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Airport Security: Strenghten After 9/11 Incident

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On September 11, 2001 the lives of Americans, the government, and just the United States in general took a complete turn that nobody was ready for. America was undergoing a terrorist attack which dampened and impacted America for years and is still changing the country today. Since the tragedy there have been many alterations in the United States. More precisely, changes in security in major companies and the government. One of the most important and obvious industries that have been affected by 9/11 is the airline industry. The reasons for this go without saying. In early 2001, going to the airport was just a simple process. It looked like something like this: arrive about an hour early, check your bags, and proceed to security where you would clear your pockets of everything and remove anything that was metal and place coats or bags on a conveyer belt. Finally continue on to your gate. Ever since the attack, you can expect to arrive two hours early with your ID or passport in hand because you will have to show it at both bag check and security. You must have your boarding pass before entering security and say goodbye to everyone because they are not allowed through.

You must empty all liquids out of containers that are opened, take off socks and shoes, and must remove all electronics in your bag. This is just considered one of the many precautions that the airport must take in prevention of any other attacks or dangers. Airport security before 9/11, consisted of an agent asking you if you packed your bag yourself, if you have been the only holding or dealing with your luggage, and if you have been asked to bring anything on board by a stranger. These were the only questions asked or even thought of. Next, you walked through a metal detector after putting any metal objects aside and would call it a day. Except for international flights, checked bags were not x-rayed or otherwise inspected. Airport security was shaken, slapped around in the face and forced to suffer major changes due to the horrible attacks that the US faced. After this tragedy airport security was put into federal hands, with the establishment of the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In US airports targets were set up to screen one hundred percent of checked baggage for explosives, weapons and anything that would put anyone in danger.

Passengers would undergo much more of a detailed screening-which continue to grow and many watch lists are drawn to avoid people alleged of having terrorist ideas or threats. As this technology grows the airport security pre-9/11 was considered to be technology of the “1970’s”. Now, post 9/11 the security has grown to be technology of the current decade. These machines scan your whole entire body, basically taking an X-ray to see if you are carrying any explosives, drugs, or weapons. Not only are you scanned your bags go through a vigorous examination and are allowed to be searched and open at any point.

Today, you are also randomly selected for a complete body search even if there is a just a suspicion. The outcome of the tragedies of September 11, 2001, made the United States redefine freedom and security. The outbreaks made the airlines strengthen and renew their focus on security. The measures put in place after 9/11 have drawn many intense and detail examination of people disregarding race, background or ethnicity. Many passengers and even workers undergo pat-down procedures, screenings, searches and so forth. Due to this improvement of the security definitely impacted the protection of America and so far prevented another terrorist attack from occurring.

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