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A Business Plan

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A Business Plan

We are presenting you a whole new product, unknown in this place of Taguig City, at least not in the form we offer it. Right now you may think that this is going to be the same as millions of other products but what if we tell you that with a very small investment, you can make hundreds of thousands of pesos or dollars? Not possible? Well, take a few moments to go through the next pages and we assure you that at the end, you’ll be convinced!

The Product
We would like to introduce you to the pizza waffle. For almost an 18 century is an invented by the chef of the price bishop of liege as an adaption of brioche bread dough. If features chunks of pearl sugar that caramelizes on the outsides of the waffle when baked. Now 800 years later, they’re sold in numerous outlets all over the world, from Europe, over Asia to South America and most of all in the Philippines. And when you think about it, that’s not even so surprising

The waffles are called Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle because in the contrast
everybody knows is too healthy and to other people like diet and the name of my daughter. The Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle is in fact healthy diet waffle and the other waffle product which is a total different thing. In the other country the waffle are served as breakfast but in Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle served Breakfast, luncheon and snack time and almost in dinner time together to other food. The Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle however is served on its own, possibly with toppings but nothing else. So because it’s Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle but made with other healthy food or bacon, cheese, ham and any kind of pizza recipe and additional the secret recipe, if combine the pizza flavor and waffle, we call this the Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle.

The location of the business will be at the mall, train station and school place in Taguig City, where there are so many people who are busy buying and just window shopping with different commodities that their areas fancy for.

Since the location of the business is very conductive for the business, especially in food business because aside from the people who are very busy in purchasing their needs, there are also in school and drivers because there are so many terminals of jeepneys,tricyle, and any kind of transportation to all in Taguig City.

Each shopping mall has different numbers of visitors a day, week…also; each shopping mall has a different rent. In the next calculation we left out the rent. We think that 250 waffles a day is realistic. In the SMBicutan Mall’s think sell maybe 300 pizza waffle a day from Monday till Thursday and 1200 a day from Friday till Sunday. For the time from Friday till Sunday we think that 1000 pizza waffles a day isn’t exaggerated, of course it depends on how busy the mall is, how many people pass by.

Business Description

“Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle” will be operating its business as a sole proprietorship since it is also a small business. It will serve foods like any flavors of pizza waffles like ham and cheese, bacon, pepperoni, vegetarian and Hawaiian. We all know that people who are very busy and have
a limited source of income wants to eat food that is of good quality plus affordable price. Now in the millions year Filipino or people are like to eat a pizza and waffles for breakfast and also luncheon or snack time and they are satisfied if their meal.


The business provides hot Pizza Waffles with its own unique taste that. Caters the delicate taste buds of the new millennium of the Filipino eater. The owners ensure the cleanliness of the products plus the super taste of every food that they serve.

The business, since it is only small one, will only limits its staff into two helpers and the manager will be the cook. The owner/manager will also act as the cashier. Highlights of the Business .The proposal for this business as the proponent demands its logical profit earning in the food business. They are going to put a business in the heart of the busy and many people of the any place of Taguig City. They are going to offer foods that are very affordable and of good quality. The operation to be off service to drivers in the wee hours of the morning.

The business will use all disposal products to ensure its cleanliness because there will be no water avaible because it will be place in a push cart. The owners decide to use disposal materials. Styrofor box and spoons to ensure. That all the eating equipments are clean and properly sanitized.


Feasibility Criteria
The most important guideline of the project is the arising of this kind of service and its greatest contribution to the sovio-economin situation. Project Long Range Objectives .After knowing all the necessary requirements for this business, the business will penetrate all the prospective clients who will be their regular customer, such the buying people, those people student, office and other people in the Taguig City and the drivers of different routes. Major Assumption

Since we are on the food business, the project seeks to supply the demand of the costumer. Since the project is very nearer in the heart of Taguig City, there is a big demand for this hot, healthy and delicious food.

Technical Feasibility
The business of Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle will only be placed in Food Push Cart with a design appropriate for the cooking process and keeping the food hot and healthy. The food will be put into the box made of Styrofor for easily disposal with plastic spoon. There will also be buko juice or melon as beverages. a. Company Logo

The logo of the business will be looks like a pizza waffles w/ name of Kaithlyn and it will be placed in front of the food push cart. Example of the logo:

b. Styling
The size of Kaithlyn Pizza Waffles is 6×4 ½ inches and it’s approximately 1.3 inches thick and it weighs approximately 5 oz. a Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle can be distinguished from a other country by example of Belgian waffle by the number of holes, namely 24.it has a firm structure but because the dough is light it’s easy to eat. The firm structure is perfect to allow it to be served with any toppings of pizza waffle and healthy……

The quality of both the iron and the dough is very high.
The dough mix is directly local in the Philippines where it is made conform a long tradition of in heritance from father to son for over 60 years. It has a shelf life of 14 months and it is transported in the best possible conditions to ensure that the product arrives here as it would have been here. Because the waffles are being made on the spot, the timeframe between making the dough and baking the waffles is very little. However, it is possible that you make the dough at the end of the previous day, but this doesn’t cause any problems. After heating the waffle up to 30 seconds, it is ready to be served and will taste as fresh as it would have been made on the spot.

The waffle irons are handmade in other country. They’re pure craftsmanship. We have two versions, the “A57” which is a 4 waffle in iron and the “L26” which is a 2 waffle iron. Our waffle irons are patented and are conforming to the Government Sanitation Foundation.

The irons are made from cast iron, in contrast to the machine in the USA which is made from aluminum. The advantage of cast iron is that it contains the heat and as a result, the waffles are baked. Aluminum however loses heat so after the first couple of waffle they aren’t baked anymore but more boiled which gives them a lesser nice taste.

The heating of our irons is transported through a copper plate which has the advantage that the heating is spread equally over the whole baking plate so the waffles are equally heated and browned.


Whenever you’re dealing with hot products, there is a possibility that someone hurts him-/ herself. However, as mentioned before, our waffle irons are conform to the NSF regulations which means that they have been approved and recognized as safe for the Philippines and other country in market. The critical parts of the irons are covered in Bakelite which is nonconductive and heat-resistant material and therefore, irrespective of the temperature of the iron, it won’t heat up.

Of course, people can’t be cautious enough so, with every iron, we provide insulated gloves and in the manual we included a non exhaustive list of the dangers.
On top of the GSF regulation, our electric components carry the Ul certification mark for the Philippines this means the UL, Underwriters Laboratory”, has tested it and that it meets their requirement for safety.

The waffle irons are transported in wooden boxes.
The dough is packed up in different materials to assure that they are transported in the best possible way. Warranty
Because we know our irons are from the best material we offer a 20 year warranty on the baking plates. The electric components have a one year guarantee. Maintenance
The maintenance of the irons is every easy. The only thing that has to be done is clean it every day after the waffles are made. This takes only 15 min and is easy as pie. The cleaning ensures that the waffles keep their high level of quality so it is absolutely imperative that the cleaning is done properly. Accessories and services

We have manuals available of…..
Of course, we provide you with information going from setting up the iron to baking the waffles to what to do when there’s a problem. If you have any questions concerning the product, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Market Study
Since we are entering in a new millennium where there is lots of new idea towards this new era. Not to mention business that did not exist even in our wildest imagination would appear and they are growing like mushrooms now a days.

Furthermore, considering that we choose the business which caters the food eating habit of every Filipino, this business needs an innovative strategy to be more competitive to other business such as this.

Marketing really affects this service to be able to more competitive; it
must tackle the different types of marketing that really has the biggest influences in the business.
In a business fir, marketing generates the revenues the financial people manage the service that they offer. The challenges that facing the marketing are to generating those revenues by satisfying the customer’s needs and wants at a profit and in a social manner.

Marketing is a system of business activities that is designed to plan a price, promote and distribute services to present and potential customers.
The essence of marketing is a transaction exchange intended to satisfy human needs and wants moreover, exchange as describe by local and international markets.

Market Analysis
The market is fairly new. There exist Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle but they are served with pizza waffle as breakfast or snack time. The Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle however can be served at any time and you don’t have to sit down to eat it, you can easily walk around with it. Because the Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle is totally new in the Taguig City or in the Philippines Market, the possibilities to exploit the market are countless. You don’t have to segment to a local market, you can do whatever you think is best. At the moment there is no substitute, so when the customer wants to eat a Kaithlyn Pizza Waffle, they have only one place to go, yours. Marketing Aspects

Holds the key in achieving organizational services consists in determining then the needs and wants of the target market and bringing the desired satisfaction more efficiently and effectively than competitors.

You may think we’re vain and unrealistic when we’re not listing any weaknesses or threats but it’s just because we didn’t find any.

Understanding the importance of marketing concept, the proponents will study one of the major marketing demands.
It is true to say and always be true that we all need to eat at affordable
prices and ready for consumption without any preparations.
We all know how Filipino love to eat. And they prefer hot meals ready for consumption. Supply
In this kind of business, there are so many catering foods. People love to eat hot foods especially when they are very hungry. Since, our country produces egg, milk; meat and flour, there will be no problem where we can get our meals. Price

Now that we are targeting the any level class of consumers, our price should be affordable, depends on the price of the ingredients that we use. Promotion/Advertising
It is not necessary to use brochures; all we need is a streamer that will be place on top of the push-cart. Project Sales
In order to minimize cost and wisely utilization of money to be invested. It is only just to make a projection of the demand and for the services and promotion of the demand and services and facilities to the number of products being served to the consumers.

Having the right utilization of the materials needed such as kitchen utensils, and other materials needed for eating such as the box and spoons, etc. 13
Technical Aspect
Services Offer
It wills food service where we serve pizza waffle and juices for beverage. Projection of the Firm’s Capacity
The business will be a starting for business hour to mall 10 am to 9pm, to all school 8am to 8pm, for the train station 7 am to 8pm and the terminal station of bus, jeep or any transformation is 24 hours in hour operation to accommodate the drivers with different routes. Equipments

Waffle Machine
New waffle iron is all set to launch this avatar. The fresh taste and delicious aroma of these perfect waffles will delight the most discerning plates form. Pizza Oven
We export an assorted of pizza oven which designed and developed using
premium quality raw material. Our range of pizza oven is highly efficient and bakes pizza in most convenient & effective manner….. Food Warmer

Our range of Food Warmers is giving it a different attractive look. It is having all sides’ toughened glass of 5mm thickness fixed for excellent merchandizing & great visibility of food items placed inside….

Kitchen Utensils
Our range of the kitchen utensils is important for preparing for the food… Disposable Spoon, Cups and Box
Our range of the disposable spoon, Cups and Box for the preparing the Food of Customer. Dine In or Take Out the Food.

News Paper Bag
The news paper bag is to use for takeout order…In steed of plastic…For eco friendly I use for the news paper bag…

Waste Disposal
There will be a big plastic trash w/ plastic bag for proper disposal of all the spoon, cups and box and it will be regularly collected the dump track which is scheduled every 5:00 am in the morning.


Management Aspect
This business is a sole proprietorship and there will be one cook who will also be the manager/owner, 2 helper who will acts as food server. He also acts as the cashier of the business. Recruitment

The owner prefers to get the service of her relatives in order to unsure her business. Personnel Policies
1. Since the operation is now like in the office, there are no eight hour laws. They are required to work in two shifts. They are required to stay in the house of the owner so they will not be late. 2. They are required to be
clean and well groomed. They should wear the proper T-shirt with the logo of the company or proper uniform.

The irons are the tools for making the waffles which are the real money makers. This makes that the initial investment is very low, P 2,300 for the 2 waffle iron, P3, 300 for the 4 waffle iron. The biggest investment is finding the good location. Every location where lots of people are passing by is good. The more people that by the better because 10 % will buy a waffle. A. Making the dough yourself

Note: from the final profit calculation you have to deduct the initial investment for the waffle iron, the rent and the taxes. This calculation gives an idea about the profits investing in a 2 waffle iron can yield.

Ready-made Waffles
We have a new proposal made for you: when you take our ready-made waffles, you only need to heat them up for 20 seconds and you don’t need as much place as you would when you want to bake them yourself. Plus, when you have a line 20 people and want to bake the waffles yourself, they have wait half an hour…If you use our ready-made waffles, they only have to wait 20 seconds. Of course, that is with one 2 waffles iron, if you have two irons, that halves the time and you can serve up to 12 waffles a minute. 5.2 L26
Note: From the final profit calculation you have to deduct the rent for your location and the cost of your stand.
This calculation is based on ready-made waffles only.

Mall / Train Station
Each shopping mall has different numbers of visitors a day, week….also; each shopping mall has a different rent. In the next calculation we left out the rent. We think that 250 waffles a day is realistic. In the SM Bicutan Mall, example of the work or assuming sell 300 waffles a day from Monday till Thursday and 1200a day from Friday till Sunday. For the time from till Sunday we think that 1000 waffles a day isn’t exaggerated, of course it depends on how busy the mall is, how many people pass by.

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