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5 Ways to Show Your Kids that Math is Fun

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1. Visually show and talk about fractions during breakfast

Teaching maths to a child maths is often a difficult task for parents. If you are facing a tough time teaching your kid the basic concepts, then it would be wise on your part to associate maths with play rather than work. This is because children learn things quickly which are presented to them in a playful manner. You can use the time available during breakfast to visually show and talk about fractions to your child. If you are able to present them in a funny manner, then your kid will pick up the basic concepts associated with fractions within a short span of time.

2. Get math based games on your phone and tablet, and let them play with it

Let your take maths as a game, instead of study. You can download maths based games and applications from websites into your tablet for this purpose. These days, there are a number of games based on addition, multiplication, subtraction and multiplication which are available for free on the internet. Interactive games like Underwater Counting and Gingerbread Man Game are tablet friendly. So, using these games you can increase the interest of your child in the subject. Normally, children don’t love doing maths as it requires a lot of practice. But online games present the same concepts to children in an interesting manner and make learning more enjoyable experience.

3. Teach your kid how to use an abacus

One of the easiest ways of teaching your child numbers and arithmetic is through the use of an abacus. With the help of an abacus you can teach your child counting, addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, square roots as well as cube roots. While teaching your child how to use an abacus, you will have to move your fingers from left to right. To teach counting, ask your child what is two plus three. Make him slide two beads from one side of the abacus to another. Then, slide three more beads over to the two beads. He will count all of them and find out that there are five of them.

4. Explain simple calculation using money (through chores and allowances)

Send your child occasionally to the market to fetch certain items. Give him a certain amount of money for the purpose. Once he goes to the market, he will have to add the cost of each item and bring them. This will help him to learn calculations quickly. Start giving him an allowance. Each time he spends a certain amount; he will have to make calculations to find out the amount left with him.

5. You can read about math using some fun math books

At present, there a number of funny maths books like 25 Super-Fun Math Spinner Games which present the basic concepts in an entertaining manner. Using them you can improve the problem solving skills of your child.


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