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Since the beginning of civilization when Eve relinquished her perfect life in the Garden of Eden by believing the serpent’s lie that she would gain knowledge by eating the fruit (Gen. 3:4-5 NKJ V). worldview was born out of that original sin. In perfection, there was no need for a worldview because God’s view is truth; however, once corrupted by sin, man began to believe that the creation might just know more than his Creator. The Natural World

In Romans, Paul makes reference to the natural world when he wrote “since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made” (NKJV, Rom.1:20). He then goes on to say that the people did not glorify God for what He made, but instead “exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles” (NKJV, Rom. 1:23). At this point of the scripture, Paul makes no concessions for his candidness with his audience. It’s kind of interesting how he is so passionate about God’s awesomeness, but doesn’t extend a lot of grace to those who are foolishly not following God’s law. According to Paul, God allows these people to get a hardened heart so that they cannot enjoy his fullness. Paul seems dumbfounded that anyone can see and be amazed by the wonders of the Natural World around them, but they would rather worship what they see, rather than what they cannot see. He clearly believed that the natural world is proof of God’s existence and that anyone who couldn’t see that was a fool. Human Identity

It is interesting that Paul uses the phrase “although they knew Him, they did not glorify him as God,” (NKJV, Rom.1:21). This phrase speaks to his disbelief that anyone who knew God could be so “futile and foolish” and in verse 22 he states that these people were “professing to be wise, they became fools” (NKJV, Rom.1:22). Today, the worldview of the word “fool” is so benign compared to when the Bible was written. To say someone was a fool in those days was insulting, insinuating that they had a lack of morals and believed that there was no God, or as in the people in whom Paul was referring, knew there was a God but refused to worship Him. In contrast, every time the Bible refers to people as wise, it is not due to their intellect but rather their faith and belief in God. Reading this has reminded me that the Biblical definition of fool is not reflected in the worldview of society today. The worldview today has drastically changed from that of Paul’s time, and as a so-called “Christian Nation,” this country is absolutely full of “fools.” What Paul reveals is that people choose to be foolish so that they can please the flesh and “exchange the truth of God for the lie” (NKJV, Rom.1:25).

Human Relationships
Paul makes clear the Biblical view of a multitude of sinful behavior which includes human relationships, and then in Chapter 2 he says that some people who have been judging others for those sins are “inexcusable.” What Paul is intending to get across to the Romans is that God knows each person’s heart, and that keeping up appearances to look righteous while judging others is not going to trick God “For there is no partiality with God” (NKJV, Rom. 2:11). I think that it is interesting that he chose to use the words “backbiters” and “whisperers” when laying out the sins for which people will be judged. Basically, today we would call this gossip. Not only is gossip not considered negative behavior, but in today’s worldview, it is coveted.

The television shows are only successful if they are geared toward backbiting and whispering, and the stories that generate the most interest are those about fallen and broken famous people, especially if it is a person who is considered wholesome. I am sickened by the “entertainment” of today that is so clearly an abomination of God’s plan for us. Television shows where the entire purpose is to determine if one of many men is the father of an illegitimate child is now called entertainment, when it is actually an embarrassment of how far the worldview has fallen. Culture

The Old Testament was filled with so many laws that became obsolete when Jesus was sacrificed for us. However, the culture of the New Testament also has rules and laws that are not part of the liberal worldview of today. Circumcision is a good example that even believers debate about. Believers and non-believers alike believe that circumcision is mutilation, when God actually established it as a covenant. Paul uses circumcision in an example in Rom. Chapter 2:25-29 when he makes the distinction between a circumcised male who does not follow the laws of God, and a male who is not circumcised who follows the law. He states that the circumcised man who breaks the law has reversed his circumcision and has now become uncircumcised; and, that the other man has had a circumcision of the heart. Because the culture has changed, the worldview has changed. Another example in Romans, chapter 1:30, Paul includes being disobedient to parents along with sins such as murder, strife, and deceit. By the worldview of today, parents aren’t even allowed to discipline their children in a Biblically appropriate way. Conclusion

Living happy and healthy, having full communion with God and no sin is the original plan that God had for his creation. To compare that which was meant to be with what the worldview has become is a lesson in obedience. This lesson is futile to the unbeliever because their worldview most likely aligns itself with the mainstream. However, Paul makes the Scriptural view very clear, and his passion for obeying God should make the reader want to strive to meet his level of faith.


The Holy Bible, King James Version. New York: American Bible Society: 1999. Print.

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