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About The Relationship Between a Woman And A Soulmate

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This poem seems to be about a woman whose significant other broke up with her when she thought they were going to propose to her. The “poem” is actually the woman during her relationship. It also seems to be about the relationship between the woman and the significant other and how the woman proceeds after being broken up with. Generally, the words in the poem were quite easy to understand. Though, in some parts, it was easy to get lost because the narrator of the poem would switch topics quite abruptly. The phrase that was the most powerful to me was, “Once it pretended shyness, then grew truly shy,” because it was the phrase that I related to the most. I understand how the “poem” truly felt. Yes, the poet did create immensely strong images. There is imagery in about every line of this poem. I felt the embarrassment of the woman when the poem mentioned dressing up fancily, “… as if for a great engagement.” I felt sympathy when the narrator of the poem reminisced about the days when the “poem” was so confident and passionate about whatever it was doing.

I felt a sense of empathy when the narrator mentioned considering a cat because I, too, would have considered adopting a pet to keep me company. The poetic devices that I could find in this poem were similes, personification, metaphors, imagery, an apostrophe, alliteration, assonance, and an understatement. The first simile was in the first line of the second stanza, where it says, “It remembers itself dressing as if for a great engagement,” where it compares the fancy clothes the woman wears to those of someone who is preparing for a “great engagement”. The personification was the love poem because it did human things and had human characteristics. The metaphor was the comparison between the woman, who was in love, and a love poem. The imagery was everywhere in the poem because in almost every line of the poem, you could envision what the poet was trying to convey to the audience.

The apostrophe was the poem because a poem is nonhuman. An example of alliteration from the poem is in the sixth line of the first stanza, where it says, “… people passed by…” Assonance is shown in the third stanza, where the long “e” sound is repeated in each line of the stanza. The understatement of the poem is found in the first stanza where the poet states that the love poem was, “… a little embarrassed,” when the love poem must have been greatly embarrassed by the situation. There were a variety of emotions that the author was trying to express. In the first and second stanzas, the author was trying to express the confusion and embarrassment that the love poem must have felt. After the first two stanzas, though, the author was trying to express reminiscence by recalling what the love poem was like when it was in a relationship. Towards the end of the poem, the author was trying to express a sense of dignity, but longing for having a significant other, so much so that the woman considered getting a cat or cacti.

The poem is organized in stanzas, with each stanza having at least three lines. The interesting thing about the structure of the poem is that each stanza either had only three lines or six lines. Each stanza that had three lines talked about the love poem remembering or thinking of something from the past, but each of the stanzas with six lines gave more in-depth detail about the life of the love poem. No, the poem does not rhyme. The poem is trying to say that with love, things may not always turn out the way you want them or expect them to. Despite facing heartbreak, you should always pick yourself up, little by little, and keep your dignity. There is nothing wrong with recollecting the past, but you should not let it bring you down. I strongly agree with this message. I believe that it is important to know your self-worth and to not let certain situations, such as heartbreaks, define who you are. If anything, those difficult trials should motivate you to become a better, stronger person in the future.

A magazine that would be the best place for this type of poem would be a magazine for teenagers or young adults. It would fit well in a magazine that gives different kinds of advice to people, especially the younger generations. The Love Stinks magazine would be a good place for this poem to be published. The poem would be able to convey its message to people who might be going through heartbreak as well and are looking for help on how to deal with it. “The longing has not diminished. / Still it understands,” would be a good quote highlight in the poem if published in the magazine because it teaches people that it is okay to long for the presence of a significant other and to understand the situation more instead of mope over it. Another publication that would be the best place for this type of poem would be an advice or self-care internet blog.

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