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Advance Technology Boon or Bane

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Technology offers many advantages than disadvantages. It has made our life easy, comfortable, simple and luxurious. Technology is supporting human so much that now a person can work from his home. It has helped a lot in uniting people. In fact with the help of internet the world has just turned in to a global village. Technology doesn’t make man. Man makes technology… hence it depends on the use we employ it….Nuclear energy is indeed destructive….However if we use it constructively its great boon…. Rocket Science has many peaceful uses for space exploration & kind. But if harnessed for war purposes it’s bound to be destructive…. Similarly Television & Internet has its own plus & minus side. If human mind tilts towards destructive uses then we can’t take technology itself at fault….. But I feel that this technology is more boon than bane.

Please put your views here.
Reply 1
It will be both.
most things in life are not all good or all bad. Like most other things, technology in the future will be both, depending on application, person suing/programming, benefits, etc. consider atomic power, for instance.

as nuclear power for electricity, it is definitely good. as an atomic weapon, it can be used to cause terrible destruction. For every weapon of death and destruction we’ve invented, we’ve come up with a thousand ways to boost food production, increase access to personal fulfillment, save lives, and simply to amuse ourselves. On the whole, technology has been a boon for almost as long as we’ve existed. Let me ask you this: can you imagine going back to a mode of existance before technology? Before we even had clothes, or spears? Before fire and language? All of these things were inventions, and if you can’t imagine even living without what we have now (much less comfortably), then you’ll have to agree that technology is too valuable to ever give up. That said, it has it’s downsides. Recently, technological progress has led to a deterioration of our resources. The ability of technology to adapt to hostile conditions is being strained in the face of the effect we’re having on the environment. It’s entirely possible that some technological breakthrough will allow us to survive without relying on our earth exclusively, but it’s a race of the boon vs. the bane, and the finish line is getting awfully close.

Life without a mobile phone is unimaginable these days. You will not see a single person without a mobile phone when you walk down the street. Even at your workplace or any public area, you hear thousands of ringtones throughout the day. The latest mobile phones not only allow you to take pictures but you can also play games, listen to music, access the internet, and organize a day planner and much more. No longer have you to think about the high prices before buying a latest mobile phone. The online mobile shops help you find the latest phones in cheap mobile phone deals. Out stripping the growth of fixed telephony, mobile phone networks have rapidly spread through out the world in less than 20 years! It is exciting as well as frightening to observe the trend as to how technology has intruded into our lives and system. Our mobile phones pose a serious threat to our security.

Firstly because of the kind of dependence that we have developed on these devices over a period of time and also because this dependence could be susceptible target of an anti-social mind. During London Bombing 7/07/05 mobile network were disabled by the authorities who tried to pre-empt the use of this type of threat The Madrid bombing in 2004 was triggered by a mobile phone device! That does give us an insight of technology can be equally dangerous! Quite recently, with the availability of the new camera enabled mobile phones, serious debates have triggered, over the intrusion of privacy. People have often been caught indulging into cheap acts of intruding into the personal lives of other people every invention isa boon until it is misused.Technology is surely a boon when we use it in a right way. Reply 4

The only constant is change. So when time for technology came, it came for a change and like every other change it has brought with it its pie of pros and cons. Technology has made life easy. It changed our way of thinking. Now we can imagine of having our morning tea at New York, lunch at New Delhi and dinner with some alien on Moon. If we at all wish to quantify the cons of technology, we will end up with just our own flaws. Because it is mankind himself who has developed these things of benefit and later started misusing the same. Let us be ready for the next change!

Yes Dr.sachin actually technolgy has started to move our life easily and smoothly but now days people are misusing it and also that technology it self harming to us like we invented petrol for energy now this petrol has the most common reason for pollution and we can not now live with out mobile phones but there are research taht it harms us in many ways.

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