name of Board of Directors
Board of Directors|
Dileep Agrawal| Chairman and Managing Director|
Manoj Agrawal| Director|
Bijay Jalan| Director|

Organizational structure of WorldLink

Figure 3. 1 Organization Structure of WorldLink
3.9 WorldLink Offices in Nepal
The company provides different services through its branch and national offices in the country. The company is wide spread within country with various branch offices and national office. There are seven branch offices in Kathmandu valley and twenty one national offices. The branch offices inside Kathmandu valley are as follow: * Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

* Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur
* Chabahil
* Kalimati
* Maharajgunj
* New Baneshwor
* New plaza, Putalisadak

3.10 SWOT Analysis of WorldLink
During internship period SWOT analysis was conducted, which is presented below: Strengths:
* Providing different services according to requirement of customers
* Larger network of product distribution
* Well known ISP of country
* Using latest technology for providing services

* Lack of human resources for performing daily activities
* Complex office layout
* It can achieve more market share as people are interested towards internet
* Awareness among people is increasing about internet based service
* Internet is being necessities to people so company can gain more market Threats

* Big telecommunication companies are more interested toward this sector
* Customers wants variety of internet services
* Increasing competition within this industry

Chapter Four
Analysis of Activities Done and Problem Solved
4.1 Analysis of the activities done
During the period of two months at WorldLink, I was given the opportunity to be placed in different department of the company. I was placed in Front Desk Department, Retail Department and Support Department. Different activities are performed in these departments and those activities are explained below: 4.1.1 Customer Service Department:

Customer Service Department is the most important department of any organization. It deals with customer directly. It responds queries of the customer and solved the question raised promptly. So the success of company depends upon the ways through which this department deal with the customers and responds made to customer queries. Thus, it also carries the image and reputation of the company. This department is linked with all the departments of the company. They forward issues to those departments with whom that issue is related. In the company, this department play important role while dealing with customer. During internship, different activities are performed in this department which are as following: * Providing general information to customer about different internet services provided by the company * Accepting payments made by customers

* Forwarding issues to the concern departments
* Keeping records of new customers
* Answering phone calls made by customers
* Assisting clients to fill the forms
* Describing different package offered by the company and assist them to select suitable package

4.1.2 Marketing and Sales Department
Marketing and Sales department of the company handles all new customers and follow them regarding their new connections and also follows existing customer to remind them about payments. It surveys about quality of services. This department is responsible for finding out potential customers through field visit. The member of this department actively involved in creating new customers. Similarly, it forward complaints of customer to the support department to resolve it quickly. Currently, in this department there are four staffs consisting supervisor, task coordinator and two retail officers. This department is responsible to address the requirement of customer. Different activities are performed in this department which are as follows: * Handling customers forwarded by Front Desk Department

* Describing the package offered by the company
* Suggesting appropriate internet service for customer according to their requirement * Forwarding customer’s complaint related to services to support department for resolving problems * Finding potential customers through field visit of different areas * Collecting customers’ reaction regarding quality of services during field visit * Coordinating with other branch offices’ retail officer regarding customer request for shifting of location * Making phone calls to customers to reminds about payments * Responding to phone calls made by customers and answering queries made by them * Forwarding new connection request to support department to install new connection to customers’ house * Visiting customers’ house for inquiring feasibility of services 4.1.3 Support Department

This department handles the complaints, new installation and shifting location issues of the company. Support department consist of staff with technical knowledge and expertise. This department is responsible for addressing complaints written by customers through head office or through mail or through telephones. During internship period, I was placed in this department for short period of time. During that period different activities are performed. They are as follow: * Reviewing complaints made by customers

* Reviewing complaints forwarded by other departments
* Visiting location of installation
4.2 Problem Solved
During the period of internship, different problems were identified and solved accordingly.
* Tackling with the different nature of the customers.
* Providing the necessary information to the customers as per their queries. * Providing the best solution for customers
* Handling the grievances of the customers by dealing with polite nature.

4.3 Limitation of the study
Though the intern has tried his best to complete the project work through his best effort, there are certain limitations that bind this project work. These limitations can be mentioned as follow: * Due to the limited time frame it was impossible to study all the activities of organization * Due to confidentiality of different departments, the intern was not fully allowed to access and not provided all the required data for study. * All the learnt and collected information has not been presented into the report * The information access was limited.

* The intern was not fully authorized to deal with customers

5.1 Conclusion
The internship program is very fruitful for the development of students. From internship, students are exposed to real world of commerce and able to gain broad knowledge and experience twith different departments as well as working principles of organization. It allows students the opportunity to translate academic theories and principles into action, to present ones gained skills and knowledge so far. The completion of eight weeks at WorldLink gave me a professional experience as an internee in developing interpersonal skills and working as part of team. Through observation of company and own analysis it is reveled that the company is motivated toward the satisfaction of customer through quality of services. Meanwhile, customers’ main complaint was about the delivery of services and late reaction to complaints. 5.2 Lesson Learnt

During internship period as an intern I got an opportunity to learn about the activities that are performed daily in service providing organization which will be added advantage to my professional skills. Some of the lessons learnt during this internship program are stated below: * Learnt to work as a part of team

* Learnt practical exposure and experience in real organization * Develop professional competence
* Different techniques to handle the different working situation * Learnt and improve specific skills such as communication, problem solving, interpersonal skills and presentation skills * Witness classroom theories and principles being applied in real world situation * Learnt time management

* Learnt to focus on primary objective
* Learnt to behave according to requirement of situation
5.3 Recommendations
On the basis of study, analysis and findings following recommendation can be made to the company: * The staffs and intern should be informed regularly about the new package offered by company before it actually offered to customers * Staffs should be motivated by recognizing the importance of them in organization * Company need to develop the package to retain customer than attracting new customer because it is more profitable for organization * Layout of office structure should be change as current layout reflects complexity for customer to reach different departments * Staffs should be trained to create more effective outputs from them * Addition to manpower, as limited staff cannot handle during rush hours and during peak season. * Since the big telecommunication industry also providing internet service to people, private company should launch the program that attract the customers.


Kotler, Philip (2003) Marketing management, Pearson Education, New Delhi www.worldlink.com.np
Brochures of WorldLink

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