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A Personal Reflective Essay

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Most of my friends that know me well would say that I am a happy, fun and kind person. I would agree with this and I also think I am outgoing and easy to get along with. In my opinion I am generous and caring and I love the feeling I get from helping others. Despite all this, I must admit that I tend to be bossy sometimes and I can also be a bit of a lazy person too.

Since the beginning of first year at the high school I have noticed my personality change. I think that now I have more self-esteem and confidence in myself than I had two or three years ago. I have developed a passion for helping others and I would describe myself as a very generous and caring person. I love to hang out with my friends and I think I am a fun outgoing person. I like to have a good time and I am easy to get along with. I can listen to people when they need someone to talk to and I can sometimes give good advice.

Everyone has some down falls in their personality and I am no exception to this. I know that I can become a bit bossy when I want things to go right. If I see someone doing something incorrect then I try to correct them but this can come across as being bossy and controlling.

I am a hard working pupil most of the time but nobody can be perfect. I do try my best in class and with my homework, and all I can give is my best. I am a determined person and I use this to help me improve at gymnastics and I think I am gradually improving. I believe that if you are good at something then you should not cover up your talent. You should let everyone know, and be confident in what you do. I try to do this but I would hate to boast about my skills in gymnastics no matter how good I may or may not be. I also enjoy dancing as the group I am a member of involves gymnastics.

Any new skills I learn, whether it is at school, gymnastics or dancing, I tend to pick it up fairly quickly. With a bit of practice I can do it better and better each time. I like to learn new things as some things would get boring without fresh ideas and inspiration.

Although I try hard I can often be easily distracted and I sometimes find it hard to concentrate for very long periods of time. Some of my other weaknesses include my lack of motivation for revising for assessments or tests and I tend to leave things like that till the very last minute when it is sometimes too late.

Around my family and friends I can often get very loud if I am happy or excited. This can get on people’s nerves and I try not to get too carried away to the extent that people get annoyed with me. Despite this loud behaviour I admit that I can also be quite shy around new people I have not met before. I often feel that people will judge me on the way I behave when they first meet me so I do not always know how I should act towards them so I end up being shy. Once I get to know a person better I open up to them more and feel far more relaxed around them.

I am quite an ambitious person and I want to make the most of any opportunities I am given. I plan to stay on at school until at least fifth year and then hopefully go to university. As I love working with children, my dream job would be to become a primary school teacher so I hope to do that once I leave university. I want to enjoy life and make lots of happy memories!

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